December 30, 2005

21st on the Chinese Calender!

According to the CHinese Calander,
Today is the 29th November...
hahHAHa so....
Technically, I'm 21 alreadddyyy!!!
Mum and Dad threw me a party and gave me a necklace with a key.
How sweet yeaA?!
My sweetest cousin sister baked me a cake, wrote those wonderful words on it, and also gave me a necklace!!
Today was a sweet day.
Dad called over a bunch of friends,
and everything was great.
Everyone seem to have had fun.
And I would say that includes Shaz.
Shaz said he might ask me to meet him at the city tomorrow.
He says he's got a birthday surprise for me.
I wonder?
We'll see!
ps: Dumb MU drew against Bermingham today. SHIT.

December 28, 2005

Down in the Pits

Before I start complaining about my day,
let me start this new entry by updating u guys on what happened on Xmas Eve.
Shaz made it afterall.
And truth to be told,
I was really impressed with him that night.
He sat right next to dad at the dining table,
Managed to carry a conversation with adults,
Not appear nervous one bit,
and was actually very sophisticated and polite.

*double thumbs up Shaz*
and a big kiss.

Although my parents didnt say much after,
I know they know he's a good guy.
Their only holdback is... well... simply becuz he's not chinese.

Amazing how talking about Shaz actually brightened up my day a little.
I've been really touchy.
Especially today.
Emotional and all.
I think its PMS.
Really. Its not an excuse.
You know...
It really bugs me how PMS makes me this way.
Its like...
During this period,
All my inner thoughts break loose...
Everything that I felt was "no biggie" suddenly becomes an excuse for me to blow my top.
Lose my cool.
I feel so foolish!

And you know what I realised?
At this very moment,
I wish Shaz was with me.
Don't know why but lately, I miss him alot.
I've been seeing him more than usual these few days,
But it only makes me miss him more.
Somehow it feels as if I've been away from him for far too long.
And after Jan,
I've got this big thing happening.
I wont be seeing Shaz for a month straight.
And that thought just burns a hole in my heart...

I swore I'd never let myself get so attached.
Now I find myself running to him as soon as danger strikes.
I'm turning into a needy loser...
aaH maNnn...
But Sherlene has never been NEEDY.

Maybe this is all just PMS talk.

Don't get me wrong,
Shaz is really important to me...
And when I tell him I love him...
I really mean it.
But I'm just not needy.
I'm not clingy either.
But now,
like... at this very moment,

December 24, 2005

Updated Plan

3 hours before dinner...
Shaz called telling me that he got into an accident.
Jeremy (his, Sherman and my friend) and him were trying to push his busted car down his driveway... (which was a really steep mini-hill)
And they planned that as the car is free falling down the hill,
Shaz would jump to the back of it to stop it.
Obviously it was a dumb thing to do.
And no surprise, they ended up with the result of that dumb decision.
His car is MORE than busted now.
But Thank God he isn't too badly injured.

So yeaa...
He called and said he might be late.
Late or not coming.

What I think?

As long as Shaz is still alive,
and there's no need for the ER...

Meeting the Parents

Shaz is coming over for a Xmas Eve dinner tonite.
Thats in... umm... 18 hours.
*fingers crossed*
But he'll be introduced as a friend...
So I guess that eases the nerves a little?

My prediction?

I'd say dad would use the opportunity to tease him.
Thats if he's not too busy with his own friends.
Mum would as usual be passing judgments on Shaz to me secretly when Shaz isn't around.

I'm guessing Shaz would be much more quiet than usual.
Probably until he starts playing PS2...
Or when Jeremy tease him or something.
But aside from that,
I'm guessing he'd probably be completely mute.
And I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to recognise his "uncomfortable" look.
lol I hope he'll be able to just be himself...
Cuz if he can manage that,
I'm sure everyone would love him.

As for me...
I'm guessing tomorrow I'd be like how I always am.
Extra polite in front of the older guests,
like daddy and mummy's friends...
(like always)
And I'd be like normal in front of others.
Cyrus would be coming over too.
So that'd be fun.

Did I mention that Cyrus and Shaz has never spoken to each other before?
They're so funny when put together...
No matter what, they dont talk to each other directly.
They'd rather keep passing messages from one to the other through either me or Selina...
hahHaa goofballs...

But nwayz,
I'm trying to decide how I should act when I'm with Shaz in front of my parents.
Should I make a mental note to avoid physical contact?
Not sit close?
I know I'd do the exact opposite of that.

Just watch.

