November 23, 2007

.still lurvin kk!.

3rd day back...
Since today (kinda) just started,
I'll recap on yesterday...

Day Two

x15. Met up with Fendy and Aeron.
x16. Ate roti canai (instead of soto) - ate 2 telur, 1 kosong.
x17. Drank Leong Foon susu.
x18. Spoke to Shafeeq on the phone.
x19. Played pool with the boys.
x20. Bought lots of 10cents and 20 cents keropok at the shops opposite All Saints. *no more mimi!*
x21. Ate Mangoes!!
x22. Drank Cendol at SGCC!
x23. Went to SGCC's gym.
x24. Picked Wynna from school.
x25. Ran out of credit from talking to Jimmy.
x26. Electricity got cut off at 11pm.
x27. Showered cold water.
x28. Went to bed with wet hair.


Day Three

x29. Had Tuaran Mee at Kingfisher.
x30. Currently at mum's office next to One Borneo.

... to be continued.

I have to say,
I feel so pampared.
My parents are soOoo sweeet...
And they're being so patient with me.
(especially when I take so long to get ready in the morning!)
In a way,
it feels kinda weird...
Like I'm some kinda guest in the house,
but at the same time...
there's moments where I just sit back and think,
"Damn... This is how it feels like to be really taken care of."

- mum woke me up this morning with a freshly made fruit juice.
- dad left me strepsils on the table cuz he knew i had a bad throat.
- dad quickly got me candles when the lights went out, so i can shower.
- mum made me honey lemon and boiled leong cha cuz she knew i needed it.
- everytime we go out for meals, i'm the one calling the shots.
"what do u wanna eat?" - aww...
- mum had to search the entire house to find a plug converter for my handphone charger.
- mum reminding me to recharge my phone and offering to drive me out to the shops.
- dad making sure i have money with me.
- mum making plans to get facials and massages this weekend.
- etc etc.

I'm gonna miss this!

November 22, 2007

.back home.

Been back for 2 days.
Arrived on the 20th night,
and here's what I've done so far...

x1. bought 2 pair of shoes at wisma merdeka.
x2. bought 3 dressed.
x3. bought 1 shorts + 1 jeans.
x4. ate lempeng. (yums)
x5. had bah kut teh for dinner. (DOUBLE yums!)
x6. had wanton kon lau mee at Chuan Hing.
x7. visited Warisan Square. (thats the name rite?)
x8. spoke to Fendy and made plans for breakky tomorrow. (Soto!!!)
x9. DYED MY HAIR back to a darker colour. (so boring nowww)
x10. bought buns from Southern Bakery!!
x11. spoke to Kelvin Chee about making plans for Sunday.
x12. texted Shafeeq and Lena.
x13. spoke to Jimmy.
x14. got a new number: 014 3797 687 (digi)

So sleepy now.
But happy.
Yay. :)

November 20, 2007

.i like him just the way he is.

A week ago,
I honestly thought Jimmy could be my world.

But during the last weekend,
something happened...
Too complicated to tell.

But from that experience,
Jimmy and I realised something.
Our personalities only work in the good times.
Ie: We share the same type of humour,
we enjoy the same things,
we get each other when it comes to even the silliest things.

But where we don't work is when times get tough.
At one point,
I accused him of being a fair weathered boyfriend,
but really...
We're both simply the type who wants to solve the problem our ways,
And we realised that to get our way,
we have to always battle it out...
Neither would want to back down...
and usually, it'd end with one party being overborned.
And that party would not be happy.

We spent 2 days talking about it...
Trying and trying to resolve our difference,
but it didnt work.
The last argument,
I was the one overborned.
And this time,
I stepped up to my unhappiness,
and realised...
If this is gonna continue,
It'd be hard to reach the end with this guy.

And I know that trying to change him isn't the solution.
Because it's his personality.
Not his weird quirks or bad habits...
It's not his personal views or his belief...
It's HIM.
It's unchangable.
I can force him to be more agreeable with me,
but what good would that do?

If he tried to make me become more agreeable to him,
and just be the one listening and learning and following...
I can't.
Everyone who knows me would know that is impossible.
Its not whether he's worthy of me, changing for him.
Its the fact that this is NOT CAPABLE of being changed.

I can't do it,
why should I think he can?

