September 30, 2008

.sydney trip: a nutshell.

day 1:

x. just made it in time to check in.

x. got off at town hall and met derek.
x. got comfy in a pretty awesome apartment with derek's parents.
x. took 917291 pics at darling harbour.

x. went to the famous fish market and ate yummy food.

x. had tea at the lindt chocolat cafe. *droooool*
x. met derek's parent's friends.
x. thursday nite shopping: QVB, pitt st, etc etc.

x. minor food poisoning. :(
x. met stan!!
x. thai for dinner "saap thai". met derek's friends, bryant and esther.
x. joined bryant at his friend's place. awesome apartment!
x. met stan's friends at delafrance.
x. gave derek his graduation gift. (shirt + tie) he wore it for his graduation.

day 2:
x. sent derek off for his graduation.

x. took a walk around the city and china town with selina.
x. bought a jacket, meteor garden I & II on DVD, felt like i could be in hong kong.
x. stan took us to bondi beach. (hot guys + hot bods central!)

x. drove pass fox studios.
x. checked into travel lodge sydney.
x. picked bryant and rushed to derek's grad.
x. derek's grad!!!
x. met emily!
x. took derek's million dollar shot. *ahem*

x. coffee at starbucks with derek's parents and cousins.
x. dinner with derek's family.
x. said goodbye to derek's parents.
x. went to argyles at the the rocks on a nite out.
x. 3 guys tried to pick us up using "the game" and failed terribly. [seriously, they used the exact same line the book taught!!]
x. moved the party to cheers, a 100% pick up joint. #
x. back to the hotel and zonked out with stan, derek and emily.

day 3:

x. got up at 11pm.
x. yum cha at "zilver" with stan, derek, esther, shin dy and her bf, kenny.

x. went to the market at the rocks.

x. went to see the sydney opera house and the harbour bridge. #

x. foot massage with stan and esther at a thai place.
x. met up with shin dy and had dinner at ramen kan.

x. went to star city casino and lost $50 each. (selina and i) #

x. back to the city for another night out clubbing. #
x. ended up bailing on clubbing and went to a pub "star bar" to watch football.
x. selina and i had a few drinks at the pub and caught up with each other about the trip. the pub's bartenders and bouncers were verrry protective over us when guys tried to chat us up. it was good. :)
x. united won!
x. went back to hotel aroun 4am.

day 4:

x. got up late and had brekkie/lunch at ayam goreng near randwick with stan, emily, bryant and fionne.
x. met krystie tham, my kindy best friend!
x. shopping at paddy's market most of the day. found souveniers for the girls and shermsie.
x. dinner at mamak. most expensive roti canai i've ever ate.

x. met with derek.
x. stan left... :(

x. coffee with esther and emily at delafrance.

x. back to hotel, and chatted with emily until we fell asleep.

day 5:

x. derek and emily left before selina and i got up.
x. got up. check out.
x. pulled our bags to the train station.
x. had warmed up roti telur for breakfast/lunch.

x. took a long train ride back to newcastle.

x. took 927819 pics in newcastle.
x. saw this tree and fell in love with it for no reason.

x. flew home.

sorry if i missed out on anything. my memory isn't the best. :)

# denotes the times we took cabs around. ($$ man!)

i did everything with selina, so her name isnt mentioned. as well as stan, most of the time anyway. :) hehe will be uploading the rest of the pics on facebook soon. thanks to everyone who made our trip beyond awesome!!

muah! :)

September 29, 2008

.brisbane; home sweet home.

im home. :)
alls great.
sydney was an eye opener.
i've taken 1,048 pictures (not including the ones in derek's cam) in the 5 days i was away. :) :)
you'll probably find 50% of them on facebook.

cant wait to settle back in.
i've seen, learnt, watched, experienced and realised alot in the last few days.
about friends, life, men, people, places and myself.
andd... i've got so many people to thank.
you'll read all about it in due course.

on a random note:
i'm still thinking about him.
somehow, random moments of us from the past has decided to come back to toy with my mind.
hmm. dont know what to do.

anyway, there were many highlights throughout the trip.
but this one takes the cake -

FINALLY. after 5 years.
im here with the world known Sydney Opera House. :)


