September 30, 2005

Strawberries Blue...

Finally, I'm done reading my case...
Bloody Pirrie v McFarlane.
Made my life a living hell.
Bloody presentation.
Stole my semester break.

Anyway, as I was reading back and highlighting the main points I'd be including in my presentation script,
I thought about the box of strawberries in the fridge.
Its 5am... and I've got cravings for Strawberries.
Yea, I guess I'm a peculiar fellow.

So... there is was at 5am...
Eating strawberries in my kitchen.

Naturally, I started thinking about many things.
First, I was imagining how I should start my presentation.
Then I thought about how I would react the next time I see Shaz.
Then... out of the blue,
I thought about that Taiwanese family I had dinner with a couple of nights back.
Dad's Taiwanese friend who treated me, Sherman and Selina to dinner.

I thought about how they kept praising mum and dad.
They were telling us how much mum and dad helped them.
Then they told their kids,
"their (as in me and Sherman) parents are very successful in Malaysia"
"their mum is......... and their dad is........."
I smiled as I thought back at how proud I felt that very moment.
My parents are successful.
And I think they're the best people on earth.

Then I thought back at how mum always tell me.
She says Daddy is her best friend.
That line always make me smile and feel all mushy inside.

You know how people say,
"Behind every successful man, there's a woman"
My parents are the classic example.
Dad's woman is mum. His biggest fan. (I'm 2nd *grins*)
And u know what the cute part is?
It works both ways...
Mum and dad also proved that...
"Behind every successful woman, there's a man"

And one thing for sure,
I can never see one of them without the other.
Mum needs dad, and dad needs mum.
Mum wouldn't be what she is without dad's neverending support.
Dad wouldn't be what he is without mum's neverending support.

I wonder who'd be my 'neverending support'.
The man behind my success. *hmm...*

You guys must think I'm crazy for writing all this.
I probably am.
Not only becuz I'm eating strawberries at 5am,
But becuz at this very moment,
I feel like crying.
(No, I'm sure its not the effect of late night strawberries)
I just think I miss mum and dad more than I thought.


September 29, 2005

You've got Mail! *grins*

Just thought I'd post this pic up to annoy Selina. I was warned not to post this pic cuz Selina didn't want her "hair" to get any publicity. kekeKe... You should have seen the looks on our faces when we saw the colour on her hair. Everyone in the house just went "WUA!" hahHa Its very unlike Selina to hav such hair colour, but it does look kinda funky-cute. She'll get used to it.

the main reason why I'm typing this post is actually becuz...
well... becuz I feel kinda happy tonite. *grins*
Don't ask why. I won't tell.
Lets just say,
I got a really sweet message.
*heart turns to mush*
But yea...
My heart is definitely going 100 miles/hour.

Need to regain emotional normalcy.
HHAHAa does such word even exist?
But u know wut I mean...

My presentation is still at square one.

Later today, Chelsea v Liverpool... UEFA.
Chelsea is 100% into taking their long waited revenge on the Reds.
Lets hope Livvy wins them again!

September 28, 2005




Giggs 39'
Semao 59'
Rvn 85'


Question for the Heart; Sore?

Selina and I finally managed to do our long overdued spring cleaning.
After that, we went to GarCit (as Sheenie calls it) to watch a movie.
We caught "The Perfect Catch" starring Jimmy Fallon n Drew Barrymore.
It was definitely MY type of movie.
Romance + Comedy + BASEBALL.
Perfect Combo.
I guess thats why I loved "Summer Catch".

Shaz was online today.
Gosh I miss him.
Its been so long since we chatted.
hahHaa... actually it's less than a week,
BUT, oh well.

Shaz and I had a good chat.
Amazing how we can always be so open with each other.
I tried to make him answer a few questions.
Questions I've been longing to ask him for quite some time now.
At the beginning, we passed a few comments which made my heart sunk.
Then, as we continued chatting, things got better.

The friendship between Shaz and I has definitely gone up a notch.
Then again, I have to admit that the conversation didn't exactly go the way I wanted.
Though... I'm actually not too sure how I want it to go.
I'm still happy.
Happy to know we're still so open with each other.
Happy to know he's in a condition where he can still watch MU's match.
and above all,
Happy to be able to chat with him tonite and to know that he's doing fine.

Im gonna continue reading my case now.
5 days to go before my presentation and I have NOTHING.
Good going Sherlene! *sarcastic pat on back*

And today... MU v Benfica. UEFA Champs League.

6.30am NOT-live on SBS.
I'm there!

September 25, 2005

I shouldn't be sighing...

