July 31, 2008

.doing it for the kids!.

admittedly, i dont do much charity work. yea yea, minus points. but tomorrow is "jeans for genes" day!

a day where everyone should put on as much denim as they have in support of this foundation to raise funds for the future generation in terms of developing the medical science to figure out all the messed up genes out there that are threatening to polute our children of tomorrow.

(i hope i got that right - please read the website for a more accurate explationation of the foundation!)

nwayz pretty people,
i'll cya at brisbane city tomorrow in your fine denim for this great cause! hear hear!

on 1st august 2008.
doin charity.

.fix it.

so i've fixed my hair. will post a pic when i find the mood to, cuz now i need to fix my life. more news have came in on the "bad news" yet to be unleashed on me next wednesday.

suddenly, my path leading up to the life i have planned as a lawyer is at high risk of being crushed. dark clouds have rolled in, and are appearing to be more threatening than ever.

next week is my moment of truth. i dont know how to prepare myself. i dont even know if i can hold myself together till then. no tears.


like stan says,

July 30, 2008

.bad news.

you can always feel it when someone is about to spring bad news on you, dont you think?

i got an email today. it'll be a week before i can know for sure if i'm in trouble. i dont know if thats a blessing or a curse. one week to dwell on it? one week to think of what i have or have not done? one week to enjoy life before someone pours "the news" on you?

one week to pray your ass is not fried.


July 29, 2008

.skills upgrade.


ok wait, i may be a GIRL, and an "ASIAN", but i wouldnt call myself a bad driver. *ahem* although i do have my weaknesses. i've had my licence for 6 years now, but only really started driving a MANUAL car last year. side parkings, i'm oookay, but i never dared the reverse park (under pressure) until today. when the only parking spot available DEMANDED reverse parkings.

*wooHooo!!* :)

newayz, im facing some difficulties applying for my permanent visa here in australia. maybe stan is right, i would eventually be forced to go back and work for daddy. 6 months chambering back home and i bet i wouldn't bother coming back to koala land.

my baby sister is such a tool. i had pins and needles pricking my right foot just then, and she found it absolutely necessary to torment me by tossing a tv remote at it. mind you, she was sitting a whole sofa away!! dont u feel the sisterly love? *everybody: "awwww"*- and it was a bloody good aim.

ok! blockbuster time!

p/s: yes, there is someone in the car. u did not imagine that poser. :)

p/s 2: IVAN LEAN!!! :) Happy 23rd! wow... cant believe we belong in the same age box again. [interpret that whichever way u like ;) ]


July 27, 2008

.me? artist? o.O.

whoa. (for 2 reasons)

1st reason -
becuz sheena just made me realise that we watched 3 movies today. we're such couch potatos!! happy ones though. :)

x. irresistable;
x. the other boleyn girl;
x. memento.

2nd reason -
i was yahoo-ing myself... but instead of searching for 'sherlene', (which didnt have much hits, as jason phoon and i have discovered) i searched for 'lenniez', and boyyy have i used that name for quite a few things!

but the thing that surprised me most was finding myself on this website called "Invisible Artists". my first thoughts... "wth?".... and then it became... "wow... i'm an 'artist'"... HAHA... ok, its nothing big, but still... its cool, aint it? AINT IT??

check it out: http://www.invisibleartists.com/artist/Pop/Lenniez/400

... and... i've been labelled pop-acoustic. HAHA. well, i think thats cool.

the main page (above) of the site says -

"invisibleartists.com intends to present the world a number of unknown artists in various music genres. If you know or have heard of a band or an artist which is congenial to one of the following formulas, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall have the honor to reserve their place in our show on the underground scene. Give them the chance to show the world what they can do."

so... maybe someone put me up for this? hmm...
and nooooo...
i didnt submit myself - although thats a funny thought.

one thing i didnt about this site is how they took information off my blog. like my picture. :( such an invasion of privacy. but it must've been from youtube, cuz my blog is linked on my page. *pfft*

but oh wellz.
cool, no?

July 26, 2008

.to trust or not to trust?.

how much do we trust horoscopes?

July 24, 2008

.life of the unemployed.

its day #10 since jason left my side to go on his trip back home. how am i coping? actually, its not so much coping... cuz its not a problem exactly, so i guess its more like, how am i feeling? - hmm. i'd say, fine?