September 25, 2008

.i can be a man.

oooh. talk about karma.

on 24 September 2008, sherlene was "gamed" in return. no, i wasn't dared to game someone. i was gamed! my crush from before totally crushed me today. not to mention, he's got an anchor on me. one wink, and i'm a puddle of goo on the ground. everytime. no fail. how does he do it?!

i need to prep myself to handle our next meeting a little better. need to stop my imagination from running wild each time he says something even only just very-so-slightly capable of meaning something else. something ^^.

self control woman! :)

speakin of self control, im all packed for sydney. one bag, one handbag, thats it; when i'm actually allowed an extra 7kg hand carry baggage. another indication of my manly side. sigh. maybe im really a man. *ahem* a gay man, mind you.

sides... how can i not be gay when guys like who-im-referring-to-above walks the same planet and breathes the same air. :) *slaps self* ok, images of him are officially chucked aside. *slap slap slap*...

ok, compromise. i need to get up for my flight in an hour. so, i hereby grant myself permission to daydream about him for the next hour. :) hehe. *slap*

25 september 2008!!! happy birthday shazz!!! ;)

September 23, 2008

.etc etc.

lol wynna accepted a "blockbuster" challenge today put to her by sheen and i. game on. ;) this will be an interesting social experiment. wynna just needs to clean her ears a bit. lol

check this out. good dancing - good song [duffy's mercy]. since watching this, this song always make me wanna boogie. :)

oooh im so tired. been working alot. gonna start packing tomorrow. stan sent me our sydney trip plan today. sounds fun, but too short!! :( stan, u shud stay on sunday nite, and drive to work at 3am. :)

watched "make it happen" today with the girls. about burlesque dancing. u know, the sensual, get-in-touch-with-your-sexuality kinda thing. hot hot hot. might try out some mooooves in sydney. i think stan mentioned clubbing a couple of times in our plan. ;) hmm... wonder what else i can sink my nails into while im there. ;) ;)

derek took his parents to meet me at work today. :) so schweeet!! gonna see them this thursday in sydney. that'd be fun! i miss family-ness! gonna hog derek's family time. :)

September 22, 2008

.plan A.

so the girls and i visit blockbuster (sunnybank) sometimes 2-3 times a week. so i'd say we're regulars.

so... wynna just noticed how cute one of the employee is. one who sees us every tuesday, and (im sure) finds pleasure in our disturbing should-really-keep-to-ourselves type of conversations. sadly, he looks like a minor, so we're handing him down to wynna.

anyhoo, here's a plan -

"remember that cute indian guy that works at blockbuster? i say you walk into the store when he's not working, and ask another one of the regular employees for 'the indian guy's' details - certain that he'll pass on the word of interest. then the next time you walk in the store when he's working, dont look at him at all. until he starts looking at you, (which he will cuz he's always staring at our group anyway)... then, on one occasion, you secretly sneak a semi-flirty-mysterious smile at him. after that, just continue talking and laughing with us."

... that should be sufficient contact. if he's interested, he'd do something. :)

x. currenly: 4 girls sitting in the living room, watching mortal kombat. something u dont see every day. awesome movie though. so toodles!

September 21, 2008

.dating resume?.

just finished watching coyote ugly with the girls - a line to remember:

"you are to appear available, but never be available."

anywayz, the girls were talking about one's "dating resume" and how important it is when you "interview" for the vacant boyfriend/girlfriend position. like it or not, unless you're already madly in lust in a person (where u'd already be too blind to see anything or make any sense), your resume will determine whether you actually get your foot in the door or not.

like bosses, people are soooo critical nowadays. and i guess it depends on what kinda boss you have and what their preference is, aaand what type of employee they're looking to employ according to their present need - whether permanent full-time, part-time or casual. hmmph.

i guess your resume will also determine how serious an employer will take you huh? sigh.

here are some possible interpretations (don't quote me on it) -

length of rship:
if your longest r'ship is really not long at all, people would think you're a player. however if its too long, they'd consider you a broken soul with a burdening past. im thinking, maybe a past r'ship of 2-3 years would be considered a good thing though? shows your ability to maintain a long but not too scaring r'ship? hmm.