December 22, 2005

Battery LOw...

As usual,
I just got off the phone with Shaz.
Actually, we got cut off...
Cuz my mobile went dead on me.

He did 95% of the talking tonite.
I feel really bad for him.
U see,
Mum arrived today and she's currently asleep in Sheena's room.
Dad on the other hand is sleeping in the guest room downstairs.
Which means,
I can't talk when I'm upstairs...
Nor can I talk when I'm downstairs...
Talk, as in, talk to Shaz.
And did I mention my parents are sleeping with their doors wide open?!
*pulls hair from head, hurting own scalp*
All I could manage was whispers.
Whispers that was barely audible.
So Shaz not only had to talk all the way...
He had to strain his ear to try to catch my muffled whispery replies.
I've really put Shaz in so much trouble.
I wonder why he sticks around... *sigh*
Truth to be told,
There's so many other girls out there.
Girls who would be dying to introduce Shaz to their parents.
Girls who could offer Shaz a clear and happy future together...
My point is,
He really doesn't need this from me.

My family... all 5 of us.. are back under one roof.
As much as I hate being away from Shaz,
I have to say I'm very excited to be with my family again~
Can't wait to do more catching up!
I even miss mum's naggings!!

Dad is definitely inviting his friends over for Xmas eve.
Today we were talking about it,
and dad said to ask Shaz to come over as well.
I told Shaz jez now...
He said he might have other plans.
But I'll live.
I wonder what we're doing for New Year?
And would I be able to kiss Shaz at 12am?

Im beat.
I'm so deprived of sleep, I could just die.
This morning I slept at almost 6am...
And dad woke me at 10am to tell me his friend was coming over.
And he was hoping I could probably clean the house a little.
So I got up and did just that.
After that,
I couldn't get back to sleep.
So yeaa... That was my sleep disaster.

Well... Its 3.11am now...
And I'm hitting the sack.
Lets see what time I NEED to get up tomorrow.
Wish me luck!!
I'm praying for at least 10am!!!!

ps: Man Utd is in the semis for the Carling Cup! YAY!

December 21, 2005

Being Random Again

Currently: Clean, tired and ready for bed.
Listening: Push the Button - Sugababes
Mood: not too happy. (no real reason)

Spoke to Shaz just before.
Its just something we always do.
As in, talk before going to bed.
Specifically, before "I" go to bed.
You should hear how he sounds when I call him at 5am,
cuz thats when I usually hit the sack,
and he'd be sounding all blurry and half-sleeping.

ANYWAY... here's more random thoughts.

# Mum's arriving tomorrow.
The family is gonna be together again!

# Shaz and I need to stop getting into heated discussions.
(I simply refuse to call them arguments) heheehe...
The thing is, its becoming something too frequent.
Everytime we talk, a "sensitive issue" would be brought up,
and one of us would end up getting all touchy,
and we'd both get into the "listen to me!" mood,
and start talking reli loud and sternly to each other...
Desperate to make one another understand.
Its always,
"listen to me first! thats not what I meant!!"
"Why do u have to think of it that way?! Thats not how I meant it!!"
aaH.... tiring!

# 24th December...
Xmas Eve.
Dad said he's asking a bunch of friends over.
And before that,
he mentioned of having a Xmas party.
Sorta like a get-together...
Does that mean we invite our friends too?
Does that mean Shaz comes over? *hmmm...*

# Shaz is reluctant to meet my parents.
He's got so many reason,
I refuse to even think about them anymore.
Then yesteday he said he'll meet them.
He said he thought about it and felt that he's being very unreasonable.
I guess I should feel glad huh?
I wonder how he'd act in front of my parents.
And I wonder which "Shaz" he'd decide to reveal?

# Fung jia got me a Birthday gift.
She's such a sweeety!
And I think mum and dad got me a gift from Msia too.
Dad sorta hinted that they got me a "key"...
U know, 21st Birthday sorta thing.
Can't believe this girl is turning 21 already.
Suddenly I feel so grown up.
Its been a longgg way Sherlene...
A long one indeed.

# How am I gonna talk to Shaz on the phone after mum gets here?
Cuz these few nights,
I've been making use of Sheena's room to talk.
When mum comes,
she might be sleeping there.
So where does that leave me?
to those of u who doesn't know...
I've been sleeping on sofas these couple of nights.
I dont have a room, and I've lost all privacy.
And don't know why,
I can't get myself to sleep in Sheena's room.
Maybe its becuz it feels kinda weird...
cuz.. well... cuz its not my room,
and I know very well its Sheena's.
HAHA... weird me.

