August 31, 2008

.gonna sleep at 10 tonite! watch me!.

my first week of 100% work. im losing momentum. legs hurt like crap and my energy level is going down. i need to pop a vit-c before i fall apart. 1.5 more weeks to go before i revert to my life as a bum.

mum and dad coming in 3 days. the house is a mess. mum's gonna kill us.

laundry undone. room unclean. house a pigstye. unrested. oh shit... hosery... all worn and havent had time to wash. dammit. gonna look ugly at work tomorrow.


our riverfire group. (plus MC and mel who left early)
thanks for coming out guys! :)

shaz, thanks for the company at lunch yesterday, and for the one hour laughs last night before bed. :) anddd for the rocks that i now know are definitely real. HAHA :)

derek, thanks for the company at lunch today, and for being there for me sooo much to the point that i dreamt of what i told u i dreamt about. :) lol and for watching the fireworks with me. i had fun. :)

nanda, will try to make lunch next weekend ok? :) and thanks for the picture of us taken at the riverfest! glad we at least found u in the crowd!!

yen jia, thanks for sharing my pain and tryin to help me reduce my burdens. u're the bestest. :)

just sharing:
i was walking to my bus stop after work today when a drunk-looking white dude walked up to me and said, "do u wanna suck an irishman's cock?"... i walked off without a word. stunned - and insulted. wtf?


August 30, 2008

.thoughts in the shower.

was in the shower when i suddenly realised its been two weeks since jason and i broke up. only two weeks! o.O (the fact that i was showering when i thought of this does not mean anything, so take ur head out of the gutter!)

i also suddenly recalled chatting with jason on the phone one night while i was in the GU learning centre. i remember us telling each other how we've met each other at a good time cuz we're somehow... well, i guess we were both at a comfortable stage of our lives where we were able to happily welcome someone into our lives. guess that doesnt mean much huh? haha.

all my jason-reminder songs are officially gone from my mp3 playlist. stacked my list up with RnB. somehow in an odd way, i feel alive again. :)

shaz smsed me today. said he's been listening to "mari bercinta" cuz he suddenly missed it after our long chat. what a coincidence huh? :) aww... his sms kept me smiling at work today, and i wanna thank him for that.

ok, goodnite. for real this time.


August 29, 2008

.momentum is high!.

x. yikes.
work started at 8am and i left at 5.30pm;
rushed off to work at the jewellery store at 6.30pm and got off at 10pm.
14 hours of work. whoa.
i managed to eat 2 sushi rolls between switching jobs.
thats all. hmm.

x. was kinda disappointed to leave the firm today.
my boss asked me to join the rest for friday wind-down drinks.
i was dying to stay and socialize...
but i had to rush off. :( booHoo.

x. had my first cup of coffee at work today.
i had 4 cups of tea before that, and decided it wasn't helping.
coffee was my last resort.
from all the fluid, i ended up peeing 9017291 times today.

x. sold 4 diamond items today. :)

x. tip for life: DON'T DIE INTESTATE. lawyers will hate you.

x. tip for guys: it may be the 21st centuary, but the art of being a gentleman still counts.

x. shoutout:
1. sorry derek for missing our 'date' for last minute night-shift work! ;)
2. thanks michael for the company while i waited for my bus! sorry for making u miss yours!
3. sorry girls and cyrus for keeping u guys waiting until 10pm!!

4. sorry sheensie for not being able to drink tonite!
5. congratz shermsie for getting the job!

work tomoz at 8.30am.
currently 8 mins to midnight.
argh! bath and bed time!


August 28, 2008


a friend was bloggin about what makes a guy unattractive. it got me thinking. then the girls also had a bitchin session about guys in general... which then led to my urge to write this down.