who ends rship:
if you do most of the time, it shows you're a player. if not, you're a loser. if its always mutual, you're simply lame/ and its really not that believable.

usual reason for breaking up:
if there's a pattern, you have an illness. if there's none, you're full of problems, all over the place, so unsure of yourself, and/or simply a confused soul. how are we to believe you know what u want with us?

flings and exes:
too many means you're a whore/player. none means you're possibly a bad lover.

when ur rship ended:
too recent means you're not ready, too long ago means your past rship could've hurt you really badly and you're likely to be too broken for anyone else. how much time is enough time to heal?

no dating resume:
depending on your age, you could be considered weird. (tip: act like you're a workaholic, that's usually a good excuse)

hey, a new song i like. heard this on the radio on my way home from work. not my usual type of music; it could've been my mood at the time. anyhoo...

united just scored against chelsea!
21 minutes; score chelsea 0 - 1 united. ;)

September 20, 2008

.little ms dominant.

referring to my earlier post about "sherlene's dominating personality", i thought about how whenever another one of my relationship ends, dad would tell me -

"you need someone strong and he's not strong enough for you"

so i got to thinking. what does dad mean when he says that? - perhaps my guy needs to be the type who is strong enough to:

x. accept the fact that his other half wouldn't make him feel needed all the time (although deep down she does, but just doesnt show it)?
x. support someone who's already trying so hard to be strong for herself?
x. brush off teasings from his friends who 'think' he's pussy whipped?
x. be stronger than her, and make her yield under his power? [hmm]
x. be comfortable as her boyfriend despite everything?
x. feel secure even when his other half has very close male friends?
x. support her when she stumbles without discouraging her strength?
x. still appear strong in front of others/friends despite having a dominant partner?
x. accept her public image and love her for who she is as his partner?
x. know that she tries hard to be strong even though she probably isn't as strong as she says, without belittling her?
x. make her feel that despite allowing her to be her strong self, she can trust that he is stronger when a situation that demands for such arises...

... or... maybe dad was just being the supportive "say the right thing when your daughter is upset" parent? hmm... maybe i should ask him.

hmm, what do u think?

September 19, 2008

.friday salsa.

yep, we made it for another friday-salsa night. :) it was fun. leon was with us too, and did an awesome job keeping the birds and bees off sheena and wynna. thanks for coming out mr.ho! :)


i remember i was dancing with leon, when he pointed out how i tend to lead. derek said the same thing about me last week. leon asked me "why? (i have this masculine thing goin on)"... to which i answered rather spontaneously "because i dont trust the guy enough to do it right." - referring not to dancing, but simply being honest about my grown habit with men. (sounds kinda usher-ish huh?) and offensive, i know. sigh. admittedly though, me and leon's dancing became better when i allowed him to lead. :) so ok, maybe giving up power once in a while isnt such a bad thing. hehee.

*end of edited bit*

working tomorrow at 8.30am. bummer. i shud sleep now. i still miss mum and dad terribly. *sobs* ooh... and i've got so much to plan/do before i leave for sydney. resume preparation, permanent visa stuff, damage-controling my room, legal profession admissions application... *brrr*

alritey. need to put fresh sheets on me bed. mmm... love fresh sheets. :) good dreams tonite!


September 18, 2008

.for derek.

i woke up at 4.30am feeling nauseas today. [no, not pregnant]

so i curled up in bed next to my bin, and missed my united v villareal match, although andy was sweet enough to keep me updated via sms. united drew the match and was unfairly denied 2 penalties. ronaldo was subbed in at 60mins, and was still firey on the pitch. too bad it wasnt reflected on the score sheet. :( berbatov is apparently injured. o.O [hmmph!]

sent mum and dad off this morning. :( *sobs*

anyway, did i mention derek is graduating next week? in sydney? - and me and selina are gonna be there?? HAHA yepsies!! [i dont think derek knows yet either] :) :)

i just decided to book my tickets today, after getting up, and after doing more research and financial planning. there's actually been quite a number of hiccups before we got to this stage, but out of them all, the last hiccup took the cake -

checkout these bits of my itenerary:

now read closely -

wth rite?
serves me right for using a credit card [thanks stan!!] when my brain is half asleep and vomit is threatening to burst outta me. :( - aaaand with the additional upset-ness caused by my parents leaving. sigh.