# I dont wanna jinx, but Man Utd is back to winning.
Although we're heartbrokenly out of Europe,
becuz of that bloody Benfica match,
I'd say we might still have a shot at winning the premier league.
9 points separate Chelsea and Man Utd now.
And just an additional note to myself,
We can't count on Arsenal to help us rob Chelsea's points.
Simply cuz... from the looks of it...
Its pretty impossible.
Arsenal sucks.

# I'm so sleepy.
Why arent I sleeping?!

# Andy is so nice. I owe him so much.

# The Veronicas is a good group.
Their songs are pretty sweet.

# How to lose a guy in 10 days is such a great movie!!

# My mosquito bites itch like madddd!!!

# oKay... Im ready to zonk.


December 18, 2005


Dad's here.
Today aint that hot.
I miss Shaz.
I reli reli miss Shaz.

December 16, 2005

Random Thoughts. Random Me.

My mind is reeeling...
Despite me being in a fowl mood,
I can't help wanting to write down all the random things running tru my mind at the moment.
You'll see how random they are. Just read on.
  • I hate money problems.
  • I can't help feeling all fluttery when Iik Soon called from KK yesterday.
  • I wanna go back to Malaysia!! NOW!
  • I'm so tired.
  • I need to eat something sweet.
  • Remember to mop the floor tomorrow.
  • Yay! Dad's arriving tomorrow!
  • Darn.. I wont be able to see Shaz as much as usual after dad comes.
  • I'm so sticky. I need a bath.
  • I feel like answering a survey on friendster's bulletin.
  • Ouch... whats that pain in my neck?!
  • Whats Shaz doing?
  • Damn I'm so angry!
  • Do I want Shaz to call...?
  • I dont think I wanna talk on the phone.
  • Whats Shaz doing?
  • I feel so frustratedd!!!
  • Do I wanna watch Armageddon?
  • Ben Afflect.
  • Shit... My palms are peeling...
  • I'm sleepy.
  • Should I talk to Shaz before going to bed?
  • Damn... Need to go to Uni tomorrow.
  • Fcukin' review!! Just give me those extra marks already!!!
  • Damn.... I dun wanna re-sit.
  • I dont wanna make dad spend another $2000!
  • Xmas is almost here.
  • Need to wrap dad and mum's presents.
  • Why's my hair so oily?!
  • aaAhhh... My nails chipped!!!
  • Feel like playing guitar...
  • I hate money... or more like, NOT having money.
  • I hate people spending money recklessly.
  • I hate disappointing my parents.
  • Is my laptop reli ok? (kena hujan jez now)
  • Damn my malay sucks.
  • Did Fendy go out with Iik Soon again?
  • I miss Iik Soon.
  • Why do I miss Iik Soon?
  • Ivan is so annoying. In a good way.
  • I miss Ivan.
  • God, I need to bath.
  • Daddy arriving tomorrow!
  • I'm so confused.
  • Frustrated, and confused.
  • *now I feel like screaming*
  • Ok. Shower time.


Pissed. So Pissed.

Its been 12 days since my last entry...
I'm not sure if now is a good time to write,
becuz I'm feeling kinda bummed.

Today has been kinda rough.
It started out alritee...
But now, I'm in the pits.
Been feeling this way since Shaz, Selina and I came home from PickNPay.
Shaz brought up this issue about "something" that just totally made me blew my top.
Its not Shaz's fault...
Altho it partly is, becuz he did bring it up and wouldnt let the topic go!
Selina and I cleaned the entire house today.
Dad is arriving tomorrow and we wanna give him a good impression of the house.

I just can't seem to shake off this feeling.
This feeling of annoyance and anger.

I guess its a good thing I can be alone tonite.
Cuz Shaz's car is busted.
So I guess there's no point asking him to come over.
Besides, I dont know how I'd react to him.
Not sure if I'm capable of acting like I'm fine...
I'm just gonna go watch Armageddon (sp?) and use that as a reason to cry.

Irresponsible, inconsiderate, immature, selfish and mindless people pisses me off!

December 4, 2005

29th November 05


29th November 2005...
The Southside of Brisbane HAILED.
Which meant...
It hailed where I stayed.
It was a cool experience...
Frightening but Cool.
Check out the pics:

A Bump On The Road

3rd December 2005...
Dad turned 54.
Sheena turned 19.
My family and Sheena's family had dinner together.
I wish I was there.