30 little things that i think would make a guy unattractive - or lose points (not bothering with the obvious) is when he -

1. does not bother holding the door for a girl (including in lifts);
2. spits on the street;
3. smells funky on a night out;

4. uses gender equality (seriously) as an excuse to not be a gentleman;
5. does not walk a girl to their bus stop, or walks the girl to be bus stop but does it like there's a short gun pointed at him;
6. pouts or shows-face-colour when he does not get his way (unreasonably);

7. is uptight;
8. talks big and gets caught going back on his words;
9. drools over hot chicks too obviously;
10. brags about being somebody he is not;
11. find it necessary to put down other guys to make himself look good;
12. thinks acting like a jackass would win him chicks;
13. isn't cool but tries too hard to look the part (girls get the same vibe that guys get when they see a chick who's struting around, trying 'hard' to look pretty - u know what i mean rite?);

14. gets on the bus before his female friends do (lifts included);
15. put too much gel on (or has too much grease in his hair from not washing) and smudge it on the bus' window when he leans on it;
16. singles himself out from a crowd, not bothering to make the effort to relax and enjoy;
17. is too self-centred and thinks everything is about him;

18. pulls his pants up too high;
19. overly recycle his lines, words or actions with different girls - and gets caught (cuz girls talk!);

20. can't organise his money property and constantly overspends;
21. overtalks about his ex;
22. sounds uneducated or uncivilize;

23. is overconfident with no substance a.k.a a smart ass;
24. has friends who secretly hates him;
25. wears dirty socks;
26. is stingy;
27. overthink things, especially with the opposite sex (so uncool - arent guys suppose to be the forgetful and oblivious ones?);
28. drives off after sending you home without waiting until you get safely inside the house;

29. overdo things with your friends, whether flirt or be a jerk;
30. acts like he's ok and all understanding, when he really isnt, then secretly plots how to get back at you when u least expect it. - cheers to that! the new breed of men.

im sure u gals have more...
but im going to bed.
my 8am-6pm hours are killing me.
... but im secretly loving it. :)


August 27, 2008

.the busy working gal.

oh. what a long day! stepped into the office at 8am and got out at 6pm. welcome to the future? sounds like it. good thing im kinda enjoying it. the work is making me feel important. lol odd, i know. *fingers crossed* for the next 9 days.

met elton at the supreme ct registry today. had a nice chat. we're going out for drinks during the weekend. wwwwith the others from our former PLT. hehee... should be fun. :)

today made me realise how lucky i am to be in the position that im in right now. i mean, to be single. no pun intended. here are my reasons -

#1. i work full-time at a law firm from 8am - 6pm mondays to fridays;
#2. i work part-time in the city on friday nights, and whole day saturdays and sundays;

#3. i come home from work exhausted and aim to be in bed before midnight;
#4. i love my girlfriends and cant stay away from all the gossip sessions... hence, there goes most of my spare time;
#5. my parents are coming early september and will be here for 2 weeks. im struggling to find time with them, so boyfriend-time are definitely non-existent;
#6. i need weekend, nights in particular to catch up with other friends i do not wish to neglect (cuz i miss them and wanna see them too!);

#7. i love myself too much... any minute i can find, it should be for me - for moments like these. :)

im happy. but i dont mind some hugs. only if you're offerring tho. a girl of my standards don't beg. (*winks* at D!) unless u're someone i miss alot of course, then u dont have a choice.

shower time.
sheena's home.
let the bitching session begin.

-maybe not. :)

DEREK! thx for buying my guitar string!! ;) lol

suddenly got the urge to listen to this song -

Mari Bercinta - Sheila On 7

it belonged to shaz and i. :) oh how i use to love this song...

