January 23, 2008

.another addition to my soon-to-be-best-seller book.

Sheena said I should start documenting all the random relationship "advises" I blurt out at random times.
Cuz she said,
According to Sherman,
Thats how people get rich.

You jot down all the good lines,
Chuck them into a book,
and vioLa!!
You've got yourself another top seller!
(ie: the infamous 'He's just not that Into You' book)

I think I've built the hype up a bit too much.
Suddenly I feel the line I was intending to jot down doesn't sound that great anymore.
haHaa... maybe thats how a famous book writer should feel??
HAHA... Im getting way ahead of myself.

So yea,
What I was gonna say is...
Despite always telling my unavailable girlfriends that they deserve better;

To My Friends Who Are Attached

If you're already in a relationship that you have invested your heart in,
It is important not to actively seek another person whom you may think/hope/imagine is better than what you currently have,
Otherwise, you'd never be satisfied.

It is common to feel that 'you wanna see more of the world'...
But very importantly,
You should always couple that thought with a reminder that you are seeing the world NOT for the purpose of wanting to meet someone better than your present love.

Then again,
Sometimes it happens.
If it does,
It really all comes down to your initial intention.

Did it really just happen?
Or was this what you were hoping for/working towards/expecting all along?

Cuz really,
One reason why I often move on from one relationship to another is because I have always been actively looking for someone better.
And despite the fact that everyone would want better things,
and everyone thinks they deserves to have better if they can,
Thats wrong.

Thats a bloody effin' wrong relationship-mentality.

And really,
If a guy tells you the above...
I can assure you that his intention is NOT to state the obvious human want,
(to always seek for better things/improve what you have)
He's really saying,

And really,
Which respectable woman would wanna be with a guy who thinks that?
Our self esteem doesn't deserve such trashing.

January 22, 2008

.random spills.

So I was chatting with Brad on MSN while working today.
Was asking him about his new chick.
He said they haven't had "the talk" yet,
so it's "not official"...
Then I offered him some good luck,
which he thanked me for,
and said -

.lennie.sam.lee. [15 wins] WORK OVERLOAD *Need Sleep* says:
if she's great, dont let her go

and then,
To my surprise,
I also managed to blurt-type this -
(after only 2+3 hours sleep last nite)

.lennie.sam.lee. [15 wins] WORK OVERLOAD *Need Sleep* says:
sometimes men lose out cuz they think they can hav more, without realising that he already has more than he deserves when he's got her...

Is it my lack of sleep,
or did I actually sound smart rite there?

.another year older.

Was gonna think of a better title for this post,
but my recent lack of proper brain-rest has been causing lots of limitations.
Not that that I'm complaining!

My Birthday was awesoMee!!
Somehow it felt like a two weeks celebration!!
Started with Selina's 24th...
Then on to Derek and I's 23rd!

There were so many cakes!
So many friends!
So many activities!
And sooo much fun!

I havent gotten pics from my legal prac mini celebration
and pics from Derek's "actual" Birthday nite pics,
but here's what I can show u so far...

Started off Ice-Skating on Selina's Birthday weekend.

Then we had a little surprise for Selina at her fav restaurant, Antartic Circle!
Followed up by a mini-house-gathering with cakes and gifts and friends!

Then came Derek and I's Birthday weekend,
and it started off with us going clubbing at Fridays on Friday.
It was a good nite.
Thanks Mouzam for being first to remember it was pasr 12 and officially my Birthday!

When I got home around 5am,
The whole house was awake..
Waiting for me to come home to my mini midnight surprise celebration!
*Thanks heaps to you all, especially Selina!!*

Friday nite's drunkness was brought forward to the next day,
when Derek and I had a little mini-gathering at home the nite after!
*that was on the 19th Jan 2008*

Got 3 bouquets of flower for my birthday and heaps of other reli cool prezzies!
Got to say,
My family knows me best.