4th December 2005...
I was sleeping soundly in my room downstairs.
Dreamt of Ronaldo.
It was a really great dream.
Aside from the part where I dreamt I cheated on Shaz with Ronaldo.
Shaz, if you're reading this...
Don't worry. I wont!
(Cuz I can't) hahaHaa... *jk*

Sherman woke me with an urgent knock on my door.
His first words were:
"Results are out."
My heart sank.
Simply cuz I knew I will be failing one unit for the first time after 2 years into my 4 year course.
I'm not bragging... Its just,
I've kept a clean sheet since day one of my course.
And 2 years (4 semesters) into it...
I knew I was gonna hit a bump.

I ran upstairs.
Logged on to QUT Virtual.
Saw my results and... Turned Pale.

I saw the sacred number.
...... 2....... Indicating a FAIL.
The other three units...
3...4... and a 5.
But the twist was,
the 4 (pass) was that dumb unit I swore I would have failed!!!
Which meant, I failed something I totally would not have expected to!!!

*turned pale-r*

I passed Trust even higher than my Aus. Fed. Constitutional Law!
But thats a good thing, don't get me wrong.
But that 2!!!!

I had MOST confidence in that paper GADAMMIT!!

Time to call Dad and to tell him...
"Dad... I've hit a bump."

November 23, 2005

Another Rainy Day...

Its been raining these couple of days.
*sigh* Not sure I'm too happy about it.
Sheena left this morning.
I miss her already!
*hugs hugs*
Gonna be different without her around.
And its a pity cuz we never managed to go to "Wet and Wild" as we planned.
Before exams, we were so excited.
After exams, we just never found the time.

This morning,
Shaz was out with Zahrah.
I think Zahrah is leaving tonite.
*hugs hugs*
Have fun in Malaysia!!
*That goes to Sheena too!*
I'm so envious...
I wish I could go back too.
And you, Mike!! Having fun yet?!
(Eating proper food now? kekekee)
oH... Hazel is back in KK too!!
All the lucky people!!
This morning (as I was saying)...
Shaz got into a little car accident.
Apparently this dumb driver caught Shaz in a blind spot,
and just swerved and crashed on to Shaz's right door.

Geez... 3 sighs in a mere 2 minutes.
How far worse can this day get?!

*aaaaahchoOo!!* 3 times...
Is someone taking behind my back?
kekKkee... ok ok, thats just me being over dramaish.
But *sigh*...
Not to mention,
The rain is coming through the square windows near the stairs.

oH... One positive thing.
I wrote a song last night before bed.
Naturally, it was written with Shaz in mind.
He'd probably think its crappy...
Cuz we both have very different taste in music.
(Usually he's the fussy one, I'm alrite with anything)
*sheepish grin*
aH... and I also maked jelly last night.

But yeAaa... That's 4 bads and 1 good.
We'll see what happens next.

21st November: MONDAY NIGHT

I had fun at Club Kandy.
Shaz made a last minute decision to join us.
Then we met Emyne, Lalat, Pei Lin and Amy at the end.
And I still think they should move RnB music downstairs!
Its much bigger and cooler there!
I was sweating my arse off on that tiny RnB floor!
Not to mention people sweating ON ME.
That place was soOoo packed you couldn't breathe!!

We got home around 3am...
Selina baked a chocolate cake earlier,
and we poked 3 candles in it,
and sang Shaz a Happy Birthday song.
We missed his 21st Birthday last september...
He was in Singapore with his ma.
The Choc cake was aweeee-sOMe!

aH... and lastly,
Another shocking Australian Idol result.
Emily should have won instead of Kate.
And to those who are saying,
"This is just like last year. Anthony Callea should have won instead of Casey!"
I just wanna say,
She deserved to win!
(although Anthony is currently more popular)
Casey performed that night,
and she still gave me goosebumps!
*You Rock Casey!!!*

November 21, 2005

QLD Roars v NSW Jets

Today was my first experience in a football stadium.
Isnt it greatie?!
Shaz paid $20 for my ticket,
and we were seated 8 rows from the pitch!
(We = Sherwynna, Shaz, Selina, Cyrus and me)
Perfeeeect view!
It was so much fun!
Roary was soOo cute!
According to Shaz,
He'd do 100 push-ups everytime the team scores!
But too bad... tonite, we lost.
But thats alrite.
I had fun!
Met Shaz's neighbour.
He's nice. :)
WhoOoo hoOOoo!!
Great gaMe, great match, great company!
YAY! More matches to come!!
And hey, this match was live on Fox Sport 1.
I could have been on TV! kekekee!!

