April 30, 2008

.glory glory man united!!.

we're going to moscow!!!
we're in the finals!!!
i have to be honest,
the 2nd leg clash with barca did scare me...
specially when elton was breathing down my neck.
taking the lead 14mins into the game from an awesome scholesy strike!
and having to panic the rest of the wayy...
it was awesome!
awesome feeling!!

.my relationship-music chart.

... from now on,
i shall use this chart to determine where a relationship stand,
and how far i am into it.
the higher, the more i'm at risk of getting hurt.

"Yesterday"- by Leona Lewis is where the decision should be made.
is he worth it, or should he be left to the past?
i wonder where i "wanna" be rite now.

ps: typo on the chart.
the first song is by josie and the pussycat,
not the faders.

April 29, 2008

.my tuesday timetable.

an hour to my advocacy. i'm suppose to defend a client who's being sued for breaching a restraint of trade clause in an employment contract.

hell almost broke lose in the working centre a while back. a couple of coleagues got caught up in a whirlwind of misconceptions and miscommunications and were about to leash out on each other. others just sat back quietly, hoping the storm dies away.

selina's up first for the trial. she's trembling beside me right now. good luck to her.

i need to file a reply and answer for bec's notice of intention to defend by 5pm. fingers crossed all gets done. i dont like today very much. :(


April 28, 2008

.seeking to be understood.

i desperately needed a new love song in my life; a sudden urge on a very ordinary night.

i think its becuz im feeling lots of mixed emotions atm, and need a song to explain my feelings. im certain that i'd know what i'm truly feeling if a song's lyrics stick.

here is the list of songs i ended up with. havent had the chance to seriously go through them, so i havent gotten my answer yet... will keep u posted.

1. love song - sara bareilles
2. stop and stare - onerepublic
3. realize - colby caillat
4. bye bye - mariah carey
5. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney (i told u i had an urge!)
6. when you look me in the eyes - jonas brothers
7. heavent sent - keyshia cole
8. take a bow - rihanna**
9. work - kelly rowland
10. go on girl - neyo
11. fall for you - secondhand serenade*
12. crying out for me - mario
13. whatever it takes - lifehouse
14. potential breakup song - aly and aj
15. the best you never had - leona lewis
16. footprints in the sand - leona lewis
17. a million love songs - shayne ward
18. a million love songs - take that (original version)
19. angel - leona lewis
20. better in time - leona lewis
21. i will be - leona lewis
22. yesterday - leona lewis*
23. i remember - keyshia cole*
24. take a bow - leona lewis (different song from rihanna's)
25. touch my body - mariah carey

sorry bout the leona frenzie. i heard her sing live today, and thought she was simply amazing. :) the ones with an * are those i see myself liking more than the others at the moment.


April 26, 2008


I HATE CHELSKI!!!!!!!!!!!

(as derek says)

.all in a day.

Man Utd just got back in the game!!
1-1 at 57:15mins... Rooney scored from a Chelski blunder!!

The girls and I took a drive down to Coolangatta, Kirra and a little bit of Tweed Head today.
Mainly to send Mel off to KL at Coolangatta airport,
but then later decided to make a detour to a nearby town around the area.
Awesome trip.
500+ pictures in that short 5 hours.

Enjoyed the view and the beach sooo much.
Never thought I missed the beach as much as I did when I saw the ocean at Point Danger.
Again, I was able to step foot at two places at once. :)

Here are a couple of pics I liked most:-
(trust me, there are many many others! - facebook now holds 70% of them.)

The night before (if 2-3am is considered the night before),
The girls decided to make cupcakes.
Actually, Sheena made cupcakes.
But the girls got together to decorate. :)
Fun times.
But mine's the ugliest of the lot.

One's dedicated to a friend.
Lets see if he can make out which one.


April 25, 2008



:) just had to let that out.

so, how's everyone?

Im taking a road trip with the girls tomorrow!
Pray for our safe return!
and thankss Stan for ur car!! LoL


.10 thoughts before bed.