- would've been more convincing without the "?" hey? lol but really, im ok. he's enjoying his time being home with friends, while doing the things i know he wanted to do... so yea, eventhough some things make me think more than i should, i just have to accept that its part and parcel of being in a relationship. :) being understanding. yep. i can do that. haHa... *cough* haha... ok, kidding.

so, i've been busy running around, getting my stuff together. documents for my applications, buying the stuffs i've been meaning to get, finishing up on my reflective journals for my PLT course, and getting lots of rest. wait, i meant HEAPS of rest.

have to say, it sucks being unemployed. yes, i get rest, but rest without limits can get quite scary. how scary?? well, it ate up my entire 23rd july!!

ok, what happened was, i was on gtalk with phoon (dawn of the 23rd july) until almost 6am my time, 4am his. (bad, i know).. then after he konked out, i continued. watched tons of youtube videos, and before i know it, it was 7am. so i rushed off, took a shower and snuggled up in bed. when i opened my eyes, it was 8.40... PM!!!!!!!


yea, and thats how 23 july 2008 disappeared into the past. a day of my life that i will never get back. a day i shall forever look back upon, thinking, "where did my day go?!" - lol so melodramatic. oh wellz.

i think i fixed my body clock already.
its 11.39pm; im so sleepy.
need to work on my resume tomoz!


.lines to think about.

"It always fascinated me how people go from loving you madly to nothing at all, nothing. It hurts so much.

Always the same for me. Break up, break down. Drunk up, fool around. Meet one guy, then another, fuck around. Forget the one and only. Then after a few months of total emptiness, start again to look for true love, desperately look everywhere and after two years of loneliness meet a new love and swear it is the one, until that one is gone as well.

There's a moment in life where you can't recover any more from another break-up."

(julie delpy: 2 days in paris)

... so what happens from there? you find a guy and stick with him through thick and thin, regardless of whether he makes u feel complete becuz having someone is better than having no one at all?

is this how people of the 21st centuary find their 'other half' and settle down now? hmm.

July 21, 2008

.choosing a profession.

here's a handy tip to everyone out there; from my personal experience, i would like to tell everyone out there that you cant be a lawyer if you dont have moneeeeyyy!!

putting the obvious expenses aside (money paid to your uni for the initial bachelors degree) and paying for the compulsory practical element (unless you're smart enough to nail a job and do a traineeship instead, which takes a year or two longer), the next COMPULSORY money-sucking step right before you're accepted as "one of them" requires you to spend money on -

x. publishing your intention to get admitted, in the courier mail ($? - depending on how many other poor law graduates you get to share the cost with you. - im paying about $45.00);

x. publishing your intention to get admitted, in the Queenslan law reporter ($147.40 - must be done individually.);

x. filing your admission documents in the supreme court ($48.00);

x. making the application to the Queensland Law Society ($428.00);

x. printing money for the 10018291719182 documents you need to file with your application;

x. federal criminal history check ($41.40)

... and the reason why i'm so annoyed by the above (rather than excited becuz i'm finally gonna be a lawyer) is cuz... well, remember my 18th july post?? about how i was planning to spend my tax return money?


July 20, 2008

.the "kiss me" days.

the "kiss me" days were the days where i was in a so-called 'band' called "the anonymous" back in secondary school. lol yes, u may laugh all you like, but i would still love to think we were cool back then. heHee...

well, what my 'band' did was join singing competitions (talentines) at school, and also those inter-school stuffs. we also performed at a social event once. (that was when platform shoes were still the "in" thing)

anyway, the songs i remember performing with them were -

x. kiss me - six pence non the ritcher
x. why - m2m
x. radio - the corrs

but the reason why kiss me stood out the most is cuz it was the first song we did together. as i recall, it was lazman, derek, aaron, max, me and cynthia. (i may be wrong) we had 2 vocals (cynthia and i), a lead guitarist (lazman), a rhythm guitarist (derek), a bassist (aaron) and a drummer (max).

we joined a competition called "Bakat Stella", hosted by the all girls school Stella Marris, and we auditioned with Kiss Me, which got us through. :)

by the way, the reason why i'm so unsure of who was in the band is becuz the members have changed alot. since then, i remember derek also playing the keyboard, and we had fendy on the guitar, and zul on the drums. soOo... yea. lol dont mind me. im getting old, and this was when we were only 15!