Today, I got up to Yum Cha with Lalat, Selina, Cyrus and Jett.
Yum Cha in Brisbane (or maybe all western countries) actually means,
"eating dim sum"... Go figure.

Back in KK, (or Malaysia) yum cha means you drive to a coffee shop,
sit down with friends and talk until you realise you need to go home.

ANYWAY... after breakfast/lunch/brunch - whatever,
we went to walk in K-Mart...
I bought a bottle of hair dye and Lalat agreed to help me.
We got home, I dyed my hair.
Not much difference... The colour is just a little lighter.
I think it might be more obvious under the sun.

Lalat decided she's not going to Club Kandy tomorrow.
Thats means I'm alone. Alone as in, the only girl going.
I wouldnt mind going with Daniel, but it would be kinda weird.
What would his friends think?
I dont want to be thought of as a frequent clubber.
Out with a bunch of guys. Bleak. Not my style.
(except if I'm back in KK)
Furthermore... aah sheesh...
I typed half way and forgot what I was gonna say.
If you've spoken to me before, u'd know I'm like that. BLEAK.

Time to put my time to good use.
Need to start researching for my presentation next monday.

Oh... I wrote a song.
I've not given the song a name, but I know exactly why I wrote it.
*sigh* and talking about songs,
there's a song I heard while shopping in Kmart today.
Its chorus went something like:
"I dont think I love you... I know"
I wanna find that song. SO BADLY.


Happy Birthday Shaz.
I miss you.

September 23, 2005

My Lazy Friday

Today I woke up 3pm... *yawn*
Yea.. I still feel exhausted. Bugger.
Its currently 6pm...
I just had my first meal.
Kelloggs Crunchy Nuts + Low Fat Milk.
*bleaaak* I think I ate too much...

Last nite I stayed up until 5pm...
Got caught up in editing a new forum.
Its called "Classes of 2002"
Made to get all the 1998-2002 students back together.
We'll see how it works out. Fingers crossed. (there it is!)

Last nite, 4 GSGs were online...
We group chatted in MSN. It was heaps of fun.
You should have seen the stuffs we talked about.
Talking to them made me feel at ease again...
Miss them soOoo much.
Got updated about their current lifeee... They're all doing fine...

Told them about my current situation in the relationship department.
They were really supportive. Now its really up to me.

Sherman bought me Nike's Stand Up Speak Up wrist band.
It came in the mail today. I like it heaps!
Kick racism outta football... Oh yEaa...
My brother rocks! ^^

I'm looking forward to this coming monday.
Club Kandy... or issit Klub Candy?
oH well... There's this dance party this Monday nite.
Its gonna be fun, I HOPE.
Can't wait to feeeeel the music agaiN.
Dancing is too underated.
There shud be more dancing places around.
If I manage to earn some cash this summer,
I'm signing up for hip hop dance classes.
YEA. Thats something to look forward to.

For now... I better get started with my presentation.
Dont wanna get up in front of the class and sound like a fool.
And hey,
The semester break is hereee!! *whoOo hoOo!!*

By the way, I Miss Him...

September 22, 2005

Questions; Are there answers?

Questions from the top of my head:
(don't worry if u dont understand - they're all bullshtye..)

1. Why take away someone so important in another person's life ever so suddenly without even allowing them to say goodbye?

2. I know everyone needs to endure the ups and downs in life, but why give a great person such a difficult "obstacle" ro deal with when she doesn't deserve it?

3. Why does my blue platform hurt my left feet so much? When is the swelling gonna ease off? *argh*

4. Why does ulcers in a person's mouth (or cold sore) spread when two people share an intimate kiss? Same explaination as STD issit?

5. What are the things that could completely ruin a friendship? and how open can they be with one another, while maintaining their bond in the name of plain "friendship"? (by the way, I'm talking about a male/female friendship, if u even believe such "friendship" exist.)

6. A guy and a girl spending time together as friends... a "moment" suddenly happens in between... they grasp it. Moment passes. They both laugh. What happens after?

7. If you're ever-so-attracted to a person who you're pretty sure is all wrong for you, do you move on? or open the door to the "Keep those Fingers Crossed Land" and think, "lets take a shot at this!"?

8. If the person you're kissing is in actual fact your soulmate, can u tell?

*goes to bed thinking*

September 21, 2005

Horoscopes; Friend or Foe?

Two days ago...
That'd be Tuesday of this week,
I read my daily horoscope.
It said it was the right time to confess my feelings.
It said "The stars are all in the right positions. Its the best time!"