(1) i just took a look in the mirror and noticed i hav blood shot eyes... im so sleepy. why am i still here?

(2) i seriously do value my parents' opinion more than i'd like to admit.

(3) sudden impulse actions can be very damaging. what do you do when its already done and you totally regret caving in to that sudden rush of emotions?

(4) i've become MORe opinionated and outspoken. (didn't think it was possible.) bad thing is, i dont think its for the better.

(5) chantal kreviazuk's feels like home makes me happy and sad at the same time. possibly reflecting how im feelin atm. unsure of whether im content or not.

(6) do i want it?

(7) i havent been truthful with my emotions alot these couple of months... or maybe even years. perhaps bad enough i can't say those 3 words; now i even find it hard to say "i like u"... or "i like him"... or "i really dont like her"... "yes, i want you." - without over thinking things. i need to try to be more honest and upfront about my feelings without feelin the need to hide or be embarassed.

(8) i hope stan isn't reading this, but i almost "severely injured" sheena, selina and melissa today with my reckless driving. sigh. wont happen again!! *touchwood*

(9) again, hoping stan don't read this and reflecting on #7 at the same time about trying to be more honest with my feelings, i hate him for leaving brisbane. ok, maybe not hate. but im seriously contemplating buying handcuffs and cuffing him to a tree in brisbane, just so he can't go.

(10) i shud sleep before more crap comes outta my mouth. sigh. lets hope another long nite of sleep would make me feel better.


April 23, 2008

.ajisen ramen.

We had ramen for dinner tonite.
The above was the gang.

Jason joined us.
I hate the guy.
Never ever going out with him again.
haHa... joking. :)

Making Derek's fantasy come true. :)
You can thank me later babe.


April 22, 2008

.where is the love?.

love is a strong word, i know. i rarely ever use it myself. but thats beyond the point...

just continuing from the rants on my earlier post, i just wanna say... i'm not asking for everlasting love. i'm not that naive to expect life and relationship to be a bed of roses. i'm not saying two people who gets together cannot eventually break up.

im just looking to share something with someone that genuinely gives me hope that it could last; and if it doesn't, i can look back knowing that i've put out 101% of my heart and have received 101% in return.

just not another one of those "disclaimed" relationships. u know, relationships where a disclaimer is marked from the beginning of things, really just damning the whole thing from the start.

what room is left for the heart to expand under such circumstance? where both party would be afraid to give any more than they dare to, becuz they know at the end of the day, if they get burnt, the disclaimer is already blinking brightly at them, saying, "i've warned youu!"...

some may see it as being 'honest'. thats what HE called it. foolishly, i bought it and thought i was lucky to be in such an honest relationship. i let him convince me that it was right for us to state from the beginning that "if we find someone better, we should move on", also translating to mean, "you're free to actively seek other people, while in the meantime, i sit back and become your fall back plan".

i can't believe i thought i was happy; although i pride myself in believing that i did not allow myself to fall for him completely because of this.

but before i know it, 7 months passed. i spent 7 months with a guy who never made me feel like i could be the one for him. he'd beat around the bush, telling me how i'd make a perfect long term companion, then say thats not what he wants right now.

and i waited... i overlooked all the dirt i found of him, i hoped for the day where the time will be right, i sat back, and continued waiting. waiting for the moment he would tell me that the right girl was in his arms all along and he finally sees it. waiting for my que to be able to let myself fall. fall for the guy i knew could potentially be the one for me, right from the start.

7 months passed. i woke up; woke up and realised this wait wont be bringing me what i want. no matter how long i waited and how much i hoped. it wont bring me what i deserve. so... i walked away.

and if i learnt anything, it'd be not to waste another 7 months on someone who had never spent a single day of that 7 months seeing you the way u've seen him.

its terrifying to give up on someone u've invested emotions with. its terrifying to give up on that last shread of hope that he would wake up one day to realise he cannot live without u. but its only when you allow yourself to bravely take that step, you'd be able to someday look back and see it for what it truly was.

dont shoot him on the first date; but trust that your heart will tell you when it has had enough. when that happens, just take a deep breath and turn ur back on it. cuz really, i promise you that if you mean anything to him, he wouldn't let you go.


