October 23, 2007

.who cares about strings? have a fling!.

The best chocolate bar I've tasted.
Why did they call it fling?
Take a bite and you'll see why.
This chocolate bar definitely lives up to its name.
So sexy,
So naughty,
So light.
I love the catch phrases that they use to advertise this choc too.
So far, I know of three.
1. "Forever is overrated"
2. "Chocolate with no strings attached"
3. "Why have a full on chocolate affair when you can have a fling"
Thats my kinda taste in every sense.

October 19, 2007

.wow... i reli am a winner!.

Check this out.

I'm Pixi Foto's Top 10 Promoters in Australia!

And I repeat,

Checkout the list of Pixi Foto studios around Aus.
There isn't 5 or 10,
There are heaps!!
And each studio has about 5-6 promoters each!!
I just realised.


My Manager told me something rather flattering today.
She says that every time she calls the numbers I bring back to the studio,
she gets guys who asks her for my number on a weekly basis.
The bad side about that is,
The customers I thought I got weren't interested in our product.

But oOh well!

The funniest bit about that is when Kellie (my manager) says to me -
"You get so many guys asking me for your number!
I don't understand why you can't get a better boyfriend!"

Actually thats not the funniest thing.
The funniest was when she said -
"Here, I photocopied the top 10 list for you so you can show your dad.
(colour photocopy, as u can see)
Tell him you don't wanna be a lawyer,
and wanna be a promoter for Pixi forever." - LOL
I got something funnier!!!
Kellie actually framed the top 10 list!
She also highlighted my name,
And included my photo in it!
A pic with me with a pink boa around my neck!!
I hope she doesn't hang it up on the wall.
I look ohmygod-ly in the pic!
(ohmygod-ly in a bad way)

October 17, 2007

.im a winner.

Guess what I found on Yahoo when I searched "Sherlene Lee"...
(Yea, I like to search my name once in a while and see what pops out)


Apparently "I" (or someone with the identical name) had won tickets to watch Ratatouille!!

By the way,
Jimmy left for Tazmania this morning,
And things havent been going well.
Half way tru his 3 hour long drive to a mine site (for work),
His radiator blew up...
A wild animal ran out the road,
and "WhaaM!"... its goNe.

.i love my editings.

But you don't have to. :)

By the way,
Its 2am and I have work tomorrow...
I had plans to do my creative writing critique tonite,
but what did I end up doing since 11pm?

I've been watching Season 4 of OC..

*Sheeeeeeenaaaaaaa........ Helpppppppppp!*

October 12, 2007


So I'm doing a "creative writing" unit this semester ritee...
And basically,
I need to write up 1700 words short stories.

My previous story was about a guy meeting a girl,
the girl got excited at the prospect of finding love,
but at the end,
she found out she was on the wrong page,
and the guy shot her down.
The story ended with her going out,
naive-ly finding other guys to fall for,
and not learning her lesson..

This time,
I wrote a story about a guy and girl who's been in a rship for 6 months.
The girl is beginning to feel uneasy in the rship,
which was later revealed that it was becuz of a bad past rship.
The past has been holding her back.
Then her friend points out her problems and she realises how she's been wreaking all her rships after being by a guy in the past.
The story can end two ways.

1) They're in bed, everything is blissful,
she realises she's ready to love again.

2) They're in bed, everything is blissful,
until she accidentally called the current guy by the wrong name.
(her holding-her-back ex's name, obviously)

Which is a better ending?

I want soOo much to write a happy love story.
But then people would say its too predictable.
But isn't the "she didn't get the guy at the end" ending getting predictable too?
Cuz everyone thinks if she gets the guy,
its predictable.
So everyone makes it a point to make sure she doesnt.
So by that,
wouldn't the truth be... if she doesn't get the guy,
it's be predictable??

Am I making sense?
Maybe its a good thing I'm doing Law.

October 10, 2007

.advice of the week.

Good friends always come with brilliant advice.

In relation to one of my questions,
"Is it wrong (ie: cheating) to accept a date with someone who's interested in you?"
And I got this genius response -

۞ D! ۞♪♫ says:
my only advice is if u put yourself in a room with a gun with someone you hate, ur already guilty of murder.

^^ whoa.
Straight to the bone.

October 9, 2007

.gave in to my laziness.

Exams are in less than a month...
My final exams as an undergrad. (hopefully)
Its seriously all jitter bugs baybieeee...
*whoaa* (that was just a weird sounding sigh)

So how has things been lately?
I dont really know how to put it.

I think the best way to describe life at the moment is...
Sherlene Lee is back to being Sherlene Lee.
Or more like,
She's back to being the Sherlene Lee everyone has stereotyped her to be.
Uh huH... that's right.

And well,
At the moment,
It works for me.

I'm having fun peeps. Heaps.

October 3, 2007

.could be fiction.

He held her tightly in bed that night, cradling her head on his chest. His fingers gently ran down her hair. The scent of her shampoo filled the air. His arms tucked her body closely to his as she found that special spot that fit her head comfortably, just below his shoulder. Their feet, messily intertwined under the covers, reluctant to move an inch. Their breathing were melodious, matching the gentle beats of their hearts. She smiled, silently thanking the star, thinking how close they were to losing all this a few days earlier.

A bright light suddenly lit up the room, stealing both their attentions away from each other. She felt him swallow hard, and her heart sunk. It was a text message on his mobile, and she knew who it was. It was 1.30 in the morning... She couldn't be wrong, and his reaction, although very subtle, had confirmed her thoughts.

...Cont. here: http://toldbylenniez.blogspot.com/