but, its all good now. *pheww* :) called virginblue, spoke to this really nice man, and he fixed it up for me FOC. :)

sooOo... it looks like i'm off to sydney!! DEREK SWEETHEART, THIS IS FOR YOU! :)


September 17, 2008

.will miss.

the parents are leaving tomorrow. morning flight. cant believe its been 2 weeks. im crying already. :( like everyone else, i hate goodbyes. especially to loved ones. i also hate the fact that it'll be months/years before i get to see mum and dad again. :(

tell u what i also hate? drivers who thinks its ok not to fix a gaddamn third break light on their friggin car. i spent a good couple of minutes swearing at a merc today because of that reason. dad says i have a serious case of road rage. i call it PMS. hehee... but u see, they're bloody hazardous on the road. im calling the cops the next time i see one. i dun care.

on a different note, my family went for dim sum in the morning, then spent the arvo shopping at garcit. mum bought me 2 pairs of work shoes, which i love so so much. they're really good ones too (and $$-y). but its suppose to be good for my weak ankle. thanks m&d!!

oh... guess what mum also did? we were chatting with this sales guy at Godfrey's, when mum just found it necessary to ask the guy if he was married - to which his response was, "no, i'm actually single at the moment." he then went on telling mum how he's graduated, moved here with his family, just bought a house in robertson, etc. mum looks at us (the girls) expectantly.

mum cracks me up big time. she's just soo cheeky. same with dad. *sobs* im sooo gonna miss them. :( - and we didnt even get to take a family picture with all 5 of us together!!

p.s: united is playing villareal at 4.30am on SBS. ronaldo is apparently back from his injury, so this could be his first match this season! "to watch or not to watch"; that is the question. hmm.

i miss mum and dad already!! *SOBS*

September 16, 2008

.why sherlene why?.

so, a few of us, including my mum sat in the kitchen talking about guys. somehow the topic became "why can't sherlene keep a long lasting relationship?"

i came to australia determined to leave my "reputation" behind, only to find that being here for less than 5 years was enough to put me back at square one, reputation/image wise. can't say im complaining though. maybe i just dont care anymore?

here's what my beloved ones think in response to the infamous question above -

1. because she attracts the wrong type (losers/players/weirdos/wrong religion/personality clashy types) of guys, whether by constant bad-luck, bad taste or because of her personality.

2. because she is too dominant and head strong and is too argumentative, and guys cannot stand it.

3. because she overthink things too much, especially the small things the other person does. in particular, in relation to my guy and members of the opposite sex. somehow, they say that im the master of creating negative stories in my head of the other person by reading too much into the small things. (does this make me a jealous freak - subconsciously?)

4. because she's overly flirty/close with other men, and boyfriends cant take it.

5. because she thinks she's always right.

- well, i can see where they're coming from, but... hey, mind you, the above is what they think. im not necessarily admitting to those "suggestions". *ahem*

-fine! add "denial" to the bloody list for all i care!

:) alritey, bedtime. niteyo.

September 15, 2008

.me thinks.

men vs. sheeps

mr.sheep kissing the lady's hand after being fed a bottle. eyes closed too. :) looks like sheeps are taking over in the "gentleman" department. guys should seriously up their game.

sheep 1 - 0 men

how to do you know you're losing control over your diet/weight/body?

its when u can obviously see you've been eating like a horse, but can still look in the mirror thinking, "hey, i look thin!"...

- when your mind and ur sight no longer cooperate responsibly and decides to play you for a fool, you know something is wrong and its time to do something about it.

.goats and strawberries.


"we fight, we break up, we kiss, we make up."

- katy perry [hot and cold]

"we fight, we make up, we kiss, we break up."

wynna lee's version.

i go for the latter. ;) *woooHoo!!*

oh. i've had so much on my mind lately, which would explain all the annoying dreams i've been getting. mum says i probably have lots of hidden emotional bagages that's subconsciously playing with my mind. hmm. i dont know.

took my parents to a strawberry farm yesterday; only to realise it WAS a strawberry farm. we ended up feeding the goats and sheeps there... annddd had a good laugh at ourselves, especially sheena... :P

the strawberry farm at pimpama no longer exist!! unless u're happy with just strawberry ice cream, sundaes, not-so-cheap packaged strawberries, and goats/sheeps feeding. :)

sunday was also Mooncake Festival. mum planned to cook a feast for us all, but after our little trip to the "farm" + harbour town + sanctuary cove (sooo pretty! - see pics below!)... mum was so tired. so we decided on a simple eat-out. :)

will update more when i can remember more things.