*lol* But as I told Andy,
I wasn't too sure if what I felt for the guy,
-lets call him Mr.B-
I wasn't sure of my feelings for Mr.B...
So... Instead of confessing,
I took a different approach.
Instead of fessing up,
I decided to see how I can shake things a little.
So I hugged him.

It was an I-could-be-up-to-no-good kinda hug,
cuz I hugged him for... almost a whole minute?
*grins* - and for no reason! muahahahaa!

Today, I read my horoscope, it said:

"You'd like for the realm of romance to be a safer place, but there's no insurance available for the ol' heart. Right now, though, letting your feelings be known is favored by the stars -- so go for it."

... and I did. *grins*

no details will be provided

September 19, 2005

I'm Happy NOW... Thats all that matters.

Current Music: Fly Away - Nelly
Current Mood: Sleepy + Tired + BlaH
Current Location: C Block Computer Lab

I shouldn't be here for 2 reasons.
  1. I should be studying either for my presentation or group my assignment.
  2. I should be refilling my printing card and printing off my 5pm lecture notes.

The fact that I'm here, typing this, means:

  1. I'm thinking of stuffs I shouldn't be thinking off.
  2. I'm wasting too much time. Time I should be spending on more important things.

I'm thinking about something.
I'm thinking...
Is it true that sometimes, its better to leave things the way it is instead of doing something and making the situation complicated?
Specially when currently, everything is great?
Besides, who said that everything only has to get better right?
Maybe this is the best it could ever get.

Okay... You know what?
I'm sure.
Currently, this is one of the best times.
After all, most importantly is how I feel rite?
And I feel happy.
So it doesn't really matter what I think I may need.
After all, I'm living happilly without it now.
Why mess it up with my greediness?

kekekee... oOkay.
Case Close.

Another Draw... *sigh*

First off... I need to say,
What happened to our winning streak?!
The whole campaigne about "Great Start to the Season!!"????!!
and about "Time to bring home the silverware!"?!?!!
If we keep this up, the only silverware we'll be polishing are
those dusty ones in the cabinet that are starting to rust!

More than 3 guys came today. I think there were 5.
2 Liv fans, 1 Arsenal fan, 2 Man Utd fans.
LoL Plus Shaz, Selina and Cyrus.
That makes 5 Man Utd fans.
Damn... We shud hav won!!
But the game was boring...
so there wasn't much to jump around about.

Shaz and I wore MU's jersey tonite.
It was cute.
We took a few snaps together... :)
Check it out.

Pic Taken In My Room...
That explains the Ron posters. (and the bed)

Not a great nite for MU... But we'll live to battle another day!

x LeNnie

September 18, 2005


I was looking through my old pictures today because Sherwynna needed some old pics of me and her. And look what I stumbled upon!! *wheee!!* A pic of me, Lazman, Fendy and Mc playing for my mum's formal dinner event. It was a great night. I think I sung Six Pence None the Richer's "Kiss Me"... lol How appropriate. *whoops*

ANywayz, looking back at the old pics made me laugh. Those were definitely the fun days. I miss singing in a band (and singing badly may I add), I miss hanging out and wasting time, I miss walking around school and being called "Mz Bitch", I miss the old crowd... awwww... How nice. *lol* I miss KK... I wish I was going back this year. Too bad...

Those were the days.
The days when you go to school everyday and see the same people and never get bored of them. You stay back in school to rehearsh a dance for a school event. The days when u scream and shout at people who doesn't follow your instructions in choir. *Thinks about Carlo's blog* Everyone loved High School... lol And one more reason to miss the high school days, particularly All Saints is becuz Carlo was there. I was in form 2 back then... *lol* That was when I learnt the bad stuffs. *tee hee* nobah... *ehem ehem* lol But yea... Life back in High School is definitely one I'd never forget.

*Zap back to the future*
Need to bath.
Match at 9pm...
And its CRUCIAL!

Ending Today at 5.15am...

Today has been alrite I guess.
Woke up at 3pm.
I wonder why didn't I hear my alarm.
12.00pm, 12.30pm, 1.00pm...
3 freakin times!
wHoa... I must really sleep dead.

Tomorrow (tonite actually)
Darshan, Yatrick and Moiz is coming over.
Liverpool v Man Utd, playing at Anfield.
Goal prediction? *shivers*

*smacks self for shivering*
Shaz said, "A real fan doesn't doubt their team!"
Alritey! We're goNna win!
Glory Glory MU!

Shaz and Zara came over to do our assignment.
Due on Wednesday.
Shaz might be coming over tonite too.
He said he'll be here at 8.30pm.
Match starts at 9pm.
Shaz said, "wear your MU jersey ok?"
I will... if he shows up. *lol*
You think he will?
I'm still doubting.
Wait a minute.
Why do I care so much?
cuz I don't wanna be the only MU supporter among the Liverpool fans!
Thats right!
Yea... sure.
I mean, YEa. I'm Sure.