The gifts I got made me feel more special than ever...
Simply cuz it felt they reli did put effort into it.
*I actually felt guilty at some point cuz I knew I wouldn't hav done such a great job at the gifts department - as proven actually*

Tonite was Derek's "actual" Birthday celebration...
We went to a Korean Restaurant and had a fun nite out.
Helium 'belon' and all. heHee...
Need to get the pics from Derek and Sheena soon.

Oh... and the legal prac people,
those I'm spending most of my waking hours with nowadays...
They bought me two cakes for my birthday.
They're such sweethearts!
Maybe I'll post some pics when I get them off Selina.

All in all,
This year's celebration was unexpectedly great.
Simple plans, but awesoMe times.
Shoutout to all who made my 23rd Birthday more awesoMer than usual!!
To those who sent their loves in person,
through SMSes, through phone calls, through Friendster,
through Facebook, through Blogger (yes, u chu!!) and through MSN..
You guys are soOOoo not forgotten!
Sorry I havent made individual replies,
But it doesnt make your heartfelt wishes mean any less to moi!
I'm sOoOoOoo blessed to have you guys in my life!
LeNnie - 23 now. :)

January 6, 2008

.the book closed on my stranger.

Jimmy and I said Goodbye to 'Jimmy and I' today.
I met him for the first time since I got back.
He brought me flowers.
Its for the better.
I know it is.
But it still feels a little bitter.
I'll be ok.

January 4, 2008

.here's an idea for a story.

boy and girl were 14.
thought it would be fun play a game where they acted like couples,
purpose of the game was to try to fool their friends.

boy started really liking girl.
girl felt the same until one day,
girl met someone else and called the game quits.
boy soon found someone else too.
girl regreted her earlier decision but was too late.

boy and girl are now 22.
both living in different countries.
only source of contact is online.
they spend hours chatting once in a while.
although they didnt chat alot,
each time they do,
they flirted like they had no other cares in the world.

girl and boy both hav different partners now.
hence, their relationship was pure fun and tease.

after a year of heavy flirting in cyber space,
they meet again.
as friends. with friends.
girl was single, boy was still attached.
they were normal around each other,
until they were alone.

they wanted each other, although they're not sure why.
was it the curiosity built up from a year of seriously heavy online flirting?
or was it the mystery of living tru 8 years of "What Ifs"...?

one nite, guy and girl had the chance to find out.
guy looked at girl, waiting for her to make her move.
girl sat next to guy, trembling.
(millions of things running tru her mind - not sure what was the right thing to do)

guy urges.
girl's mind went blank.
guy sighs.
girl tries to steal more time to think.
guy gives up and drives her home.

girl is disappointed and unsure what guy is thinking.
she opens the car door to let herself out.
guy pulls her back and kisses her.
she kisses him back.
then she stepped out of the car.

guy winds down his windscreen.
girl turns and look back at guy.
girl walks back to the car, lean over and kisses guy.
girl walks away and refused to look back.
guy drives off into the dark.

girl recieves a text from guy.
"You had your chance."
girl replies -
"i'm not up for your games."
guy texts back -
"maybe to you i'm a game."
girl -
"i felt like your game."
guy -
"there was never a game."

... and she realised,
their moment was lost forever.

* story is fictional although the idea might have sourced from somewhere close to heart.

.all good things have to end!!.



... and I really cant say more.
It was truly one of the best.
Wouldn't do anything differently.

Those who definitely made a difference -

Mum and Dad,
Fendy, Kelvin, Derek, Aeron, Suwandiey,
Ivan, Carlo, Sherwynna, Melody, Lena, Iik Soon,
Geoffrey, Sheena, Selina, Aunty Yin Mei,
Cheryl, Justin, Shafeeq, Rena, Sho Chee Hiong,
Garry, Hazel, Jacqueline, Chica, Steffi, Priscilla,
Ang Choon Hui, Glynis, Bart, Bob, Mahfuz, Wayne,
C.Chia, Ego, Surren, Chu, Eng Juin, Teck & other Cousins...


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