.wanting what i thought is normal.

sheena and i had a talk about relationships last nite. hmm... what truly upsetted me was how somehow, in the midst of all my mindless fooleries with past romantic entanglements, i didnt know the world was changing - for the worse.

i was certain that when i was ready to put my feet on the ground and be serious, i would be warmly welcomed back into the world of normal people with normal relationships. i couldnt be more wrong.

normal relationships:

relationships where a guy and a girl likes each other, wants to be with each other and each other only. relationships where although they know there's other people out there, they know they dont want to look any further, becuz they've found what they wanted in each other. relationships where two people can walk on the streets, hand in hand, sharing an ice cream, laughing in the comfort of each other's company, proudly showing off to the world the gem they've found and is so fortunate to own, while at the same time, being terrified of losing. relationships where the word "together" is never afraid to be used, and the only attention they care about keeping is each other's. To be seen as a picture in a beautiful frame that everyone envies and love/hate to look at.

i'd love to be in a relationship where i can call him my boyfriend, and not doubt that he calls me his girlfriend too. i'd love to know that i'm with a guy who doesn't have one foot out the door every time things turn a little sour. i wanna trust him and believe that he wouldn't do anything deliberately to hurt me. i wanna know that he wants to be there with me, and i can be myself, and that is what he cant get enough of.

in the past, that may have been what people call "hard to find" - although i've seen many people find it... but now, it's almost impossible - and there's almost no new relationships that i know that comes close to what i've described. everyone has turned into what i've just grown out of.

what happened? :(

April 20, 2008

.how do you know you've had too many exes?.

totally random. not talkin' by experience. just... whatever.

(1) you forget that person actually existed until your friend decides to talk about the past, and his name popped up, and your reaction was "ooooh yeaa... i did go out with that guy before!"

(2) you can no longer remember their birthdays, even if you write them all down in your year planner, cuz every year when you have to buy a new planner, you somehow leave a name or two out.

(3) your ex boyfriends' names start doubling up, and you have to start adding descriptions behind their names. ie: "jimmy, from kindergarten" or "christopher, from primary 4"...

(4) you can no longer impose "do not date my ex" rules with your girl friends becuz the chances of a clash happening is too great!

(5) you tell stories to friends about something you learnt from an ex, and u forget which ex it actually was who told you that.

(6) when friends talk about the past, the "year" of when that past memory occurred is recalled by which guy you were dating at that time. :S

(7) when most stories you tell others are told to you by an ex, or from an experience with an ex, and when people ask, u are forced to uncomfortably say, "oh... it was a friend. just a friend."

(8) when everywhere you go or whatever you do, there's a memory of you and an ex.

(9) when people tell you about their heartaches, and you can relate to 9/10 of those stories personally.

(10) when people ask how many exes you have, your response isn't immediate but rather one of these thoughts :-

a. this year?
b. including or excluding flings?
c. defineeee ex boyfriend?
d. puppy love isn't counted rite?
e. you mean those i was reaaally serious with?
f. since i came to australia?
g. hmm... i haven't really counted since 2002...
i. the last time i counted...
j. i never bothered counting.

And girls, it would be wise to pre-plan a response, and tip: even if u have had 91829 exes, the answer is ALWAYS 2!!! ok, or 3!! 4 is the absoluteee max!! - and please consider your age as well.

- ok. end.


April 19, 2008

.salsa; yummerz.

A nice dinner with friends is always good.
What made the nite better was "dessert".

Sheena, Sherwynna and I enjoyed "salsa" for dessert. :)
We joined all the other dance-luvers at Shingles's street salsa dancing nite.
To those who doesn't know, every friday nite... there's an open street salsa dancing event at Brisbane square. (Brisbane square rite?; In front of the casino, where the library is.)