Alrite. It's 5am.
Time to turn in.
And well,
Shaz... I like him.
We have fun. As Friends.
Yea. That's it. I'm sure.
Nitey Nite Peeps!
Shaz & I at Gold Coast - Aug 2005'

September 16, 2005

The Closest to Perfection

1. At happy times,
he's happy too. *kekekee* and he

allows me party (with or without him)
without giving me 'that look'. (while
perhaps making an extra effort to
make sure I'm safe?)

2. At sad times,
he knows how to give me space and time to sort out
my thoughts without pressuring me to tell him wuts up.

Then again, I know I have his loving support.

3. Socially,
he has his own group of friends. Friends he brings me to
hang-out with once in a while, and friends he hangs out
with while I'm out with the girls. Socially active. Yea, thats

what I'm trying to say.

4. My family and friends,
he makes an effort to get to know my family and respects
them. he doesn't mind spending time with me and my

friends. Makes an effort to play nice and not be a total pig
or a total smart ass (in the annoying way)

5. During my hard times,
he takes out time to listen to my probs and seriously tries
to think of a "sensible" solution to help. And if he couldn't
decide how to help, he'd assure me that no matter what, he
wouldn't leave me to fight my own battle. *kekekee*

6. During his down times,
he feels comfortable enough to tell me whats really on his
mind, and trust that I would care enough to hold his hand
through it.

7. During our crazy times alone,
we play, tease, go crazy, laugh, snort, burp, do anything
openly in front of each other, and simply find it all cute.
(or disgustingly funny)

8. Secrets,
he makes me feel that I can trust him with my secrets and
vice versa. That things between the both of us would always
remain between us.

9. Being a Man,
he talks with sense, crack jokes that are smart, debates with
charm, carry himself with confidence, and ready to stand up
for both me and him... with class.

10. Smarts,
he's not a dumbass who knows nuts about anything. A guy
who leads me, while I support him from behind. He's someone

who can afford to lead others, but still humble enough to follow
instructions. Charismatic, not arrogant. Someone I don't need
to worry about when it comes to making judgments or decisions
for his future.

11. Emotionally,
he's one who loves his family and cares about other's feelings.

Not possessive or overly jealous. Thats a definite a turn off. I
don't mind if he cries... My arms would always be there.

12. Mentally,
he doesn't let me get my way just because he wants to please
me. I'd rather a guy who takes charge. "I don't know. I'll do
whatever you want to do."
<- thats a line that makes me feel

'blah' specially when I'm not in the mood.

13. Maturity,
he's someone who knows what he wants in life. Someone
mature and responsible for himself and his actions. I've grew out
of the "bad boys" phase of life. They're no longer cool. I'd rather
someone who'd call the cops then to suggest a "1 on 1 fist fight
at the back alley at 2am".

14. Manners,
he's courteous. Speaks to all level of people with respect.
Someone who'd know what kinda jokes are appropriate for what
occasions. Cleans up well, and shows qualities of a gentleman.

15. Overall,
he's someone I can treat as a friend and laugh histerically with
when we're together + there's a crazy physical attraction that I

can never seem to get over.

By the way, this guy doesn't exist.
I'm just bored and a girl just loves dreaming.


September 15, 2005

Morning Football Jolt

Its the earliest I've ever gotten up in this month, or maybe even year.
Villareal v Man Utd on SBS.
Not live, but better than nothing.

Disappointing game, but a relief at the end. 0-0. Could have been worse.
Wayne Rooney *grow up dammit!* sent off for another one of his stoopid acts.
And apparently, its a common thing to happen today.
Dumbass Vieira *loser - did u lose your foul immunities there in Juve?* was sent off too.
Also, van Persie *Wenger's pretty boy* from Arsenal.
Then again, both team won despite their 10 men condition.
bOo hOo...
Juventus was good without that loser anyway.
And the Gunners were playing a team who never scored (until today) in the UEFA.

But what happened to MU?
Villareal is a newbie! We were suppose to kick their ass!
I guess they were probably trying to be nice to Forlan.
Save him the embarrassment.
haHhaa *lame excuse*
But despite all... I do miss Forlan.
He played well today. Bravo!