November 19, 2005


It's 2.34am...
Thats 12 hours till Shaz comes over to pick me and Wyn.
We're going to watch a football match.
Shaz is suppose to be playing.
But that would depend on his ankle.
He injured it again today.
I hope he's alritee...
*big hugs*

Today was a long day.
Despite waking up at 3pm.
Sherman, Wyn and I went to IKEA.
Bought a cupboard for the room downstairs.
(The room I'll be sleeping in tonite)
Then we met Sisca for dinner at Kadoya.
After dinner, we walked around Queen St.
Was a slow night.
Came home around 10 plus,
Did my online enrolment for next year.
*sigh* Fingers crossed that I signed up for the right electives.
What the hell is Internet Law anyway?!

I feel so tired now.
Lack of sleep.
And Moodless too...
No reason. *sigh*
Started reading this novel I bought the other day.
Its nothing too amazing,
But its good to just spend time with myself,
Relaxing and clearing my mind.

and hey Mike,
You're welcome.

November 17, 2005

Tuesday - Thursday


Happy 21st Birthday Mikee!
I called to say Happy Birthday and accidentally woke him.
*kekekee* But its nice to be first.
I hope his exams went well!

Today I went out for lunch with Hazel.
I've always loved meeting up with that chick.
Its been a while since we last sat down and chatted,
so it was much much fun.
We just yapped and yapped and yapped.
I like how I can share so many things with her.
She's awesome!

At nite, Sherwynna, Me, Yen and Cyrus went to watch "Elizabethtown".
My opinion,
Don't watch.
Some poeople may like it,
But for me... It just got a little too boring.
Dragged on too much. *bleak*
oH... Before the movie,
We had dinner with Julie at Little Taipei.
I miss her so much!

After the movie, SHaz picked us at the bustop.
Its been 3 days since I last saw him.
Miss him soOo much.


Shaz and I went shopping at Pick'N'Pay for groceries.
I spent another $70+ on food and stuffs.
*sigh* I'm such a spender...
And I'm still deciding if I should work.

Yen and Cyrus made dinner tonite.
We ate while watching Australia v Uruguay
2nd leg. Who won gets to qualify for Germany 2006.
Penalty shootout.
The Aussies are going to Germany!
*whoOo hoOo!!*
Shaz watched with his friends at the city.
A new soccer pub opened somewhere.
Shaz and I watched the penalty shootout together on the phone.
It was crazy exciting!
Andy called from Sydney.
He had ticks to the match and was sitting right next to the field!
Lucky guy!!
When he called, all I could hear was loud LOUD noises!
For a moment, it felt like I was there!
It was soOo cooOol!

Later that night,
I watched Beauty Shop with Sheena and Nani.
After the movie, Shaz came over.
We saved him some dinner.
After all that, we took out beer and started drinking.
Drink drink drink.
We were planning to get ourselves drunk,
But after 20 bottles...
Everyone was still fine.
But one thing we learnt from that night,
Don't buy Carlton Midstrength. *ewww*


Shaz, Nani and I went for Red Roosters.
Yummerz. I love the chicken roll and the chips.
After brunch,
Shaz sent me and Nani to sunnybank plaza,
While he had to go for his football practice.
Nani and I shopped there.
Saw 3 pups... Maltese... SOOO CUTEE!!

I bought Yen's Xmas present.
muahHAhaa... *sorta*
and NooOlah... Its not the Maltese!!
Now I'm feeling crazy sleepy.
Sounds like Yen is cooking downstairs.
I should go help.
I wish I could sleep though.

Alritey. Cheers peeps.

November 15, 2005

City to City...

Today, Brissie got a bomb threat.
Located near Hilton Hotel in the city.
Brisbane CBD was a mess today.
Was suppose to go there,
But after Shaz called and warned us about the bomb,
We changed our plans and headed to another city.
Garden City.
Went shopping.
Was fun.
Me, Selina and Sherwynna.
Sherman sent us.
It was Wyn's first shop in Brissie.
Before that, we had lunch at Little Taipei.
Wynna was introduced to Sherman's friends.
Was fun.

*yawn* (its 4.38am... dun mind me)

Meeting Hazel for lunch at 1pm later.
Its been a while since we both sat down to bitch.
I'm looking forward.
Wish we could catch "In Her Shoes" though.

Too bad for the lousy schedulle at the cinema.
*sigh* Alritey. Bed time.
Dont wanna be late for lunch.

