April 29, 2007


- you guys should know how it works -
Layer One : On The Outside
Name : Sherlene
Birth Date : 19/01/85
Current status : single and having fun
Eye Colour : almost black, but hazel with contacts
Hair Colour : messed up
Righty or Lefty : right

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage : chinese
Your Fears : bad odour, saliva, roaches, losing people
Your Weakness : i can turn my heart cold whenever
Your Perfect Pizza : ham + bbq sauce + chicken + pineapples + lotsssss of cheese

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : whoaa... that was one longgg dream!
Your Bedtime : about 4-ish? (ask sheena)
Your Most Missed Memory : being with shafeeq. it was my most stable + normal rship

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : pepsi, less gas + sweeter
McDonald or Burger King : maccas
Single or Group Dates : both 50/50
Adidas or Nike : nike
Chocolate or Vanilla : vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee : not into caffeine

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : no
Curse: quitting
Take a shower : no *roll eyes*
Have a crush : no (unless u count ronaldo)
Think you've been in love: i guess
Go to school : no. i attend uni. thats much cooler... *haha*
Want to get married : someday
Believe in yourself : most of the time
Think you are a health freak : not reli. i dont even eat vege.

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : hmm... i think no. *see? im an angel*
Gone to the mall : yes
Been on stage : no
Eaten sushi : yes (and will be eating more later)
Dyed your hair : dont ask

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : not reli strip. maybe semi-stripping
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : not reli. i am naturally versatile.
so even if i did change, its still me
(its part of being politicians' daughter)

Layer Eight : Age
You are Hoping To Be Married : before 30

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : blue
Best Hair Colour : brown
Short Hair or Long Hair : short (long, depending on the guy. NOT ivan)

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : still doin this
Hour Ago : writing a song
4.5 Hours Ago : watching australia's next top model
1 Month Ago : dont remember
1 Year Ago: hanging with with shaz?

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
Love : manchester united
I Feel : tired
I Hate : manchester losing
I Hide : behind my smile
I Need : some drama in my life

Layer Twelve : Tag five people.

  • .D.

  • .SheeNa.

  • .JaMes.

  • .J.

  • .MarviN.
  • .my dirty dancing craze.

    All of a sudden,
    Im crazy about Dirty Dancing Havana Nights again!
    Its sooOo good...

    The love story and the dancing!
    Here's a sneak peak of all the action:

    Its soOo good I could cry.
    Ok, Im exaggerating.
    But I really did enjoy every scene.
    Diego Luna and Romola Garai's chemistry was great,
    and I loved how their body moved together.
    The music was awesoMe too.
    If only I can find someone who'd dance like that with me.
    ps: I wrote another song today.
    Not sure if its coming together good,
    But I THINK I've got something I can most definitely work on. :)

    April 28, 2007

    .walking backwards.

    What do you do when you're walking back into the same mistake you've done before?
    And it's too tempting, that you can't walk away?
    Especially when circumstances aren't different?

    You remind yourself of why it was a mistake the first time rite?
    That worked for a while.
    Now, the memory of why it turned bad seems to be losing its effect.

    Im thinking too much.
    Even if I wanted to walk back to the same mistake,
    It doesnt mean he would want to as well...

    So... Yea.
    Until he show signs that he wants to,
    I think I'll forget about this.

    *starts dreaming of the possibility of him wanting to do something*

    April 26, 2007

    .snippets of my mess of a life.

    Talked to Ivan about me and my relationships last nite.
    Got nothing positive from Ivan, as expected.
    He does hate my relationship lifestyle.
    I dont blame him.
    I think it was at the end of that conversation when Ivan said to me:
    "You're climbing Mount Dumberest"

    Hate to say this, but:
    Good One.

    Played pool with Mouzam and Ivan today.
    I missed playing pool with Mouzam.
    Today, he seem troubled...
    Something isn't working too right in his life at the moment.
    I feel for him.

    Thinkin of changing my 3G phone plan.
    I'll go ask about it tomorrow.


    But my phone bills are killing me..
    And I need a bloody cap to keep my bill on an amount I can actually afford!!

    Ivan spent 2 nights at my house.
    He showered in my bathroom.
    And guess what he noticed?

    I subconciously arrange my toiletries on my rack in one direction.
    Front of bottle facing the left,
    And the back faces the right.


    I dont know which is weirder.
    The fact that I actually do that,
    or that Ivan actually noticed something like that.