Fun bit was when 3 of us rocked up, a guy came up to us and asked us to dance.

He first took Sheena's hand and whipped her straight into some basic salsa action. Im pretty sure she had heaps of fun. He was quite a good dancer.

After that, he took me for a spin. And when I say spin, I meant spin! :) It was soOo much fun... he was a really strong salsa partner. Twirling and spinning me, here and there, making me feel "wooHoo!" each time.

It was my first time salsa-ing, so it took me a song or two to pick up the steps. He made it very easy for me tho... and when he initiated a spin, I'd know exactly where to go and how he wanted me to move.

He called me a "Natural" for a first timer... ^^ and insisted that I must've danced before. haHa... and I think Sheena said he's a South American? He understood the spanish songs that were playing and explained some of the lyrics to me. His name is Carlos.

He asked for my number at the end of the nite, but I decided to get his instead. *dun giv out ur number to strangers!* He says he dances there alot on Friday nites and told me to call him if I ever wanted to dance. :)

All in all,
We had a fun time.
He also intro-ed us to his friend from the Philipines who enjoyed a couple of dances with Sherwynna and Sheena. Wynna concluded that Salsa dancing isn't her flava. LoL I think she's still more of a band-chick. Head banging and stuff. ROFL.

Salsa... So much fun.
The steps are actually really simple, and you really just need to work the steps and shake ur booty, but its tiring as hell! Danced two dances with Carlos and I was lost of breath and my hips were aching already. OOOH... thats why my hips are aching!! *so embarassingly unfit*

oh Wellz...
Dont think I'd specially go back there unless I'm out on another Friday nite,
but at least now I know I really DO like salsa/latin dancing. YAY!


April 18, 2008

.changes ahead.

been feeling weird lately. like i no longer know what i want and what actually makes me happy. dont know what feelings i shud be feeling, and what feelings i shud be keeping deeeep under wraps...(deep enough that i can't feel it there - in other words, denial.)

had many talks about a "single gal's" life in today's society; their roles, their strengths, their goals, their needs, their rights... as well as the crap they have to go through. hmm. seriously, i dont know what i'm talkin about anymore.

stan's leaving tomorrow. sigh.

and my girls just learnt a fact about men, and how manipulating they can potentially be. gives me goosebumps to know that some guys may have such knowledge, and have the ability to use it any way they please, to the female species' detriment.

again. you probably don't know what i'm talking about.

been listening to emiliana torrini's "to be free" alot. have mixed feelings about that song too. liberating but depressing at the same time. you tell me.

another thing i learnt: female law students, at least those im currently working with, ALL have the same style, preference and taste in men. o.O


April 15, 2008

.this girl.

so i was takin' a shower when i had this thought...
(also where all my brilliant thoughts usually sprung from; but even awesomer ones when im in the toilet... but thats beyond the point)

speakin' to the girls:
hav u ever thought of how many guys out there that is actually referring to you as "this girl"?

speakin' to the guys:
hav u ever thought of how many girls out there that is actually referring to you as "this guy"?

ok ok...
maybe these lines would make it clearer -

"you know, there was this girl i use to date...?"
"... so there's this girl rite... she use to..."
"i use to date this girl..."
"thats exactly like this girl i use to date.."

In other words... you're someone's past. rite now, im still tryin to work out where its a good thing to be referred to as 'this girl'...

should i be flattered that his life consists of many moments of me in it (although only in the past), and that he still remembers my existence?

or should i be insulted becuz his memories of me has been reduced to another faceless girl he use to know, who only deserves to be referred to as 'this girl'?

yea, just another weird thought outta the blue.

time to do some work.
dreamworld tomorrow!! YAY!


April 12, 2008

.quick questions.

1. how do u know if u really like something?

2. what if its bad for you, but you know you want it, what do you do?

3. if thats how you're feeling about that something, does it mean you really like it?

4. could it just be curiosity to check something different out, which we can actually live without ever knowing?

5. in that case, do you go for it?