November 13, 2005


Sherwynna arrived yesterday.
Spoke to Ivan for an hour plus yesterday.
Jeff called yesterday.
Selina baked a cheesecake yesterday.
Spent lots of time with Shaz yesterday.
Many things happened yesterday.
Yesterday, 12th Nov 2005.

November 11, 2005

Lost My Rhythm...?

I thought I was a bloggaholic?!
kekekee... Actually I still am.
Its just, I was cut off the net for a couple of days.
And due to exams, I didn't bother going that extra mile to find other sources to the net.
But now that my connection is back,
And Exams are left to the past...
I'm back! *grins*

Damn I'm lame...
My exams in a nutshell...
Well... I messed up 2 papers.
1 might still scrape through, but the other...
Thats a goner.
After that exam,
Shaz pastured me to see a doc.
So I can ask for an MC to apply for special consideration.
Everyone was doing that.
But I didn't...
Don't know why, I couldn't get myself to do it.
My personal principle?
Yeaa Sherleneee...
Principle my butt!
Imagine if that MC could have gotten you 5 extra marks,
and you could have passed and saved your AUD$2000,
But because of your lame ass "principle",
You flunked it. And messed up the only chance to pass.

But hey, truth to be told...
I don't regret.
I just can't walk into a doc's office,
Fake a sickness and walk away with it.
I'd feel like a rat. I don't knowwww...

ANYWAY, lets leave exams aside.
Or lets flush it down the loo or something.
*tries to controls emotion*

Sherwynna is arriving in Brissie tomorrow..
How cool is that huh?
I can't wait!
Then again, as excited as I am,
when I come to think of it...
I have absolutely no idea what I'd do when she's here.
I've not made any plans or anything.
All I know is, I WANNA SEE HER.
hahHaa... Does that make me pathetic?
Sorrrry WynNniee... Your sis is a loser.
*Blame Shaz. His loser-ness rubbed off on me*
*Once again thankful Shaz doesn't read this crap*

I'm still deciding if I should work.
Sherwynna isn't happy about the idea of me working while she's here.
Shaz suggest that I shouldn't work either.
Sherman thinks I shouldn't too.
But Dad wants me to work.
I printed my resume today.
Funny how the header came out as,
"ANDY Resume"

*lol* I remember chatting with Andy that time..
But how on earth did Andy's name get typed on my resume?!
*kekKkeee* But anywayz, YeAa...
That was weird!!

Alritey... Time for a nice bath.
Been cleaning the whole house the whole day today.
Started at noon, right after I got back from Bunnings Warehouse with Sherman.
We finally decided to get an electric lawn mower.
hahHaa... Dad says they're gonna install an air-con when they get here.
BEST IDEA they've came up with so-far.
*grins* Summer oH suMmer...
I love you but I hate you.

October 29, 2005

God was Listening...

Just a sudden realisation.
A couple of months ago,
I remember telling people...
"I'm so lazy to get into a relationship"

The reason for that being,
"I'm too lazy to start something from scratch."
As in,
You know when you get into a relationship,
and you need to build it and work on it...
Do things to stable it...
Hold yourself back a little,
while slowly revealing your true habits little by little.
You know what I mean, rite?

So Yea,
The last thing I told my friends was,
"It is possible to just dump me in the middle of a r'ship?"
Just so I can skip all the preliminary bits,
and move straight on to being 100% me,
without the need to hold back...
(Cuz u normally will at the beginning of a rship,
cuz u're not comfortable enough with that person yet
to share really intimate and personal things about
urself, and also, u'd be afraid that he might judge u)

Thats when Shaz came into the picture.
We've been together for less than a month,
and I'm at my worse already.
By that, I mean...
He has probably been exposed to at least 95% of the True Sherlene.
which may I say, isn't a pretty sight.
Poor him.

But yea,
I'd definitely say...
God was listening.
Thats why I've got Shaz.
Someone I know I can be so crazily open with.
Someone I can practically say anything to.
Someone I can dash out all my worse habits on.
He's yet to see me in full rage though.
LoL That would be painful to watch.
I'll keep u informed when that happens...

Till then,
Wish us all the best.
Lets hope I'm not as bad as I sound...
After all, there's only so much a man can take.

My Day as you can 'see'...