    Ivan says Im very anal about many things.

    The fact that I do not share saliva,
    and that I'm a freak when it comes to many things.
    I think HE's being anal about thinking Im being anal!


    I went clubbing on Tuesday nite.
    (Cuz Wednesday was a holiday)

    Danced with a guy named Asrie,
    who was Amy's friend...
    And enjoyed it alot.
    He's a good dancer...
    Loved how he moved.
    Very smoooothe...

    Reminded me alot of Diego Luna, in Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.
    *sexxxY* - and also the best dance movie. woo hoo!

    Aside from enjoying his dancing company,
    There's nothing more though.

    J turned another year older.

    Happy Belated Birthday sweetheart!!

    Emyne is sOoo helpful.
    I just spent almost an hour on the phone with him,
    and he finally helped me decide whether to switch my phone plan.

    I've decided to do it.
    I'm going tomorrow.

    I'm havin a hard time trying to decide whether to attend my Law Ball.
    Its my final year,
    and a couple of my friends are going.

    Its costly, and I would have to buy something new to wear.
    (Cuz its a black tie function)

    I dont have that money to spend.
    But its my Law Ball and its my final year!

    Selina isn't going.
    So.... Hmm....
    Anyone wants to be my date?

    *ignores Ivan*

    MU won AC Milan 3-2.
    Its Shitty that we gave them 2 away goals.
    We'll need to kick ass in Italy.

    Ivan and Danh says my hair sucks.
    I've got class tomorrow.
    I'm gonna shower, then head off to bed.


    Ps: Shaz inspired me to get a tattoo.

    April 24, 2007

    .conversations i hav while at work.

    Today at work, I met an old couple.
    The old man was pretty talkative...
    Here's how the conversation went:

    Sherlene: Hello, how are you?
    Old Man: Good good.

    S: Would u be interested in a competition with Pixi Photos
    to win $300 worth of family portraits?
    OM: Ok. *grabs my pen and the form*

    *while filling the form*

    OM: So where are you from?
    S: Im from Malaysia.
    OM: aah... Nowonder you're beautiful.
    S: aww... Thanks.

    OM: So did you find yourself an Australian man?
    S: Umm... No. *turns a bit cheeky* Why? Should I get one?
    OM: noOOoooo................

    *S raises eyebrow*

    OM: Australian men dont know how to treat women!
    S: *giggles* Oh yea? Are you Australian?
    OM: Nooooo.. I'm greek.
    S: aaH... Nowonder you're cute.
    OM: haH!

    *OM proceeds to talk about how he migrated to Aus when he was 19,
    and "married this Kangaroo" (pointing at his wife, who was standing beside him smiling)
    and how they've been married for 50+ years*

    S: aww... thats so sweeet!

    *OM looked proud*

    *form completed*

    S: Thanks so much. Have a nice day,
    and good luck with everything!
    OM: REMEMBER... Don't get yourself an Australian guy.
    S: *giggly* ooOkaay...

    *as the OM walks away, he turned back and said:*

    OM: Australian men dont know how to treat woman.
    They don't even know how to make love.
    They do it like chickens.

    *S speechless for 2 seconds*

    S: Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind.

    *S bursts out laughing all the way back to the studio to tell her manager what the OM said*

    *the entire studio laughs*

    (Except one person, who was the only Australian guy there.)

    HaHaa... Funny old man.
    He's so cute. (his wife too)

    While we're still on this topic,
    Here's another incident that happened today:

    *S was at woolies*

    Woolies Dude arranging vegetables: Hey, how's it goin?
    S: Im good. You?
    WDAV: Not bad. Did you change your hairstyle?

    *pause* (Cuz I have never seen this woolies dude before)

    S: eer... Yea. *smiles politely*
    WDAV: Looks good. *smiles*
    S: *smiles* Thanks.


    S: aaah... aaaaahh.... *looked speechless* See ya.
    WDAV: *smiles*

    The point of this story:
    "wHoaa... people DO notice me." ^^ keKkekeke...

    April 22, 2007

    .sherlene & her guy friends.

    If I could interview myself,
    This is how it would sound -

    How are things with Groovy?
    - Well, we did break up.
    But things doesnt seem to be that way.

    Are you still in contact?
    - Yea, not as much as when he just left,
    But we're definitely still tight.

    Any other guys in your life?
    - Well, there are many guy friends,
    who are truly just friends.
    Ivan has always been one of the closest ones.