August 26, 2008

.updates on today.

got outta bed talking to shaz today. apparently i left him a miss call last night. somehow i dont remember, but i suspect i might have cuz i remember reading all this.

we spoke for 2 hours about everything. the best bits were when we took a walk down memory lane and had endless laughs about how immature we were, and how childish our relationship was. we were crazy and full of spirit and passion and energy. cant believe its been 3 years since.

hey, i found a new placement. :) starting tomorrow at 8.15am. i am so nervous. gonna spend my last minutes before bed reading up on property settlements. cant go in with an empty head rite? :)

im getting back on track with my rnb music now. yay! :) - so far, here's what i have (they're not new, but im just beginnin to like them now):

x. rihanna's disturbia;
x. chris brown's make it work;
x. chris & jordin's no air;

x. neyo's closer;
x. jordin's one step at a time.

thanks to sheena. :) - and if anyone has anything else thats good, do throw them my way. :)

and United won their first EPL match last nite against Pompey.
it was on foxtel at 5am... i dozed off at the 73' minute.
i cant stay up anymore.
i caaaaant....
but yay! 3 points!!
Pompey was quite a good...


.my monday nite.

on sunday, sheensie and i felt up for something different. when an invitation came to hangout, we thought... "hmm... why not spice up our monday nite?" and made that date.

no regrets. :) sheensie and i had lots of fun hangin with leon and jason foo at jfoo's place. ooh.. and mr jim beam. lets for forget him. he gave us some good times... checkie checkie in the vid below -

contents of vid - 1) drinking game; 2) lap dance; 3) twirling; 4) smoochies...

i just have to post these pics up too.

beforeeee any alcohol made its way down our systems, we managed to play a few rounds of tekken AND... muahahHa... [warning: the guys will deny it or claim loss of memory]

ooh... and my favourite pic of the nite! -

we both thought she looked like a japanese tourist. lol

oooh... 30 mins to MU's match!
glory glory!!
time for a win boys!!!!


August 24, 2008

.house party again!.

we celebrated allen's bday today. now the girls are watching hot chicks.. rather than the olympics closing ceremony. hmmph.

awayz, here's some pics from the party. :)

haHa and here's selina ad her little dramatic self... lol

crazy bum. lol.


.hoes over bros.

our day out at the coast was good.
all that fresh air and cool breeze helped me clear my mind a little.
i am still agitated though.
but the girls are really helping me through.

have you watched "memento"?

with 217 pics and 23 videos,
what problems cant be solved rite? :)

the girls of sheldon st.
my girls.


August 23, 2008

.emptying the trash.

the girls are going on a road trip today. unfortunately, i woke up feeling the same way i did last nite. thanks to the dumb radio station playing coldplay's "viva la vida".

another reason why it sucks to share too many songs with your ex, which reminds me... i need a new playlist on my mp3. almost every song that comes up triggers thoughts of jason and i pre-15th july.

[reason for the pre-ness is cuz apparently everything started going downhill from there - to my oblivion]

so, moral(s) of the story [random] -

#1: dont share your favourite song with your boyfriend (cuz the song gets tainted with shit when u guys fall through)

#2: dont go to bed listening to the radio when ur down (cuz its more likely that u'd wake up to a song that makes you wanna bury urself deeper between ur bed and the rest of the world - and its wasting electricity)

#3: after a break up, empty your mp3 player and load it with NO songs you guys have heard together on the bus, in bed, at parties, with friends, or songs that you've daydreamed of him with.

#4. always keep another male crush in mind so u have something to fall back on when your boyfriend bails on you (cuz the guilt of doing so trumps the feeling of ending up learning your boyfriend was not worth it)

#5. dont date guys who tells himself to start learning to live without you, while u guys are still together.

#6. MY CLOSE girlfriends always trump a boyfriend. (cuz ask yourself, who's the one who is always there?)

gold coast. we're coming!

.all over the place.

1. panic at the disco was cool. cobra starship was ok, but the amount of swear words they used... tsk tsk tsk... it could make up a whole new song by itself. the academy is.... hmmm. nah. i dunno. wynna blogged more about it and made a video; check it out here.

2. i started part timing again today. it was interesting in a way. will write more after i settle in better. safe to say, i now know more about my jewelleries - and i know what i want now. *ahem staaann*... :)

3. is brisbane really that small?