September 13, 2008

.baby nathan!.

i have so much say, but im so tired. but i MUST say this:


my dearessst cousins!! cheryl gave birth to her and justin's child today. nathan lee. :) the first child born into the next generation of my paternal side's family. im sooo happy! - and i cant believe my aunty yin mei is a grandma now! my dad is the oldest and he's not a grandpa yet!! *glares at sherman - his fault!!*

heHhee...but yea, i noticed this on cheryl's facebook:

now i think it should look like this:

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) welcome nathan!!!! - aww... lucky baby for being so loved. :)

September 11, 2008


*fingers crossed* - i hope my blog looks acceptable to the firefox users now. do let me know. :) here's a pic just to officiate things.

im done with placement. the report is awesome. frank carroll solicitor is the best. even got a reference letter to beautify my future resume! yay!

i was at court with frank today. saw this young-suit-wearing guy from inside my client interview room. dark perfect hair and perfect strong facial features. i walked by him, he looked at me, i smiled, he smiled. eyes locked. :)

i THINK i saw jimmy at garcit/garbo today. didnt stand around long enough to confirm.

derek and stan wants me at sydney on the 26th september. i want to go, but i cant afford it. :( i dont know what to do now...

ok. another day at court tomorrow. need to sleep. btw, i've again been influenced to love one of sheena's well-loved songs. mario's - i choose you:

"...for i saw us dancing through sunshine and rain. and i saw us laughing through joy and through pain. and i saw time passing but we did not change. and i still saw us together at the end of every day..."

- he's what im looking for. :)

p.s. wynna: i'll quote u tomorrow! lol

September 9, 2008

.subconscious wor!!! (wynna, 2008).

wow. my dreams are scaring me. talk about bottled up emotions -

Free Dream Interpretation : NECKLACE
To dream that you lost a necklace, signifies sadness and grief.

Free Dream Interpretation : ANGER
To dream that you are holding or expressing anger, symbolizes frustrations and disappointments in yourself.

You tend to repress your negative emotions or project your anger onto others. You need to look within yourself. Being angry in your dream may have been carried over from your waking life.

Dreams can function as a safe outlet where you can express your strong and/or negative emotions. You have some suppressed anger and aggression that you have not consciously acknowledged.


i was so angry i jumped awake, feeling confused. still angry, unsure whether what happened (in my dream) was real or fiction. :( - im thinkin mayyyybe not gettin admitted this time around affected me more than i would like to admit.

but really, i do feel fine.. hmm.

[if my blog comes up WHITE, its cuz you're not using IE - ps: IT help needed!]

September 8, 2008

.new layout.

no no... dont worry. im not pulling one of those "new life, new layout" kinda act. its really due to a whim, sheensie's in particular, who caused us to be lured into checkin out this blogger template galore and turning our old blogs upside down. hence, we were forced to sit in front of the laptop for 1 hour min, trying to fix things up.

... and the rest is history.

lol i'd say it turned out for the better tho, rite? i like my new layout. too bad i lost all my links though. :( anyone who wants to be linked to me blog, do gimme a shoutout and i'd make the necessary arrangements. :)

here are the girls' new blog faces -

.wynnie beannie.
.sheensie poo.

alrite. 12.07pm. bed time.

gratz to my law friends who got admitted today!! wooHooo!!

September 7, 2008

.ms bugged.

5000 hits on my blog? o.O
really?? hmm.