Ronaldo was alrite.
Not at his best and could have done more,
specially before his fab partner Wayne doofus got sent out.
Van Der Sar... OUR MAN.
What would we do without his safe hands?
I love that man.
Oh... and Heinze picked up a knee injury in the 1st half.
*not a good sign!*
Who was then substituted for Richardson, who played quite well.
Weird to put him in for Heinze though.
Oh well, never know what Sir Fergie is thinking.
"Whatever rocks his boat"

Time to turn my attention to my Trusts tutorial work.
Class at 4pm.
SOOOO not looking forward.
Then again, 4pm... hmm... does that mean...
I can actually steal a bit more sleep time before I head off to class?
I sure hope so!
Maybe in my dream, Ronaldo would be the star of the match...
Just like how I had hoped for.

This weekend... Liverpool v Man Utd.
Sherman asked Darshan, Yatrik and Moiz over.
I know Darshan is a Livvy fan.
I hope Liv loses.
I wanna laugh at him. *kekekee*

Image Hosted by

September 14, 2005

Cristiano Ronaldo's Loss

My ever-so-favourite football player, Cristiano Ronaldo (#7 - Man Utd) lost his father exactly a week ago. He missed an EPL derby against Man City last weekend to attend his father's funeral and be with his family in Madeira, Portugal.

However, he'll be flying with the rest of the team to Villareal for the UEFA Champions League qualifiers tomorrow, and taking on former Man Utd teammate Diego Forlan, who became GOD after his transfer to Villareal early last season. We'll see how it goes.

My thoughts are with Ronaldo. Hoping he'll be able to play great, and perhaps dedicate a goal to his beloved father, the late Dinis Aveiro. Ronaldo is my guy, and one of the greatest guy ever.

Pics taken on that sad day...
Good to know Ron is holding up. *HUGS*

September 13, 2005

"I think I've found him!"

The most common phrase you hear girls say when they 'think' they've found THE ONE.
That was me a couple of weeks back.
Until I took some time out to stroll down memory lane.
And asked myself, "When was the last time I used those exact words?"

Then it hit me.
I've used it more than I could even remember.
Guys who manage to 'steal my heart', 'make me fall', 'dazzle me with his charms', 'give me butterflies'...
Those were the guys I had used that faithful line on.
And what are they now?
Not that perfect anymore.

"He's oriented and funny and shy and caring and he always say the right things..."
Those were the reasons... if not called 'excuses'...
Then you 'convince' yourself that,
"Those are the exact qualities I'm looking for in a guy!"

Because the next guy that comes along could easily be,
"Wild, Irresponsible but totally exciting, ever sooo cute, romantic, and always there to offer me a challenge!"

In that case, who's Mr.Perfect?
The guy who gives you notes for exams?
The guy who drives you home every night?
The guy who makes you laugh until tears start rolling down your face?
The guy who would cancel on his mum to have dinner with you?
The guy who talks to you on the phone for 6 hours because you had a bad day?
The guy who makes you cry all the time? (referring to the girl in my previous post)
The guy your parents think is "right" for you?
The guy who kisses you and makes the world disappear?

You tell me.

Then again, crossing out everything I just mentioned...
I strongly believe in Soulmates.
And I'm still looking forward to the day I find him.
Cuz I know he's out there. :)

But don't ask me how would I know,
cuz I might just have to copy and paste this entire post again. *grins*

September 12, 2005

Feelings make Fools

You know how people say "Love is Blind"?
I'd say its more like, "Feelings make Fools"...

Love is great.
But people mix that up with other "feelings" they get,
and blame their actions on Love.
Okay... actually the main reason I'm typing this is becuz,
I recently came across a situation where a really cute gal
is killing herself (emotionally) by hanging on to her boyfriend,
who happens to be one of the biggest asshole.

The funny part is... She knows he's an ass.
But she doesn't wanna leave him.
She knows about the girls he's trying to hook up with,
she knows he's out there wiggling his tail at dozens of
other girls, and yet, she still stays around.

If one day, I ever get myself into THAT state of Denial...
Please Kill me.

And the ball rolls...

Yep, Im finally here.
Blogspot became irresistable.
I'm not sure if Carlo or Sanie is a factor.
I'll get back to you on that.

Well, like I told J...
Here I am to polute cyberspace with more rubbish.
Can't take it? - Sorry, no can do.

Okay, lets cut to the chase...
Someone please tell me:

  • Why is it that people always think they're right?
  • Why is it so hard to look back and reflect on one's own actions?
  • Is it always "his" or "her" fault for the mistake and never the one doing the pointing?
  • Are they serious?
  • Or is this just another way to make themselves feel better?

Well... after all, no one likes to be the one to blame when things go bad.
So... that means... point the blame at someone else?


oh man... what a messed up first post. Good one Sherlene.