4. the hype of my recent career-halting problem has died down. im accepting things and moving forward. its obvious that im less stressed now... cuz my "female-flow-cycle" has gone back to normal after going on a 2.5 weeks strike. *phew*

5. upon settling that bigger issue, it suddenly dawned on me that... hmm... my heart is broken. but its funny... we've seen/bumped into each other twice now, and seeing him again made me realise how much he has changed. he's no longer who i remember him to be. thats when i realised, i didnt miss the jason in front of me; i missed who he use to be when we were together, if that made sense. i guess what im sayin is that im hurting in remembrance of our past rather than for our lost future.

i remember seeing a glimps of our past in his eyes when we discussed about the custody of sammy, humpty's 'pink friend', on the train... and that did tug at my heart a little... but even that was for the past. hmm... cant believe im only feeling all this after a week. some delayed emotions huh?

6. i'll probably edit or remove this post tomorrow.

7. gold coast tomorrow. see ya on the train!


August 20, 2008

.2nd post of the day; bad sign.

imagine doing this -

you're on the bed. sitting in front of your laptop. staring at your gmail's inbox, waiting for a new (1) to appear. u do this for hours, and hours, and hours.

*slaps self* - another sign of a mental case.

i was facebooking with my girlfriends earlier about guys and rships today. it made me realise how all my years of shuffling through different men has seriously screwed me up. its so unhealthy, really!

no, im not going to propose a swear-off-men-for-10-years plan. im just saying. what am i really looking for? what do i really need?

but most importantly,
are there still chances of meeting someone 'right'?

.pretty. odd.

omg. im into the 5th cycle of the panic at the disco album. i feel like i'm doin a "get to know panic at the disco in one afternoon!" crash course in preparation for their concert tonite...

"would it be alright if we just sat and talked for a while, if in exchange for your time, i give you this smile?"
"that's okay as long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart or leave me alone in the summer time."

but just to prove i've done my homework well, here are the songs i've decided i like -

x. 9 in the afternoon
x. nothern downpour
x. that green gentleman
x. when the day met the night
x. she had the world

behind the sea sounds so beatles-like, dont u think?
i thought i liked it... then replayed it a few more times and decided it didnt sit too well with me. but im sure if i had more time, i'd like more of their songs. after all, i'm a top class conformist yo! ;) [i need to stop sounding so proud of this trait]

ok, now for the band members -

ryan ross: baby face, sherwynna's dream lover
brendan: the lead singer, youngest.
jon: who's jon?
spencer: hmm... chubbiest? wait, i may have gotten the wrong image.

*google image search* - hey... jon is cute.

"i dont love you, i'm just passing the time. you would love me, if i knew how to lie..."

"the academy is..." - one of the bands opening for panic. wynna tried to lure my interest by telling me the lead singer is cute. *pfft...* not really. too boy-ish; yes... im old. ;)

will be sure to update u!

August 19, 2008

.i control my happiness dammitttt!.

i'm in control of my happiness. yes, just have to keep repeating that.

today, my meeting turned out for the worst. it was cancelled. and due to all the time constraints, i decided to withdraw my application for admissions and postpone it to november; behind everyone else. feels good people. no, of course im not being serious, dammit. :) *haha r u confused?- sorry, i think its the first sign of me turning into a wackjob*

on the up side, this funny/awkward phone convo happened today -

melissa: hey, i was just talking to ur boyfriend. he was waiting in line for the same bus as me!
me: my boyfriend?... which one?
melissa: jason?
me: oh... hmm... u didn't know we broke up?
melissa: oh...

im guess there'll be more moments as such. apparently everyone is bumping into him on the bus. but thats fine, as long as 'everyone' isnt me. haha :)
*yea, im being a baby. so?*

- but really, i think it'd be awkward. so i would rather avoid it all together, at least for now; which i think is do-able, since i've been so engrossed in reading MX on the bus lately. i noticed, like today, my eyes never left the stupid paper until i got to my stop! (and excuse me, get ur facts right... apparently a duck's quack DOES echo!)

aanywayz, panic at the disco's concert tomorrow.
gonna have fun for sherwynna. (new blog add!)
after all, she's gonna be meeting the love of her life.
AND... she did pay for my tickets. lol
do u think it matters that i only know one song?

nine in the afternooonnn......
la la la laa the mooon........
la la la laa me soon....

ok, i give up before i offend more people.

i guess i know what im listening to bed tonite.