ANYWAY... what inspired me to dig out the past was when fendy, derek and cynthia decided to record a "kiss me" video on youtube. fendy sent me the link one night, and i wanted to cry becuz i wasnt home with them. heHhee...

thats when i realised, most of them are homee (mostly on holidays)... below is a recent pic, taken with a few of them while out "minum-ing".

see, from left, thats lester (our school's lead singer, who's now in a local band called 'Andalusia'), lazman (mentioned above, who is also in the same band as lester as the drummer for Andalusia), cynthia, fendy, aeron (hot stuff), derek, glynis (hot stuff) and garret (my primary school friend!). and i also know that my former bassist, aaron is home too!! so yea... that left me feeling quite left out!! *sobs*

so... what i did to make myself feel better was playing and posting this (in response to their video) :


yea... obviously the guitar playing is pretty off. but hey, thats cuz i never use to be the one playing the guitar when im singing this! - which would also explain why i quit after the first verse. :( haHaa... maybe when jason comes home, i'll get him to play the guitar for me and rerecord this. heHhee but anywayz, i miss home... and i miss them all!

p/s yes jason, that is bob. :P thanks!!


July 19, 2008

.new BAD habit alert!.

sad to say and announce, but i have recently just come to realise that i have a new bad habit. and yes, i will work to change it; but hey, the first step to getting better is acceptance of ones' weakness rite??

so, what is this new bad habit of mine?
(those who are close to me, you can observe this)

lately, i've been doing this, in conversations, alot -

person x: you know what happened to me the other day?

me: what?

person x: i was driving to the shopping mall.........

me: hey, you can drive?

person x: ... umm... yea...

me: oh, how long have u been driving?

person x: .... ah, its been a while now. got my licence straight after high school.

me: aah ic... so, you were saying something about driving somewhere?

person x: hmm?... oooh... yeaaa... that. i was driving to the shopping mall............

do you see what my problem is??
and another thing i tend to do alot is...

john, jenny* & i are having dinner.

jenny: so what do you think about the soup?

me: john, is that a new top?

john: yea, its new.

me: its good. (in jenny's direction)

jenny: what? john's top?

me: haha no, the soup.

againnn, do you see the problem??

1. so rude.
2. so rudee.
3. so rudeee!

im trying to find out why i do this. :(
its like my head seem to be in two places at once alot, and focusing on the wrong things alot too. and becuz i cant juggle my mind properly, now i'm becoming rude.


.family time.

today was my last day at prac. stayed back at the department until 6pm to help out on a massive affidavit. i actually enjoyed myself. :)

been spending heaps of time with family these few days. last night, the 5 of us, housemates (yes! including my bro!!) went to GarCit (as sheena calls it) to watch Batman. haHa... i enjoyed the fact that we all went together more than the movie itself. :) (not that i liked the movie alot anyway - no offence to batman fans)

and cuz we're talkin about batman, i just wanna add: RIP Heath Ledger. i loved you in "10 things i hate about you". :)

tonite we stayed in becuz the cinemas were full (and the ones that werent were too expensive) and ended up playing a couple of rounds of pictionary mania. seriously, its awesome. :)

and there's a particular round that i would love to share for laughs, in sheena's expense though... haHa that gurl really kills me sometimes. check this out... if you wanna have a go at guessing, don't scroll down too quickly:

# sheena's drawing; ok, start guessing. :P

# the opposing team' drawing (of the same thing)...

guessed it?? :)

and the amazing thing about pictionary mania is how they've pimped up the original pictionary by making things slightly more difficult for the players. instead of just drawing, this is an example of what they put you through...

yepp! drawing without your sight!! :)

and well, cuz this particular round required both teams to draw at the same time, and we did not have enough blindfolds... cyrus tried improvising. and ok, if the drawing above didn't already make you smile... check out our very own pimped up blindfold! modelled by none other than our baby, sheeeenaaaa!! -


and well, under those circumstances, sheena and i drew the above drawings. did you guess it yet?? did sheena or my drawing do the trick? lol ah wellz, here's your answer! -

lol sheena is so bloody cute.
ROFL (still)