6. ok ok, if the worst that can happen is 5 long crying sessions, 10 pieces of kleenex and the loss of other things you could have liked (which you probably will never get back), would you go for it?


.birthday birthday birthday!.

we celebrated Mel's birthday today at a karaoke place.
was heaps of fun.
i needed a singing / party break. :)
the company was awesome too.
small and sweet.
thought i'd share the pics below cuz i reli like em'.

and of course i'd hav a solo pose,
just what u'd expect from every cam-whore.
mega tired rite now.

April 11, 2008

.sleep; gimme sleep please.

Im so tired.
Brain is shutting off.
My 40% file, Im yet to start on.
Due at 4pm tomorrow.
I'm so toast.
I wanna be in bed.
I'm so cranky right now I could cry.


April 9, 2008

.next next next!.

i have decided:

Reliant K - My Girl's Ex Boyfriend

thats the song my next boyfriend should play for me. :)

only freddie will be replaced by ****y...
and it probably wont take two years till then.

ok. i'm not entirely serious. *blames sherwynna*



another new song introduced into my life by sheena,
(and sherwynna, because she kept playing it and that forced me to download a copy)

Jordin Sparks - Next To You

another song i can apply to my current state in life.
don't know if its good or bad. i guess we'll see.


.choices choices choices.

i have this odd habit of talking to the moon. especially when its full and brightly shining down on me from a clear nights sky. i usually talk about my life and how i've been feeling about certain things, as if it hears me. sometimes i'd make wishes.

i remember the last time i spoke to mr moon; and i remember exactly what was said. i think mr moon might be giving me exactly what i wished for. in addition to that, he has also thrown me a curve ball, trying to test me to see if i also meant what i told him before making that wish.

the answer is simple and i know which way i should be taking. but mr moon certainly isnt making this easy for me. not easy at all.

question: if u ask for something, and you're given choices to choose from; if you don't choose something from the choices presented to you, does that mean you won't get anymore in the future?


April 7, 2008

.how music could've changed so many things.

another morning at work.

during the weekend, i spent the last minutes before i drifted off to bed listening to Michael Learns to Rock. i really miss their songs. some made me reminisce the past, while some just reminded me of how much i use to love those songs once.

i was on the bus to work this morning when i was thinking to myself of all the times i have spent imagining the opposite sex, while listening to particular songs; feeling all sorts of emotions. love (if you'd call it that), crushes, tingles ^^, confusions, anger, frustration... u name it.

i would 'shamelessly' relate myself to the lyrics of the song, line by line, and take rides on cloud 9 with my mr.right (at that time), imagining myself being that happy with him, like how the singer must've been feeling when they sung that particular song.

one thing that i also remember thinking is how perfect it would be if the guy felt the same about the song, and thought of me when he listens to it. especially when i'm mad at him, and is awaiting his apology, i would think, "if he dedicates this song to me, i'd forgive him in a heartbeat."

probably all girls do that. you know, wait for their perfect guy to send them the perfect song. a song that will always remain theirs, and theirs only. because years may pass and they might grow apart; but their song will always remind them of how they once felt for one another.

michael learns to rock - nothing to lose :)


.football & rugby.

argh... so mad...
not the type of score you'd expect from the defending champs at such a critical time in the premier league. middlesbrough always give 201% when it comes to playing with mu. im so mad at them.

im mad that vidic is out for 3 weeks and rio got injured just after half time. im mad that it snowed so badly, (refer to pics) which i believe played a role in weakening mu's game. away game, and bad weather. recipe for disaster.

sigh. 3 points ahead of chelsea now. we're playing arsenal next weekend. no laughing matter. we better kick some ass. home game too. advantage, i hope.

on a different note, (and a complete different sport) this rugby league 'player card' or whatever you dudes would call it, came in a packet of smith chips, stuck on a notice board, addressed to me last friday at work. (whoa... thats a really long sentence)

i wouldn't usually keep such thing, but seeing that it was a nice gift and a really sweet gesture from he-knows-who, i thought i'd keep it for remembrance purposes. thanks again. =)