Happy Father's Day!! (in Australia)

i think daddy liked the wallet we bought him. im gonna help him make the switch soon, and fill his wallet with my pictures. haHaa... then gloat to my siblings that im the favourite child. ^^

.random bugs. (as in, things that are buggin me)

buggie #1:
selina and everyone else i know (doing law) are getting admitted tomorrow. yes, for sure i am really happy for selina and the others, but i also cant help feelin a little bugged out by the fact that im being left behind. :( *i know, suck it up!* but pushing those thoughts aside, i really am happy for them!! need to start sending out congratulatory texts!!

buggie #2:
road rage. was sending derek home earlier when he answered a phone call from his mum. i didnt know, and suddenly exclaimed, and i quote, "ooooh! f*ckin sh*t!" - aunty vera couldn't have missed it. minus big points. noooooo.... im suppose to be an angel!! :(

buggie #3:
placement ends on wednesday. everyone's encouraging me to ask for a job. i want to too, but its so hard. *fingers crossed* no harm in asking rite? the worst he'd say is no... no biggie, yea?*gulp*

buggie #4:
i think phoon moved away from sunnybank. it shouldnt be my problem, but somehow knowing he's not down the road anymore kinda makes me feel weird. hmm. i dont think it means im still hooked on him... guess its just another 'change', and i never like change. oh wells.

buggie #5:
i cant attend selina's admissions tomorrow cuz im working. :( i really do wanna be there when she gets admitted. its a big deal, and i'm ALWAYS there when something big happens to selina. hate to have to miss this one. :(

im gonna sit around, pout and then go to bed.
excuse me.

September 6, 2008


watched p.s. i love you again today. still couldnt hold back the tears. :( *heartaches* here... share it with me -

Holly Kennedy: No, it's not gonna work. I feel like I'm trying on a new pair of shoes I really wanna buy, but they just don't fit. Sorry.
William: Alright then, how about going barefoot for a while? [he kisses her]

Patricia: I bet you've had a hard time walking into a room full of people on your own, right? Yeah. I know that. I know what it is not to feel like your in the room until he looks at you or touches your hand or even makes a joke at your expense, just to let everyone know... you're with him. You're his.

Gerry Kennedy: [after Holly finishs his letters] P.S. I love you

Gerry Kennedy: [holding Holly by the shoulders] What do you want? I know what I want, cause I'm holding it in my hands.

Gerry Kennedy: [last letter]....It's to tell you how much you move me, how you changed me. You made me a man, by loving me Holly. And for that, I am eternally grateful... literally.

If you can promise me anything, promise me that whenever you're sad, or unsure, or you lose complete faith, that you'll try to see yourself through my eyes. Thank you for the honor of being my wife. I'm a man with no regrets. How lucky am I.

You made my life, Holly. But I'm just one chapter in yours. There'll be more. I promise. So here it comes, the big one. Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Watch out for that signal, when life as you know it ends. P.S. I will always love you.


i wonder when i'd feel that life as i know it ends...
perhaps when i get to be someone's holly...?



today was a loooong day. soooo glad its friday, and im not working tonite or saturday. get to spend some quality time with the parents, so thats good. :) enjoyed a couple of episodes of SATC earlier with the girls, derek and fyin. SATC is awesome - and always will be.

here's a story:
today at work, andrew (my boss' son) told me to rush down to the city during peak hours to do a settlement. he lent me his mobile in the process. i accidentally took a call from his fiance. it was funny...

me: hello?
her: *pause*... oh, who's this? (in an 'ok, stay calm' kinda voice)

so awkward. u know those phone calls that happens when a gf calls her bf and another girl answers? lol it became a joke back at the office after that though. my boss reckon i should've said, "andrew's got his hands full at the moment". lol if i knew his fiance personally, i might've played around a bit, but i panicked instead. silly me. glad i managed to avoid drama though!

a tip for the girls:
if u suspect another girl may be interested in your man, dont bring this to his attention in any way, cuz that would push him into noticing her 'in that way' more. men tend to react to offers of interest. [as i recall, jason and i spoke about this before]

current mood:
there's something about today that's making me feel a little down. cant put my finger on what the problem is though. hormones probably? or maybe im just tired. hmm.