July 18, 2008

.how should i spend it?.

ok, im choosing to ignore the fact that i currently have a problem lodging my tax return and open the discussion about how i should spend some of my tax money. here's a list i've came up with... the plan is to choose to do not more than 2.

so, if you're free... help me out deciding -

1. take an overnight trip somewhere near - an island or something.
2. get a small tattoo on my hip.
3. fix my damaged hair (cut + re-colour)
4. buy the trench coat i've always wanted (but spring is already sorta here)
5. buy working shoes
6. take dance classes
7. join a gym (nah... dont think so)
8. go sky-diving
9. buy an NDS to play with jason
10. save it all (rainy day logic)
11. get a full body massage
12. buy lots of small cheap stuffs (accessories, tops, bags, belts, etc)

.... at the moment,
i'm quite torn on taking an island trip, fixing my hair, dance classes and sky-diving. hmmmm...

but anywayz,
hear hear to the end of another financial year!!


July 16, 2008

.im still learning.

im feelin random again tonite. here are some stuffs i've been thinkin about lately...

1. see, my life is an open book. most of the times anyway. so, i was gonna blog about something quite controversial and sensitive. been thinkin whether i should, cuz i really want to, but i probably shouldnt, simply cuz i dont wanna inflict more pain or cause more conflict. hmm.

2. is kissing another girl considered cheating? - only thought about this because of katy perry's song "i kissed a girl"... she sings, "i kissed a girl and i liked it." hmm? maybe i would too? *eyes sheena*

3. is it true that it takes losing something before one is able to truly appreciate its worth? so does that mean, the only time you'd truly appreciate something is when its already too late to get it back?

4. can a guy and girl really be friends? is it even more impossible if both the guy and the girl are single? ... and how different is it if one of them is unavailable? or even both of them?

5. is the key to resisting temptation from the opposite sex while you're in a relationship to think of how it is not worth giving up a real connection for momentary pleasure?

my best bud came to brissie two weeks ago.
tonite, i sent her off at the airport.
feel extremely guilty for not spending enougb time with her.
look?! i dont even have a pic with her with me...
ok ok, of course there are some...
but they are all in her cam.

but oh well,
again, im off to sleep.
placement ends in 3 days.
i'm stoked!!
i need a breaaaakk!!!


July 14, 2008

.2 weeks unsupervised.

we were at new farm park on the 12th july 2008.
was a very good day. :)

now we're in his room...
im bloggin and he's towel drying his hair.
im feelin a little heavy hearted.
my phoon is leaving back to malaysia tomorrow morning.
i miss him already.

i shouldn't be worried rite?
after all, two weeks. thats nothing... rite?
yea. no reason to feel this way.
it'll be fine.

he's gonna be back with his friends,
enjoyin his 2 weeks holiday back in the familiar.
while i'm gonna enjoy my break...
catch up on all the things i've put off the last few weeks,
things i had to put off to fit everything else in.

so yea. 2 weeks will fly.
we'll both stay positive and remember our pinky promise,
and nothing will change...

but i guess we'll find out in 2 weeks.
*fingers crossed*

July 13, 2008

.party shots.

just a couple of shots from phoon's little party last nite. :) - and yes, he's got a love for bob the builder. aaand yes, i kinda messed up the writing on his cake. looked like "happy birthday phoow"... *blush* me not trainedddd....

but i hope he had a good day.
aawww... i want those pics we took at new farm park.

but now, *yawn* need sleep.


July 12, 2008

.12th july 2008.

Happy Birthday, honey. :)


July 11, 2008

.me phone camera.

had the mood to unload the pics on my camera phone last night. here is a load of my random-ness... :)

picture #1 & #2 - the blinds in my room, right before i climbed into bed. yep, i sleep when the sun rises and wake up when the sun sets. no joke. but of course, since i started working, life hasnt been the same... now its just weekends. :)

picture #3 - just a random shot. had money on my nightstand. eventhough there wasnt a juicy story behind it, it sure felt like it hey? ;) *ahem* hence the inspiration to pull out my camera. thats all there is to it. *cough cough* reaaally... :)

picture #4 - full moon. i was walking home. it was really pretty. i think i had a good nite too.