    Describe the guys in your life at the moment.
    - Lets see,
    Ivan is a close friend. Nothing more.
    Guys I spend lots of time with are the ones with girlfriends.
    And the ones that didn't have girlfriends before are getting girlfriends!

    Why do you spend so much time with unavailable men?
    - Just for the record,
    It is definitely not because I wanna steal them from their girls.
    They just seem safer,
    In a sense where I do not have to think about things going further.
    I like having guy friends,
    and its comforting to know that they're taken,
    Therefore, I wouldnt have to think about commitments or the possibility of romance.

    Is there anything you think you could have done a bit better?
    - Perhaps in the midst of all the fun Im having,
    I should do more things to make my intentions clearer.
    And that is, "Its not going any further than this!"
    and "This doesnt mean I LIKE you."

    How physical are you with these guys?
    - I am quite a physical person, I'll admit to that.
    I love dancing, so naturally, that can be quite physical.
    I like doing the whole "touching the arm & slapping the leg" thing when I talk.
    Doesn't mean anything though.

    - When Im in the mood,
    I can be quite crazy with words and lines that I use.
    (ask the guys on MSN)
    I tease and I joke. Its normal.
    "Affectionate terms" are used very casually too.
    Although I completely mean it when I compliment them.
    Nothing to fake there, cuz Im not trying to impress.

    Should their girlfriends be worried?
    - Not if their boyfriends really love them.
    Cuz I can easily see myself as an excuse for guys to ditch their nasty girlfriends.
    What I meant by that is,
    If girlfriends get insecure about me and their guy,
    and they throw a tantrum and make their boyfriend's life a living hell,
    their boyfriends (if they already had intentions to dump) would easily use that as an excuse to say goodbye.
    And I would indirectly be the reason. :(

    Based on the above,
    Dont you think you should back off?
    - Yea. Probably should.
    But sometimes,
    when you're having lotsa fun,
    It can be hard.

    Who are the guys getting new girlfriends?
    - Well,
    Mouzam hooked up with a hot chick recently.
    And I just learnt that Kelvin Chee has become unavailable.

    Does this mean you'd flirt with them more now?
    - With Kelvin, I think I would hold back a bit more,
    cuz Im not sure what type of girl he's got.
    As for Mouzam, we've always been playful,
    and his girlfriend seems like a pretty cool person...
    So Mouzam would still be fun to hang and flirt around with.

    What do you look for in a "flirt buddy"?
    - Sense of humour and outgoingness.
    And a mind that knows this is all just for fun.
    aaaand... we dont have to flirt all the time.
    Cuz if we do it everyday, it gets boring.
    Im human, so trust that you can talk normal things with me too.

    With this lifestyle, do you think you would ever find a boyfriend?
    - Im definitely not looking at the moment.
    Kinda letting things go with the flow,
    while I enjoy my single life to the max.
    I dont think Im ready for another relationship.

    So how about Groovy?
    - Well, me and him,
    We're keeping things simple and semi-open.
    He might move on if he meets someone right,
    and I might do the same.
    But I THINK at the moment,
    We're still on the same page.
    (ie: not really looking & just taking things easy)

    So whats on your next agenda?
    - Goin clubbing Tuesday night.
    Andres will be there.
    Marvin too.
    And Ivan might go.
    So I can safely assume there'll be lotsa dancing.
    THAT, I love. :)
    (above and beyond any guy)

    April 21, 2007

    .my list of dislikes.

    So I dont use the word hate alot.
    I always thought it was too strong of a word to be used too randomly.
    (Like Love)
    But suddenly,
    I had the urge to write a list of random things I... dislike.
    and well... Yea, pretty much hate.

    So... on the top of my mind,
    Lets see -

    1. I hate music with lovely melodies but lousy lyrics.
    2. I hate it when people think Im stupid.
    3. I hate reacting wrongly to things and messing the whole thing up.
    4. I hate getting hooked on tv series,
    but not having enough time to do a marathon.
    5. I hate when people say they will, when they're not sure they would.
    (I'd rather an uncertain answer, than an empty certain one)
    6. I hate walking out the house without my watch.
    7. I hate it when I forget to put my earrings on.
    8. I hate it when some people selfishly decides to bring everyone's mood down.
    9. I hate not being able to find time to be with myself.
    10. I hate when my MP3 runs out of battery when Im on the bus.
    11. I hate it when friends put me on the spot.
    (and extreme guilt doesn't allow me to say no to them)
    12. I hate it when I say something I regret,
    and cant find the courage to say sorry to mend things.