August 18, 2008

.pushin' my limits.

highs and lows; happens everyday rite?
how about this?

in the morning, i get up for an interview for a part time job. get to the city, spoke to the lady boss, and within 5 minutes, i was hired and has been asked to attend my first day on friday at 8.30am. apparently my weekends from now on are completely gone too.

after the interview, i met up with selina and nanda. they were shopping for a gift for a friend. selina then saw a forever friends bear that says, "take it easy" and bought it for me. its beside my bed now. selina says it'll calm me; and it did.

later that arvo, i met with mouzam. had late lunch and updated each other on our lives. he's quite the party boy now. too bad im not so clubby anymore, although he says i shud checkout this new rnb club in the valley. hmm.

then, i got home just as the sky turned dark, had sushi with me bro and sis, and proceeded to check my emails. found a reply from...

[post edited]

i feel like a fool.

August 17, 2008

.permissions granted.

:) tonite,
i granted myself permission to sit around and think about my break up... it started when i was uploading pics from my phone, and came across these pics. pics i took for my blog that came a little too late. but well, they're nice pics... so why waste rite?

that was jason and my last friday night together. feels like 10 years ago! hmm.

i remember him always teasing me for taking lousy "here i am at this awesome place" pics because alot of my pictures come out with 95% my face, and 5% of the place i was intending to capture. like the one above. :)

"this is me and jason at the brisbane wheel!" - and if not for the first pic, you probably wouldnt be able to tell. haHa... anywayz, was listening to jack johnson. these lines somehow caught me;

Love is the answer,
At least for most of the questions in my heart.
Like why are we here?
And where do we go?
And how come it's so hard?
It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving.
I'll tell you one thing it's always better when we're together.

im sure both of us had those questions throughout the times we were together, and i guess we stayed together anyway because both of us believed in that last line for a while. :) hmm. i didnt feel this yesterday, but i guess it was good while it lasted.

alrite. thats enough. :)

fingers crossed for tomorrow!

.more silly vids from sheldon st!.

i need to stop with these silly videos!
now no one is gonna think i'm sane anymore!

but aaaanyway...
was gonna make a trip to the bisbane powerhouse to checkout a couple of indie singer songwriters today; but... got lazy. HAHA.

ended up doin lunch with the family, and spending the rest of the day with dvds and silly videos and of course... the girls. :) - oohh... sherman was with us too. u'd be able to tell from the vid. ;) he made us dinner too.. :) i ate everything but the green stuff. *bleah*

i've gots an interview tomoz at the city. gonna start part-timing for extra pocket money again. ;) can u see me selling jewelleries? ;) im excited regardless! shud be fun!

MU's first match tonite!! 1am!!!
a new season babyyy and already one title in the bag! ;)

so, how've u been? ;)


August 16, 2008

.a good day.

mel bought me baci yesterday. :)
chocolate is always the answer to a woman's hormones, yea?
well, for me at least.

mel also said,
"each choc has a different message, hope u'll get some inspiration out of it."
... and inspirational it certainly was.

the first choc i picked out held these words...
"a sponge to wipe away the past, a rose to sweeten the present, a kiss to greet the future"

im so easy, even chocolates can tell me what to do :)

oh, and u know what? as much as i love red, i think pink really is my favourite colour... subconsciously anyway. :)

by the way,
did i mention the girls are crazy?