April 4, 2008

.start your list.

x. current tune : lauren wood - fallen
x. current mood : i don't know. relaxed?

funny thing is, im not suppose to be relaxed. i have so much work to do. wills to write. you know the drill.

but i turned on my mp3 player... and automatically, the song gave me a tingly warm feeling that just seeped into my little soul. making my shoulders limp as i exhale a long, slow and steady line of air.

you guys have a list? i know everyone has a list. shopping list, party list, guest list, phone list, boyfriend list, ex boyfriend list... but i meant, a list of songs... songs that you know you will remember for the rest of your life.

a list of songs that has impacted on ur life, whether in the past, the present or even your future dreams. a list of songs that would send u back to whereever and whatever emotion u were battling with at that exact point you started listening to it.

i hav a list. i have a list of "essential songs to play" according to different events/occasions/emotions. example?

x1. in love: chris brown - with you / westlife - puzzle of my heart / colby caillat - bubbly

x2. marriage: lauren wood - fallen / the carpenters - close to you

x3. break up (u get dumped and ur sad): all4one - not ready for goodbye / backstreet boys - like a child / click five - empty / nicole scherzinger - no happily never after

x4. break up (u get dumped and ur angry): avril lavigne - my happy ending

x5. funeral: lene marlin - heaven is a place nearby / enya - only time / jordan hill - remember me this way

x6. for an ex (u dislike): amy pearson - i don't miss you / the corrs - never loved you anyway

x7. for an ex (u still miss): s club 7 - have you ever / leanne rimes - please remember / jordan sparks - tattoo (you dumped him)

x8. turn me on: john mayer - your body is a wonderland / neyo - sexy love / maroon 5 - secret / the corrs - one night

x9. dance: pussycat dolls - don't cha, beep / usher - yeah / amerie - don't be afraid to touch

x10. encouragement: mariah carey - make it through the rain / ricki-lee coulter - breathe

x11. someone you want but isn't yours (yet?): brandy - have you ever / mandy moore - crush

x12. long distance: westlife - close your eyes / micheal learns to rock - blue night

x13. for a bitch: paramore - misery business

x14. the beginning of 'something' ^^: LFO - i don't wanna kiss you goodnight / frankie jordan - once again / shayne ward - if that's ok with you

x15. ready to love again: kate deAraugo - maybe tonite / fergie - clumsy / kendall payne - scratch

ok. i need to stop expanding my list. i was only gonna give one example each!! :S ok... i shud get some work done.

if u don't already have a list of your own, you can start your list from mine. ;) - if u do start one, share it with me. we can expand our lists together. (let me know if u blog about it too!)


April 3, 2008

.have you drafted your will?.

whoaa... a minute to midnight. i shud be in bed. what happened to my 11am bed time plan? the one thing jimmy implemented in my life that managed to stick. well, thats also gone now. oh well.

been drawing up heaps of wills at my practical-legal-training (PLT) lately. need me to draw up a will for ya? im ya gurl; but it'll cost ya!

ok ok fine... i'll give u a discount. 10%?... and ok, 25% if we've ever gone out, if we've made out 30%, and 50% for my life long crushes. (so carlo, yes, you get a whoopin' 50% off!) i think thats fair. so... u know what to do if u wanna score some will-drafting-discount prices. ;)

oh wait. im reforming. sorry, i take back the discounts. (except for carlo's)

and you know...
im kinda curious about who ticked what on my poll now.
so if u read this and don't mind revealing, post me a reply and let me know what u've chosen k? preferably, let me know why too... i love justifications. it just makes my mind go ohLaLa! ;)
ok... 12.06am. i shud sleep. ta!