Pictures tell a thousand words rite?
(or however people say it)

My Flowers are BlooOoming!
Image Hosted by

Shaz took a nap while I messed arouNd...
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

See what Shaz got me!!!
My EARLY birthday present! (very early btw)
hahaHaa.. My very own I-Dog!!! *HERO!*
Image Hosted by
*"feeding" Hero... he feeds on MUSIC*
How cool is that huh?!
Image Hosted by

My baby's up... :)
Image Hosted by

Took Hero out for a drive *and late lunch*
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Shaz and I took a walk after lunch...
Image Hosted by

My baby just left 30 minutes ago...
I miss him to bits already!
Today was a great way to release some exam stress.
Back to studies? *reluctant yeap*

October 27, 2005

Shadows of the Past...

I'm never usually the type who gets caught up in the whole messy issue of "Exes".
Meaning, my boyfriends Exes.
"The Girl before You"... U know?
Like the last guy I dated,
I knew who his ex was...
And I knew she was prettier and sexier,
But it never once bugged me.
My other exes never gave me those probs.
Some didn't even have exes.

But this time...
I don't know.
As in, with Shaz.
Probably becuz of how things ended between him and his ex.
In fact,
I'm not even sure if "ended" is the right word to use.

The thing is,
I know how things came to an end between them...
And I know how terribly depressed Shaz was.
And I know how much she meant to him.
He says she's his world.

Until today, when the topic comes up,
He still tells me how sucky it feels...
and how the experience scarred him for life.
And back when Shaz and I were still friends,
He told me many things about him and his ex.
About how things were perfect,
And how suddenly things changed between them,
(against their will)
and how crushed he was and hopeless the felt.

Today Shaz told me he dreamt about her.
He said he dreamt she came back and wanted to get back together.
Shaz said he told her he couldn't.
Because he's with someone else now.

I should probably be feeling all "awww"...
It got me thinking.
If one day, she does come back,
And Shaz and her really had the chance to get back together,
and Me, knowing they were so perfect before...
Would the right thing to do be... "walking away"?

But from what I know,
The chance of that happening could be slim.
I still can't help thinking.
What if she does re-appear?
I'm not saying they get back together,
But merely re-appearing and re-entering his life?
Back in the picture. Lets say, as friends.
(If thats even possible)
What effect would that have on Shaz? on Us?

On my end,
Shaz has nothing to worry about.
My record is as clean as ever...
There's no "ex" that I've ever thought of getting back with.
Just not my style.
But Shaz likes playing around with the idea of being my 2nd fiddle.
After Cristiano Ronaldo. hahHaa... Yea rite.

But I'd say,
The real question playing in my mind really is,
"Am I the 2nd Fiddle?"

October 25, 2005

RandoM Cut-Out Thoughts...

Listening to Marty Worrall's single.
Its finally out!
The more I listen to it,
The more I love it!
Marty! You Rock!!

I had lunch at Satay Club with Shaz today.
Then Shaz and I went to run a few errands.
Suppose to study at Uni after that,
But I felt a little sick.
So Shaz sent me home and I slept until 9.30pm.
I left my Optus mobile & my wallet with Shaz.
I'm a clumsy little ***.
kekKkee... U can fill in the blanks.

For the 10998269th time,
I realised most human has one similar pattern.
When you tell them your problem,
70% of them would respond in a...
"Mine's even worse!"
or worst still,
"You call that a problem?! Have u heard mine?!"
- Whats with that?!

See, the thing is,
I'm not saying your problem isn't bigger than mine,
and it probably is,
But what makes you think that because your problem is bigger,
My problem isn't a problem??
*this is a hypothetical scenario*

I've been saying this since I was much younger.
It started when Mum always tell me,
"When you're an adult, thats when you know what problems are."
Who's to say kids can't have their own problems rite?
Thats exactly what I'm saying.
Just because your problem might be more serious,
It doesn't give you the rights to disregard other's merely because YOU have bigger issues.

My advise,
When someone comes to you with a serious problem,
Or a problem that seems serious to them,
Don't tell them it's "Nothing",
and start telling them how much worse your life is.
Cuz when someone tells you their problem,
And you've willingly chose to be there to listen,
It wouldn't kill you to allow the spotlight to be focused on them for once.
Let them know that you understand what they're going tru.
That you know that problem is really bugging them.
Instead of making them feel insignificant.
You know what I mean?
One doesn't have to be a psychologist to figure that out.

hahHa... weird how I suddenly brought this up.
Amazing what goes tru my head just randomly.

I've been dreaming about Sherwynna alot.
Keep dreaming about me and her in Brisbane.
It's like I'm imagining the future or something.
Cuz Wynna is coming on the 10th Nov.
Can't wait till exams are over!
Can't wait till Wynn gets here!