September 4, 2008

."tried" making it short.

oh. so tired, but so wanna document today.
ok. can't. maybe some other time...

here's a little something i can manage -

x. didnt see solicitor today, but enjoyed court alot.

x. the clients we had today reminded me of the jerry springer show. believe it or not, things on that show does happen in real life!

x. i just realised i can afford to buy myself something expensive, and i know of many things i want, but somehow know i would not buy. why do i not have the greed for expensive things? - stingy i guess. wait till i start making mils! :)

x. sheensie sent me some nice songs. some fun, some depressing. but here's what caught my attention -

I never pretend to be something I'm not
You get what you see, when you see what I've got
We live in the real world, I'm just a real girl
I know exactly where I stand
[mutya buena - real girl]



September 3, 2008

.you're hot and you're cold (perry,2008).

m&d are finally here. :) so good to see them. they dont look any different. yay. :) today felt like christmas. i get to see my parents, and get heaps of gifts. hehe... and mooncake!! *slurps*

when mum and i got into the passenger seats at the back of the car today, mum turned to me, took my hand and said, "so girl... u're single now?"... lol so cute. maybe i shud use my recent breakup as an excuse to get outta things. ie:

mum: hey girl! why ur room so messy?!
me: mumm... i just broke up lor. too depressed. can't clean.
mum: aww girl... thats ok. mummy clean for you.

^^ lol only joking!!

anyway, work today was tough. really was. the work seems harder and more unfamiliar. i wanna stick to conveyancing!!! :( - oh, going to court tomoz. i wonder if i'd bump into that solicitor again. :)

updated my playlist today. came across two songs that i really like. delta goodrem's "i cant break it to my heart" and katy perry's "hot and cold".

funny how both songs are so different in terms of their lyrics. one talks about staying in denial afer a broken relationship, while the other screams frustration and liberation. *smirks* i'm dedicating ONE of these two songs to HIM.

sweet dreams m&d & everyone out there!


September 2, 2008

.i spy with my little eye.

observation #1:
men in the working world, with their suits and polished leather shoes are so much more of a gentleman. u're first into the lift, and first to walk out. and they make it look so natural and unpretentious. so attractive.

observation #2:
there are so many hot lawyers around. visit the court house during working hours. seriously.

observation #3:
there is one solicitor in particular that has caught my eye. i've seen him a couple of times at the beenleigh district court. today he was at the family court in brisbane. what a pleasant surprise. aww. he's gorgeous.

observation #4:
my room is so messy. its 10.17pm now. i need to shower and sleep. parents arriving at 8pm tomoz. i get home after work at 6pm. 2 hours to clean my room and the house. good luck. shit.

observation #5:
guys with unresolved-burdening-pasts are so not worth it. seriously, clean your shit up before you smear it on us. we're not here to fix you, and have no obligation to do so. u want a good r'ship? bring a full 50% for your half, and i'll bring mine. bring more if u please, but we shouldn't have to tolerate anything less.


September 1, 2008

.my vibe; damn vibe.

harrassed two days in a row.

i really must be giving out some kinda vibe. then again, today's wasn't so bad. it was probs yesterday's occurrance that made me more sensitive. that irish dude was seriously... *no words to describe*

i was walking to the federal mags court when this indian guy walked by me, leaned in and said, "preeetty". was i suppose to feel flattered? geez. does work wear really increase one's ability to attract the opposite sex? hmm. but i do know men in suits attract me. HAHA.

this morning was kinda weird too. this asian dude in a red sports car, who was blasting his stereo had his eyes fixated on me (not perasan, i swear) from pinelands road to wishart square - where i work. i was wearing my sunnies, so he couldn't possible see where i was looking... maybe its my secret vibe again.

but i got so distracted, i missed my turning. sped pass a yellow light, leaving him caught behind the red. relieved to get him out of my sight, i turned into a junction to make a U-ey, only to find him driving pass my junction, slowing down to look straight at me... hmm.

BY THE WAY... *changing the topic*
today, while driving home from work, i was listening to Hamish and Andy. they were prank calling people, and it was hilarious! but it sucks to laugh alone in the car... god knows what the person in the next car is thinking. :) i reckon i need a sign on my car saying "Listening to B105"...

sheensie is watching the sweetest thing. less than 10 mins into the show, we were all reminded of an essential dating tip:

"dont go looking for 'Mr.Right'. look for 'Mr.Right Now', and if he's worth it, eventually the 'now' part will fall away."

10pm. im still here, unshowered.