August 15, 2008

.a short chapter closed.

jason and i ended things today. i'm fine, and i think he is too. things are better this way. i thought of many different ways on how to blog about this. most came out too casual, while some were too honest. so i sat around and gave it more thought. finally deciding that despite my feelings still being quite jumbled about the whole thing, i thought it's only respectful if i made this a serious post, rather than a one-liner followed up by discussions of the weather. the relationship may have been short, but it was quite eventful.

diving straight into the heart of the matter, its funny how its only when things go down the drain, we begin to pick on the little things that really has always been there, but we were too "into-it" to see (or admit) as a problem. jason said it was the first few months' adjustment period, and we both went with that for a while. i guess now its safe to say we failed the 3 months make it or break it period miserably.

i liked calling what jason and i had "our beautiful mess", a slight modification from a jason mraz' song. maybe that wasnt a good sign for the relationship huh? i thought it was sweet. then sheena dedicated us a song. jack johnson's "better together". i remember listening to that song alot; it always made me more optimistic about the whole thing. even when we're arguing like mad, that song would somehow remind me that whatever it is, jason and i are better together. i guess the power of music has its limitations too. but looking back, i did enjoy how we shared lots of songs together. the song somehow captures our moments and keeps them alive each time the song plays. our very first was just surrender's "so close/so alive" i think. hmm.

a good thing that came out from tonite though is me realising that... well, lets just say, for the past months, i've been doubting my ability to make decisions for myself; but tonite, i learnt that when it comes to BIG decisions... i'm still on the dot, and i pride myself for that. :)

u know, becuz we're so different, and as much of a conformist that i am, i'm glad i did not lose myself through the journey of trying to see things from his side of the fence. (which really is quite different, to my surprise) although, yes, i listened to less rnb music and more acoustic, i dont seem to enjoy boy band music anymore cuz ive been convinced that their music has gone through too much quality-fixing-machines and they lack soul cuz most dont pen their own lyrics, i dont club (by choice) anymore, and at one point, i even thought that i wanted an NDS, convinced that i can love gaming too. lol... :P

but those things aside, i do appreciate him bringin jason mraz onto my playlist, making me more open to experiencing different events around brisbane, and also opening my eyes to the fact that some people really do have a completely different way of life, whether i am able to understand it or not.

anyway, some girls would hate to learn that i am now back in the single-and-free world again. haha jokes! i didnt get out of this one to jump straight into another trapped door! especially during this rapid transition period that im in, a men-drama-free life would be big help. my mind should really have its focus on fixing my career. - although, i wouldnt say i'd fan off potentials if they do come along... HAHA just need to start working on my multi-tasking skills yo. :)

alritey. bed time. and if he's reading this, about the request of remaining friends; im not gonna say ok as if i really dont mind. fact is, our relationship had just broke; although no one was really "dumped" or "left behind" (just thought i'd clear that), feelings were still hurt and disappointed or we wouldnt be here today. upon that, i dont see it necessarily to cushion things with declarations of everlasting friendship, although i promise i will not withhold my friendship if our paths happen to cross again in the future.

till then, take care.

August 14, 2008


will update this post tomorrow.

.what i need.

By Your Side - Sade

You think I'd leave your side baby?
You know me better than that
Think I'd leave you down
When you're down on your knees?
I wouldn't do that
I'll tell you you're right, when you're wrong
And if only you could see into me

When you're cold
I'll be there
Hold you tight to me

When you're on the outside
Baby, and you can't get in
I would show you
You're so much better than you know
When you're lost, you're alone
Can't get back again
I will find you
Darlin' and I'll bring you home

And if you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
And in no time
You'll be fine

When you're alone
I'll be there
By your side, baby.


... and i'm not asking for more.