Time for dinner.
Curry lamb.
Sherman is a star.

October 24, 2005

Roses on my bed...

Exams start next week.
I'm currently at Chapter 2/13 of my 1st Unit.
I've got 3 other Units to revise,
and 13 weeks of readings to do for each.
Great life.

This morning, Shaz's message woke me.
He said he's bringing lunch over.
When he got here,
I was in the bathroom.
When I returned to my room,
There on my bed was...
3 red roses, and some teriyaki sushi rolls.

I stood there for a moment.
Feeling speechless.
I still dont know why I deserve all this.
In fact,
I still can't believe I really have all this...

Shaz also got me a wrist band...
Its a red one, for poverty.
We both have one now.

Last nite I went to sleep after a single tear ran down my cheek.
Shaz and I had a bad night.
Not anything TOO bad...
I know he was just being honest about how he was feeling.
Problem is,
I dont know what to do.
I'm simply not expressive enough.
And I can't help it... *sobs*

Like this morning,
I was soOo touched by his gestures...
for bringing me lunch and buying me roses,
But all I could manage was a "thank you"...
Hoping he would understand and feel how grateful I really am.

Shaz helped Sherman in the garden today.
He mowed the lawn while Sherman weed.
I... didn't do anything.
Just fetched water and bring out some food.
Shaz sent me to Uni after that.
(which is where I am at the moment)

Hmm... I hope today would be a great one...
With only a few minor setbacks,
like the fact that my mobile is outta battery.

Marty's Single is out today.
Need to get my hands on a copy.
Maybe at KMart later.

I miss Shaz already.

October 23, 2005

Eating Starburst Again...

Last nite,
MU and Tottenham drew.
Bloody Hell...

Last nite,
I was chatting with Shazzie...
We were deliberating about our Friendster profile.
Does it matter what our status is?
Single and In a Relationship.
What's the significance?
After much discussion,
I told Shaz I'll change mine just for the kicks.
To see what it would do...
And I told Shaz he can keep his the way it is.
After changing mine,
I checked out his...
It says:

Status: In a Relationship

*grins* - * heart flutters* - *melts*

He's so sweet.
And even sweeter cuz he didn't do it for me,
but for "Us"!
And thats exactly what I wanted.
*tee hee*

Okiee... Study time!!
Exams in 8 days!!

October 22, 2005

Shaz Shaz & More Shaz...

Last night was funny.
Remember in the previous post,
I said Shaz was gonna bring dinner over?
Well, we ended up going out for dinner instead.
A lateeee dinner.
Where, u ask?

(when we got there, it was 12am)

LoL How nuts can Shaz be huh?
But I had lots of funNn...
People at the coast are crraazzyy...
Specially on Friday nights.
This Aussie guy said to me,
"Hey, want some white boy?"
hahHaa dumbass.

Shaz and I went for seafood.
As in, Fish and Chips. heheHee...
Shaz had steak. He was super hungry that nite.
"I can eat a cow" - he says. LoL
Probably cuz he didn't get enough rest,
and has been running around the whole day.
OH... Shaz made the football team!!
*YAY!!!* I definitely feel proud~
But most importantly,
I wanna know he's happy doing what he's doing.
Shaz gave me his first football winning medal.
I can't possibly ask for more.
Its truly the perfect gift.

Nwayz, after dinner and a walk on the beach,
We headed home. LoL
Well, u see... We knew the way back,
but we both wanted to find a short cut home.
So, little miss smarty pants *gulp* Me,
suggested we take the Beenleigh exit on the Motorway.
No surprise... It was no where near home.
*blames refidex for going missing*
LoL We drove on and on and came to this town.
It was SCARY.
I seriously felt spooked out.
Maybe becuz it was 3am...
That town was seriously GHOST TOWN.
Then Shaz saw 3 people walking on the side of the road.
And he said,
"Hey, this place is scary man."
And I started to sweat.
Then he continued,
"Look at the people... They're losers"
We laughed all the way home.
Mind you, we did find the right exist at last.

oH... I think Shaz and I got a song now.
"Someday We'll Know" - Mandy Moore/Jonathan Foreman

LoL Today Shaz and I went for lunch at Sunnybank.
Now is time to study.
So I can watch the MU match guilt free tonite.
YAY! Finally! Fox is airing MU's match!!
SO excited to see Ron again!!

ps: My gut feeling tells me tht Shaz has been reading my blog.
Shaz... come out come out wherever u aree...