October 18, 2010

.tsal ot siht tnaw.

!yppah os m'i

.taht sezilaer eh epoh i

!oot yppah sa tsuj mih ekam ot tnaw i esuac


!dessorc sregnif

October 15, 2010

.a simple song that touched my heart.

i love this song somehow...


October 9, 2010

.sherlene's guide.

... on "what NOT to do on day #3 of losing someone precious".

1. don't go out and get smashed.
2. don't compare every guy u meet/see with your ex.
3. don't throw up in your friend's car, handbag, jacket, clothes, your own hair, face, dress...
4. don't pass out and make three friends carry your dead weight home.

it doesn't help make you feel any better.

To Do

1. thank god you have awesome friends.
2. don't f*ck up and hurt someone you love ever again.
3. bury yourself in a hole. thats where you belong. (for now anyway)


October 8, 2010

.day #2.

I'm suffering serious withdrawals.

I may need to tie myself up to refrain from doing stupid things.

I feel a million different emotions surging through my body. One in particular is driving me crazy... Can't tame it. It's making me go nuts!!!



October 7, 2010

.glass half empty.

I'm down - and that's a serious understatement.

someone - please shed some light :(


October 6, 2010

In summary...

I went from here...

To here...

And now I'm here...

... So, what happens now?

Okay, Step 1:

Breathe & Reboot.

Step 2:

Stay in denial for a while.

Step 3:

[still trying to figure it out]