August 12, 2008

.google mapping!.

there's this new thing on google map. so kewlz. they actually have live shots of your house from the street. stan told me about this, and the funniest thing was when stan looked my house up, he saw this -

that silver mitsubishi lancer is His. lol whatta.... its either a coincidence, or stan really have spent THAT much time at my house. in any case, aww... :)

anywayz, remember the bad news i mentioned in earlier posts?

things have officially became bad. yea. it was bad news, and it really is bad. but one thing i did take from all the drama whirlwind emotions i've been tortured with in the past week is learning how much love and support i have around me... from family and friends. :)

- and if they're reading this, i just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my tired-sad-and-stressed little heart, for all the advice and for putting up with my crazy high-low moods. u guys know who u are. :)


August 11, 2008

.tagged; by wynna lee.

tagged by my sis. havent done this for a while now. specially since i've gone off friendster... [i use to be a bulletin board survey junkie]

ANYWAY... here we go again -

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
27 ideally. :)

2. What is your most favorite thing to do?
give and receive hugs.

3. If you have a close close close friend since childhood who loves to take away whatever you like, including guys/girls, and he/she always wins, will you still consider him/her your friend?
if its recurring and some things are really dear to me and they know it, then no.

4. If you could change your sex for one day, would you want to? who would you call up and tell first?
sure. then i'd call jason phoon, and say, "babeee... wanna make out?" ;)

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
to get admitted to the legal profession on the 8th september 2008 as planned.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
no. and even if i can, i wont be happy. like wynna, its being realistic.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
loved ones, esp family.

8. You say "I love you" to your other half; describe your feelings for your partner right then in more words than one when you said it?
for me, i'd say... there's none. simply becuz at that moment, there'd be no other words or combination of words capable of describing my feelings, hence the use of the ohmighty "L" word. :)

9. If there's someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
yes, in one way or another.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
she's got the fighting spirit of a crown prosecutor who is trying to put a rapist behind bars, she's got a sarcastic and weird sense of humour & she's an awesome listener who doesnt just listen but helps!

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
i've listed them many times before, to view, click here -
my perfect guy
# my unedited list
# closest to perfection

[i am aware that the lists are scary; and some may question my rights to deserve a man as such. but hey, its MY list and on MY blog, so boohoo!! hehee...]

12. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
bad as a boyfriend? bad for me? well... the moment my feelings, happiness and wellbeing ceases to be his priority.

13. What is your ambition?
to earn a decent income as a lawyer, who has decent working hours, living comfortably in a nice and happy home with her hubby and 2 (or 3 - max) children.

14. Is anyone really perfect?
no, not even ronaldo. although... hmm... lol :)

15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ?
i choose ripy!! :)

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
aaah... cant choose. there's too many. hmmm... maybe... my laziness.

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
selina, sherwynna, selina... dammmit. cant choose.

18. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
i'd be 33; hmm... i'd be working hard, a mother and a wife (hopefully).

19. If someone had found a path to immortality to be bestowed upon you in exchange for one of your abilities, would you take it, and what would you sacrifice for it?
no; unless they allow me to give away half of my ability in exchange for a longer life. in that case, i'll give away half of my smart-ass-ness. ;)

20. Where would you propose to your girlfriend? or would you propose to your boyfriend?
sheena proposed to me, and hmm... wait, we talkin propose marriage? well, maybe not unless he pushes me to. where? anywhere la, as long as im ready.

** please note that these responses are based what and how i feel/think on the 12th august 2008, and may not be an accurate response after 24 hours and beyond.

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... ok, 6 is enough. i dont care.

ok. yawn.
tomorrow is a 'battle field' day.
fingers crossed!