picture #5 - ooooh... me huge hips!! :) was on the phone with me phoon and was checkin meself out. haHa... yes yes. i know. i will say no more. ms camwhore. yep. guilty. c'est moi. ;)


July 9, 2008

.my beautiful morning.

just a little out of topic:
referring to the pic below,
i've got to say that thats one of my favourite sights in the world right now.
a full tank of fuel for a low price. :)
tuesday and wednesday nites babeeeeee!!
sigh... im a sad case.

i woke up today and got dressed for work.
felt extra bouncy so i took a couple of pics before "officially" making a start.
cam-whoring, as we've established. :)

oh... and not forgetting my phoon. :)
he looks like a big bear with his extra-small-just-woke-up-eyes...
no no... actually, he looks like the grumpy goat!!

was just another typical day.
but a good start just made everything felt extra special.
ah, my beautiful morning in my beautiful mess;
with my blur blur phoon.
seeee his faceeee....

July 7, 2008

.the simpler times.

the inquiring mind, jason talks about.

i wrote this in response -

i think my comment sprung from a movie i was watching tonite. remember the ever-so-unforgettable "the sound of music"? starring julie andrews and christopher plummer?

there was a scene... when they were dancing; and there was a moment... the moment when it was known to everyone, especially the two leads, that they had fallen in love. there were no questions asked. they just knew.

why aren't things like that anymore? *disappointed*

but who am i to be disappointed anyway. i'm the cynical one here.

disappointment aside,
i just wanna say...
i've seen julie andrews recently, so i'm aware of how she's aged. but what shocked me was christopher plummer. i mean, THAT is christopher plummer?! captain von trap?! nooowaaay!! i've seen this 'older version' of plummer in sooo many movies... but omg. thats captain von trap?! *i've already said that, havent i?*



July 6, 2008

.get it rite baybee!.

today, my phoon said he will marry me in front of all my friends. in cantonese.

...only to realise he got the meaning of that particular cantonese word wrong. if you know phoon's level of cantonese, u'd understand. of course, he then proceeded to take back his words.

lol again, silly boy.
my silly boy. :)

my silly boy who's staring at me with his scary and stern small eyes rite now, telling me to get off blogger and start doing my work. bleaah.


.capturing my turned-hectic day.

had another full saturday today. wouldnt complain about the first half, but things just felt more and more chore-ish towards the end of the day. left me feeling so tired again. here's my last attempt of the day to feel slightly organised (hence the use of headers) -

What I did.

watched kungfu panda. finally. can't say it was worth all the effort (lazy to explain), but it was ok. cute, i guess.

watched an arthouse movie with wynna and jason in the arvo. "once" was its title. it was good. jason's recommendation of course. him and his quirky taste in everything. *hmm... that doesnt reflect too good on me now, does it?*... but aaanyway, they had really good music. loved.

after watching, jason and i chilled out and sung a couple of songs together. :) tried to do the song from the movie, but ended up singing something else. a duet. never heard of it before cuz its another one of jason's quirky taste tunes, but it was fun to sing. he actually sounds really good me thinks, altho he dosnt think so. ;) - but he does. to me anyway. lol u can have ur own opinion.

snagged 5 bottles of $1.00 soft drinks today. jason can show you. such an unflattering shot tho; but thats beyond the point. mr phoon got 3 bottles himself, including a 2L bottle of coke. AND he chugged down a litre of it BY HIMSELF in less than 3 hours after we left the checkout counter. tsk tsk tsk. lol

babe, arent we on a diet? lol - as if yea? lol krispyyyy kremeeee tomorrowww!! ;) [but first, we have to distract melanie, my diet officer!]

What im yet to do.

im so sleepy. i need to write up my resume to be submitted at work tomorrow. i'm disappointed cuz i already knowthat im not gonna be able to get it done to the standard i would want it to be. :( lack of time and energy. i need help. i need more hours in a day.

gonna take mel to the city tomorrow. hopefully we get to catch this acoustic gig at the brisbane square library. *looks at jason - ahem. ur responsibility baybEe!*


been sneezing alot. i reckon im falling sick. or maybe.. if u're the superstitious kind, i've been a popular topic in people's conversations lately? *ahem?* hehee one rule about talkin' about me though my friendss... do make that extra effort to make the story extra juicy. :) - otherwise, where's the thrill rite?

phoon's best line today:
[after we finished our lunch at a foodcourt in sunnybank and i suggested gelato for dessert]

"i'm gonna get a drink. i wanted that can of coke since the first time i laid eyes on it."

lol silly boy.
my silly boy. :)


July 3, 2008

.my court debut.