    Ok... 12 is alot.
    There's more.
    But I'll stop.
    It can be too much to take.
    *tee hee*

    ps: no one should take this list personally.
    its all random.

    ps2: ladies nite; Tuesday 10.30pm @ Mercury NiteClub.
    See you there!

    ps3: JAMES. haHa my bro agreed to pick me up.
    See?! I told u!

    April 19, 2007

    .how do the gurls do it?.

    There are many obvious beauties in the world.
    (and yea, Im talkin about them women)

    But there are also the ones that wont catch your eyes at the first glance.
    Still... Some of them have incredible confidence.
    An intangible quality that works wonders.

    They know they're not drop-dead-gorgeous,
    But that's the last thing on their minds when they're out there.
    What I admire most is their ability to accept compliments.
    You know...
    Like when someone says, "You look beautiful."
    They would say "Thank you" - with a smile.

    What I wanna know is...
    What is running through their minds at that time?

    Cuz thats something Im really curious about.
    Because (and Im not bragging)
    When someone tells me I look... umm... good?...
    It becomes so hard just to accept the nice words,
    and say Thank You.

    I end up saying, "nooolaa.." or "hahaa.. what thee..." instead.
    Attractive. I know. :(

    Then recently, I've learnt to say Thank You.
    (an improvement! woo hoo!)
    But being completely honest,
    After I do say Thank You and accept the compliment with grace...
    My mind doesnt play along.
    Cuz eventhough I manage to "confidently" say Thank You,
    My mind would be shouting out: "hahaa... funny."
    Or worse, "yeaa ritee.."

    Am I the only one who does this?

    *yay! a new look for mua blog!*

    April 16, 2007

    .mysa's webpage!.

    MYSA's webbie is up!
    Much thanks to our IT Director, Aim.

    Here's the add: http://qutmysa.googlepages.com

    It's still in the-making.
    So enjoy whats there for now!

    Ps: Anyone who attended the Bowling Competition,
    the pics are up!! *yeee haaaa*

    April 14, 2007


    I keep seeing Fortune Cookies.
    Was working today,
    and the box of Fortune Cookies
    caught my eye while I was walking through a particular aisle in Woolies.

    Then I came online,
    and 80% of the pages I visited had ads regarding Fortune Cookies.
    Is it a sign??

    I also dreamt of lots of birds yesterday.
    My dream book says it means someone new will enter my life.
    Possibly a romantic interest.
    *feels Ivan rolling his eyes*
    But I should beware of their intentions.
    *feels Ivan nodding - then rolling his eyes again*

    *feels Ivan sigh*

    April 7, 2007

    .D & I's YouTube crazee.

    Derek did it again!
    Only this time,
    He really took it up a notch!
    Not only he remade,
    He modified!!

    *woo hooooo!!*

    So here's ME:

    ...aaaand this is the remixed version D made!!


    April 1, 2007

    .sexism (not racism) in football.

    Man Utd 4 - 1 Blackburn Bitches!!!

    So anywaay... I had a thought.

    Everyone knows I worship Ronaldo rite?
    And becuz of this,
    Many people (especially guys) uses this excuse to put down my love-for-ManUtd.

    They claim:
    "You're not a real MU fan.
    If Ronaldo wasn't in MU,
    You wouldnt give two shytes about the team!"


    Yes, I love Ronaldo.
    Yes, I think Ronaldo's inclusion in MU makes a difference for me.

    BUT that does not mean I love MU merely becuz of Ronaldo's existence!
    ...aaaand I dont love Ronaldo merely becuz I think he's hot.
    (He IS hot. You'd be blind to not think so.)
    I love to watch him play.
    I love to see him with a football.
    I love his tricks and he way he makes the defenders look like fools.
    I love how he runs and passes people like nothing.
    I love when he scores and make me go "whoa!!"
    I love when his every touch during a match makes a difference!

    But I know why people assumes what they do about me & doubt my passion for MU.
    Becuz Im FEMALE.
    Now take for example,
    Jonathan Chng.

    He loves Ronaldinho... ALOT.
    But people don't come up to him,
    and doubt his passion for football becuz he's in great-awe with ONE particular player. And that doesn't make people doubt his love for ManUtd.

    You see my point?
    So unfair eei?!