And to be honest,
This is the Jimmy that I fell for in the first place.
The arrogant, outspoken, questing-everything, opinionated guy...
And I honestly do not want him any other way.
The only sad bit about that is,
What I like so much about him,
is the same thing that is tearing us apart.

19th November 2007...
Jimmy and I broke up.

I'm fine.
We're fine.
... I'll be fine.
Its just so upsetting cuz before this,
we were just talking about calling off the whole "break" thing.

*Our last pic as a couple*

November 16, 2007

.so exams are over; what now?.

Exams are over.
I should be going crazy yea?
After all,
Exams are over...
My *possibly* LAST EXAMS are over!!

*bloody touch wood, mind you*
(and if I dont grad, dont use the above quote to rub salt in my wound, thanks)

But yea...
Why don't I feel anything?
Yea, I have parties to attend and plans all made up.
But... It doesnt feel any different.

Maybe tonite's Dinner + Party would change that.
We'll see.

But anyway,
EXAMS ARE DONE!! WeeeHeeee!!
*nah... still dont feel anything*

(good luck D!! keep striving!!)

ps: I'll be back in KK in less than 5 days.
Kelvin Chee has already called to make plans.
He's so sweeet...
And Fendi too. YAY!!
I'll miss Brisbane and Jimmy though...
But hey,
I'm home.
I might not even use the words "Brisbane" or "Jimmy" for the next 6 weeks.
Who knows huh?
I'll keep u posted.

November 11, 2007

.expires in 9 days.

"So 6 weeks apart from each other... feels like a long time huh?"

"Yea... what do you think would happen between us?"

"I don't know. You think one of us, if not both of us, would stray?"

"Can't be sure."


"Yea... Breaking up seems like the better way,
instead of having to deal with the whole 'cheating' thing..."

"Yea... so... we're breaking up?"




So I guess...
9 days from now,
I'm officially 100% single and available again.

And also,
We talked about getting back together when I come back,
but on second thought I realised...
Whats the point?

We've been together for 6 months,
and if thats not enough to make us want to at least TRY to preserve what we had (especially when we say how great we are together) while I go away for 6 weeks...
Then... whats the point right?

I know we're just trying to be realistic,
and to prepare for the worst,
and to go with the option with the least complications (for now and the future)...
But... if we can just say,
"Yea, lets break up" because we'll be apart for 6 weeks,
(which mind you, to some people is NOTHING)
How much of a relationship is this really in the first place?

*Opinions needed*

And in case you havent notice,
The dialogue above isn't bad writing...
I intentionally did not want to specify who said what.
Its kinda a way to also say we decided on this together.

Oh well...
Its been decided.
Hear Hear to yet another one of Sherlene's break up!

November 10, 2007


I thought this was beautiful...
I enjoyed this test.

November 6, 2007

.jumpin' on sheena's bandwagon; i <3 australia - haHa.

I know I know I shud be studying...
But I just had a sudden urge to write something.

My last few weeks were very eventful.
It felt like I've done so much, it shud've been months.
But looking back,
I realised it's only been a few weeks.
I'd list everything I did, with photos and etc,

But I was gonna make this a quick post.
So... maybe next time.

It seems like now that Uni life is almost over,
(or at least I'm hoping it would be after these exams)
I'm going out,
and enjoying life a little more.

Every weekend feels packed with activities that I can barely find time to accommodate.

And it feels great.
Exhausting, but so great.

And now,
studying and praying exams would go by quicker,
I realised after my exams,
I'd be leaving this place in 6 days.

Dont get me wrong,
I wanna go home so badly...
But at the same time,
It feels as if things here are picking up,
and becoming very fun and... just great.
And I'm leaving. :(

I knowww... only for a short 6-7 weeks.
I'm sure I'd be asking for more time in KK when its time for me to come back here,
but still...

I guess I've had a great year.
This year for me was awesome in Australia.
Definitely one of best.

Here's one of the many silly pics of Jimmy and I at his dad's birthday lunch.

His parents love snapping photos as much as I do.
That was a fun day too.
We had lunch, and ended up leaving only way after 10pm.
His parents made me stay to watch a movie...
and I was flooded with baby photos of Jimmy and etc.
His parents are cool...
I had fun.
Yea, I did.