.not too much to ask.

i thought i'd share a link from Sing Yee...

very interesting read. have a go. and i have to say, im with her on many points she have raised. oh... and i hope the writer and Sing Yee don't mind me sharing.

anywayz, upon reading that post, i went off to dig up my old list from 2005. i reread it and realised... not much of what i wanted has change.

only this time, i've got new faith that such guy does exist.

in fact, im even starting to think that what i am asking for isn't 'too much to ask for' at all. cuz i'm quite certain that a guy as such would be the right guy for me... and well, someone has to be, rite?



April 2, 2008

.be a friend; tick the poll.

By poll, i meant the survey poll on my sidebar of my blog, not any other kinda poll u may have in mind... but yea. just wanna see which 'sherlene' my friends prefer.

after all, you guys are sooo important. ^^
(...and its part of my reforming process)

Its an anonymous poll. so... tick all you like, as many times you want, and make as many choices as you see fit. but also, keep in mind, be helpful. :)

anywayz, i've been doing great. tired, but great. stan and melissa is sick. *hugs hugs* hope they get better soon. stan is yet to call me back. why hasn't he called back anyway?! i shud call him again.

i've been talking to mr turtle a bit. get to know him better each time. apparently i have a note to retrive tomorrow at the learning centre. specially posted by hand. i'll be sure to let u guys know what awaits me...

its Shafeeq's bday today. i think i missed it last year. i havent called him to wish him yet. was thinkin' of calling him before 12am, so i can be the last to wish him. but that'd mean 2am my time... and thats too late for a working lady like myself. so... i think i'll call at 12am my time. :)

alritey. time to call it a nite. work awaits tomorrow. and mr.turtle's note. till then, u guys take care.


.UEFA; Roma v United.

Currently 81:56 on the clock..
United is up by 2 away goals.
Rooney and Ronaldo attempted a duo magic thingie,
but it didn't work.

Ryan Giggs isn't playing.
Vidic was injured in the first half, bringing O'Shea in.
Ronaldo scored by an awesome header at the 39th min,
a goal so important, Ronaldo almost had the wind knocked outta him.

Tevez comes in for Rooney at the 83rd minute.
Ronaldo is running wityh the ball now.
Ohhh.. Dumb Roma guy (Mexes) steals the ball and lost possession subsequent to that.

85:28 on the clock.
United wins back possession.
Park plays it.
Long pass to Hargreaves.
Scholes have been really annoying.
Why don't he shoot anymore?

Tevez attempts a weak goal. Saved effortlessly by Roma's keeper.
United seems to be wasting time,
Simply passing the ball around rite now...


Ronaldo attempts to cross into the box for Tevez.
Too wide, Tevez had to chase it.
Bad cross.
*tsk tsk tsk Ronnie*

Free Kick for Roma.
Defended by Hargreaves.
Corner. Didn't help.

OOOH.... counter attack.
Tevez' crosses to Ronaldo.
Goes overbar.

90:00 (2 mins added)
Into injury time now.
Roma tries.
United defends well.
Ball stays in Roma's side.

Roma attempts... Fails again.
VdS, another marvelous save!!
Altho this wasn't as heart stopping as the earlier 2.

1:41 into the extra time.
Ref blows the whistle. (??)

*sherlene gasps for air*

Roma's keeper touches Ronaldo's chest.
*sherlene is still holding her breath*

Camera man!!!
Go back to Ronaldo!!!
Shitttt... Over.
Back to lookin at this annoying white haired man who talks crap about MU always.
Don't like him at all.

ooH... replay of Ronaldo's header.
So good... So powerful... So swift!
But poor him... That would sooo hurt.

He had to lay on a ground for a couple of seconds to refocus.
oohH... another replay of Ronaldo hitting the far left post.

Ah... Carrick's waste of a chance.
Wasn't even close to target.
Studio commentators are praising Ronaldo.
I likey. =)

He says Ronnie is so strong mentally and more of a team player now.
A goal scoring winger. Awesome.

I need to sleep.
ooH shit... Barca wins 1-0 against Schalke.

Away goal.

If Barca makes it through,
They play United in the Semi Finals.


I'm not saying they're better than us,
but dammittt... ok. Sleep.

Arsenal plays Livvy tomorrow.