.my ekka 2008.

i missed ekka last year... and if i didnt recall wrongly, i may have missed it the year before too. but ANYWAY... i made it this year - with a bunch of great friends that i would never trade for the world. :)

have to say, i felt rather "loved" at the ekka this year. the guys were really good sports, and the girls... well, the girls are always crazy fun. :)

stan tried to win me something from the carnival. actually, it wasn't just something... we specifically agreed on master shi fu from kungfu panda. at the end however, i was presented with this little thing. [edited for stan: i didnt get master shi fu not becuz stan couldn't, but becuz we couldn't find a game that had it as a prize ;) ]

- and yes, undoubtedly, i still love it. after all, its from stan, and it was a memorable day at the ekka. :) it sits on the headboard of my bed now. i'm calling him stanley. but *sobs*... stan's back in the next state now. :( sent him off at the airport this arvo. DAMN NSW!!! gimme back my stannnnn!!!!

anywayz, little stanley was further overshadowed when my boy derek stepped up, and won me a huge-arse pony!! :) lol i named him tinkie-D; D after derek of course. thanks babeee!!! xoxoxxxoox

- hate to admit it, but it was a good feeling when derek pointed at me and said, "you choose!" when he won the monkey race among so many other racers! :) whoaa... felt like derek and i were the men (and/or woman) of the moment. HAHA. look at his glory grin!

anywayz, here's some of my favourite shots from the day. not to say i didnt like the others (cuz i do!!), but yeaa...these were the ones i just felt like randomly posting up, and the fact that i chose these pics over the 200+ others (seriously) would naturally mean i like them a tad bit more rite? :)

- enjoy!

picture below: tinkie-D's twin.
anyway, my bed awaits.
see you for late lateee lunch tomorrow D! :)
and stan... COME BACK!!!

OOOOH... and how can i forget?!
i knowwww... we're awesome riteeee?! lol
here's a clip i made of it - thought i'd share it here.


August 7, 2008

.back where they belong.

stan da man and derek with his infamous nose thing are back in brisvegas.
... and derek is staying for good.
how awesome iz that?! :)
gratz on the job babe!

i can always count on stan to be there with a helping hand.
yes, he even helps me pick my teeth. o.O
this was after dinner at viet place at inala two nights ago.

the nite taking a litte turn with some devirginized milk. ;)
that was my share for the nite...
sheensie was up for some dv-milk later that nite, but we ran out.
hence her exclaimation as captioned on the pic.

ooooH... another twist of the nite.
note: card games among a mix of guys and girls + some alcohol can never stay dry for long.
(that line is open to your personal interpretations)

oui, c'est moi... showing sum love to selina by running ice around every women's favourite spot...

sheensie documented a couple of vids from the nite.
check em' out on her blog!


August 5, 2008

.feelin' reli blah.

x. sunday nite; karaoke at red box until 1am.

x. after that, i drove cyrus home, and was blind enough to drive over one of those road dividers ("islands"), possibly caused some damage to underneath my car, and scared my 3 passengers and myself speechless.

x. things aren't well in my head tonite. it feels tired, stressed, emotionally drained and im feeling really bloated from over-eating at brunchner. (breakkie + lunch + dinner)

x. stan's here. he says "hi to sherlene's readers". he's sitting next me atm, dunno what he's yapping on about. ok, now he's speechless. im gonna end this. he's weird. yea.


August 2, 2008

.updates; hair, phoon & stan.

ok. so thats my new hairdo. not much difference (the non-obvious one is that it is shorter), but now my hair colour is even. :) no ugly regrowth line. hehe yay. i shall enjoy this for the next month before my natural black hair peeks out again.

- and yes, i know all the crazy things edited into the photo is stealing my new hairdo's thunder. i couldn't help it. its that picnik application at facebook. i just haaaad to have everything. *rolls eyes at phoon - yes yes, i know im greedy*

phoon is home and back in my arms. "he says" he has been "good" while he was away. heHe guess i have to take his words for it and hope he drowns in guilt when he sees this IF he did do something funny. *ahem* haHaa...

stan is home too! feels like he hasnt left at all. still so straight forward when he says things and annoying as hell with his cuteness! we're gonna sing K tomorrow nite!! soon derek will be back too! weehHeee!!

gloomy-wednesday aside,
everything feels in place.
i just need sleep.