July 24, 2006

.Bar Boo Gathering.

Remember my part time job as a gelato girl?
A few days ago,
We had a staff gathering.
Its when we pool up enough tips to buy us all a good meal.
^^ I guess that shows how good we're tipped.
Which of course also means,
We provide good service. ^^

Anywayz, here as some pics I put together.
It was a sweet day.

July 19, 2006

.all in the gene?.

It puzzles me how people around campus are able to point out one thing when they see me:
"Are you Sherman's sister?"

In 2 days...
I met 2 people who has asked me that.

They're asking becuz they think we look identical!

Now you tell me?

By the way,
I chose that pic of myself for comparison becuz my bro and I both hav the same type of smile.
Its easier to compare that way, yea?

So yeaa...


I know my younger sis and I are really different.
I'll let u be the judge of that:

Thats my sis and her group of friends.
She's the one holding the camera in the middle of the lot.
(I would have used her solo pic if I was at home)

ANYWAY... yeaa...
What do u think?

Sherman - Sherlene?
Sherlene - Sherwynna?

I really look that much like Sherman meehhh....?!?!

July 17, 2006

.followin my heart?.

..."Follow Your Heart"...

In my book,
(based on my experience)
This phrase is bloody overrated!

I've always tried to follow my heart,
and I do most of the time...
But it always leads me to a crappy end.
An end that forces me to think,
"I should have followed my head"

The heart is irrational.
Controlled by desire and emotions,
And I think,
the combination of those two is the ultimate recipe to disaster.

Now that I know that,
All I need to to now is learn:
"How to deny my heart."

Anyone who knows how that works,
Please offer me some advice.

July 11, 2006

.WC: Disuniting United.

Ronaldo might be leaving Manchester United for good.
Im heart broken.

Despite all the shyte everyone has been saying about him,
especially England and other fellow Man Utd fans,
I still love the guy.
And I can absolutely see why he wants to leave.
If I was him,
I'd wanna leave too.

After the accusation about him causing Rooney to be red carded in the WC,
Which he has made an effort to clarify his non-involvement,
And even appologised,
He's still not getting off the hook.

And now he's being called a unappreciative traitor.
People just dont see all this the right way.
Ronaldo DOES appreciate what ManUtd has done for him.
And its not Man Utd that made him wanna leave,
Its ENGLAND and the so-called fans.

It was quoted in an ESPN article where Ronaldo told a Portuguese newspaper:
"To be honest it has been difficult to think about continuing in England.
They're making a storm in a teacup. It's difficult to return to a country where
you're not welcome."

I truly sympathize the young man.
And it hurts to hear people calling him names,
Pointing fingers,
and making all sorts of rude remarks,
While totally disregarding his outstanding performance in the WC.
Yes, he said he had always desired playing in Spain.
But he only said that because of what he had received in England.

And you can't argue that either way Ronaldo would leave Man Utd for a Spanish club as its his self-proclaimed dream,
Becuz the fact is,
Ronaldo signed a contract with Man Utd,
And even signed an extention that runs till 2010!
That shows his devotion to Man Utd!!
Which FORCED him to WANT to leave!

I believe Fergie loves the boy.
I believe Man Utd loves him too.
I just wish the fans would be more understanding.
Becuz if they arent being such piss holes,
Ronaldo wouldn't have been provoked to leave!

No thanks to the *@&^&#$ English media too!
Exactly what Ronaldo said...
Stirring a storm in a teacup!
What the hell...

And its sad,
Because the WC was suppose to Unite the world.
It just broke Man Utd and Ronaldo apart.
Not to mention my heart.

July 8, 2006

.me and pool guys.

You know...
There's something about pool tables and guys who play pool that kinda turns me on.
Its not necessarily a sexual thing,
But its just...
Its an attraction that happens when I make contact with a guy in the middle of a game of pool.

This is strictly applicable to the guys who do not act like rascals/fools around the pool table.
You know...
Some guys just make themselves look foolish.
Nasty hair-dos...
Too much beer...
Huffing and puffing on one too many cigs...
The way they check out gals and look foolishly horny...
Their exaggerated reaction when they sink a ball...
and the overdone fashion (as in their dressing)...
*brownie points: cut cut cut!*

But I noticed that some guys,
... has a really sexy look when he leans over the table,
looks up with a serious look on his face,
with confidence burning in his eyes,
focusing on the ball as he aims and takes a shot...

That's a definite turn on

Well, here's a pointer:
Its not about looking cool,
Or making yourself look cool,
It's about... being cool.
Its natural.
You cant fake that.

July 7, 2006

.trying not to care.

At the moment,
Im stuck in a phrase...
A phrase where my heart just feels like it needs to release itself from all source of pain.

In simple terms,
I wish I could let go of all my emotional attachments.
The purpose?
So I wouldnt need to feel any heartaches or disappointments.

Its terrible when you feel hope,
and then watch that hope die...

With guys... With friends... With the people around u.
Then there's Portugal and the World Cup...
and Ronaldo sometimes being a dick.
You know,
If I didnt care that much,
I probably wouldnt feel a thing right?

Does anyone just wake up every morning,
and live their lives without worrying or caring about anything?
Would that really make them happier?
Or... just emptier?

Is empty really that bad?
At least you dont need to suffer emotional set backs.
Thats good right?

But issit also true that without sadness,
You wouldnt know what happiness is?

In that case,
If I were to let go of all sadness, disappointments, set backs, etc,
Does that mean I'll be giving up happiness as well?

Then again,
If I make sure I'm easily content,
That'd ensure me SOME level of happiness right?

But is setting that level of minimal happiness also setting myself up to a certain degree of hope?
Would that then put me back to square one?
Where I develop 'hope' in something,
(eventhough it could be mininal)
But its still not achieved...
Would my heart then break all over again?

I guess one can't simply run away from the down sides in life.
At least I tried.

Time to get dressed for work.
This sucks.

.just blabs.

Just some random thoughts:

I stayed up until 9.30am today.
Couldn't sleep after watching Portugal's defeat.
The World Cup has been lousy for me.
Portugal was one step to the finals...

Shaz called to comfort me after the match.
He knew I would have been devastated.
It was really touching.

Im so tired right now.
Cant believe I need to work again later.
I've been working for the last 5 nights.
At least 5 hours every day.
Im going crazy.

Today was my day off.
Went shopping with mum and Aunty Sophia and Sheena.
Had fun.
After dinner,
Sherm, Groovy and I headed to a pub.
Shot some pool.
That was fun too.
Tonite was the 2nd time in 3 weeks that I actually hung out with friends.
Thats only if you consider it "hanging out with friends" when it was actually my brother and Groovy.

My deferred exam will be taking place between the 24th to the 28th July.
Not sure Im ready to hit the books again.
And I'm dreading the fact that I need to start studyin.
Succession Law.
You suck.

Got plenty of movies I wanna catch.
Superman, The Break Up, Tokyo Drift, Pirates of the bla bla bla....
But I dont have time.
With mum here and work every night,
Im social-lifeless.
No offence to mum.
I love mum.

Im so sleepy right now.
Still Im chatting with James and blogging.
I ask myself why.
Then I realised,
Because I hardly get any time for myself,
This is the only chance I get to do stuffs that I wanna do...
Therefore, here I am.

I started reading this romance novel 2 days ago.
I usually finish a book in 3 days max.
Now Im not even 1/3 into the story.
And one book consists of 2 stories.
I simply have no time.

I havent got around recording any of my songs.
Thats a little upsetting.
Yesterday I played a few.
Somehow felt like they kinda suck.
Maybe I should just dump my song book into the bin.

Im so sleepy.
I give up.