"Your Honour... if it pleases the court,
my name is Lee, initial S,
and im instructed by the department of child safety."

my first words in court today as a real legal rep. :)
a real court, mind you.

heads up people!
she's officially got one toe in the real world.
be prepared people. be very prepared.


im so burnt out tonite though.
cant wait to see mel tomorrow!!


p/s in relation to my previous post,
what i really ended up doing was -

strepsils - continued blogging - tea tree - face moisturiser - water - hair dryer - wear robe cuz the towel wasn't keeping me warm at all (its damp, so do'h) - body moisturiser - pajamas - deep heat.

typical me. i never follow plans. not even my own.
its a sickness i reckon.

oh wellz.

.sherlene; the putz.

its 12.45pm. sooo not an hour for me to be awake. especially when i'm making my debut in court tomorrow. *how awesome is that by the way?!* ANYWAY... here i am, in a towel with my hair is dripping wet. i'm tired and just can't wait to climb into bed. instead, what do i do?

(besides wasting more time blogging...)
i standing around my room; its been a minute or two. im glancing around at the following items -

1. body moisturiser - essential after-bath-because-its-winter product;
2. strepsils - becuz my throat is hurting;
3. deep heat pain reliever cream - becuz i sorta hurt my muscle/vein/joint/something around my right foot;
4. tea tree oil - for the new and unwelcomed zit on my face;
5. face moisturiser - refer to #1 for reason;
6. pajamas - cuz i'm freezing;
7. hair dryer - self explanatory; and
8. a glass of water.

i find myself not knowing what to do, or which item to apply/use/put on/consume before the other. am i really that intellectually impaired? or is this sudden dumbness due to the pressure to beat time?

o.O this is too much before-bed things to do!!!

ok, *calm it budddy...*
here's what im gonna do -

water - strepsils - tea tree oil - face moisturiser - body moisturiser - pajamas - hair dryer - deep heat.

see? that wasn't too hard now was it?


July 1, 2008

.its not just me, is it?.

i have a tendency to overthink things; perhaps thats like every other girl on the planet. but one thing i do overthink too much is other people's feelings. i always knew i do it, but its only recently when i realised how damaging it is to myself.

before i do anything, when im doing something or even after i do something, i'd drown myself in thoughts of what the other person may be thinking.

how it can be damaging:

1. i drown myself in guilt; some of which are very unescessary.
2. i feel bad = lousy mood = wet blanket for everyone else.
3. i dont enjoy doing what im doing; even when its doing something i like.
4. some things really isnt my concern; and its such a waste of time to think about.
5. some things, i really cant do anything about; which then makes me feel helpless and then frustrated and then start thinking that i'm a bad person.
6. i take on more responsibility over others than i should have, and it just weighs me down.

but of course, i see how this trait is good too of course.
guess i just need to do everything in moderation...


.back to basics.

ever had something get soOoo outta control that you think the only way to solve the problem is to whack yourself over the head with a washing machine until you get amnesia, so you can basically cruise through the remains of your life, not having to think about it ever again?

well, i was in that rut for the past 3 days, and was expecting to stay in that rut for a while because for once, i didnt know how to make things better. no matter how smart-assy i tried to be, i failed. imagine that. hah. doesnt happen everyday now people...

then... tonite,
a bright light suddenly shone down onto little me, who was curled up in a helpless fetal position, thinking the rut would have to be her new home. *intentional added drama*
there was a break-through.

the solution: back to basics.

people always forget how great things were before everything gets complicated and demanding. without a doubt, expectations and needs change as life progresses, but who says that means to forget what use to make you happy?

what happened to the simple times? when everything good was a bonus, rather than an expectation to have something done? when the reaction to a phone call is "yay!" rather than "about time!"? when it was "i want to do this..." rather than "i have to do this..."?

that realisation brought me back to life. :)
thanks for fixing us.
no pressure yea? :)