December 27, 2006

.Goooood Xmasieee Football Nite.

Great Day!!
Boxing day is fuNn!!

(Ignoring the fact that I blew my one week's pay in one day,
and in one shopping mall...

Although Im beyond thrilled to have bought myself an MU 2007 Calender)

I didn't get to watch my guys in action tonite.
Foxtel is such a hussy!
How can they NOT play Man Utd's match?!

But anyway,

Man Utd v Wigan

Results at FT: MU 3 - 1 Wigan

(Missed a penalty,
but managed to strike an instant rebound,
and netted that friggin' ball!)
woOoo hoOoo!!

He's awesoMe!!
4 goals in 4 days!!
Great Bod. Good Looks.
Breath-taking smile.
Heart stopping twinkles in his eyes....
What more can you ask for?!

And to make the nite even sweeter,
Check this out:

Chelsea 2 - 2 Reading : Thus increasing MU's leading gap by 4 points & 13 goals!!

Blackburn 1 - 0 Liverpool : makiNg it another 3 points harder for them to catch up!!

*whoOo hoOoo*

MeLLy MeLLy ChristmaZzz peepz!!

and hey,
Check out below and loOk what my beloved was up to during Xmas.


Whats Not to Love?

December 20, 2006

.in a nutshell.

ooH... Im so sleeeepy.
Gonna hav to wake up at 9am tomorrow cuz Im taking my sister to Gold Coast.
Still not sure what we'll be doing there.
Just hope I dont overspend again.
Although chances of that happening is really high.

My holiday so far...
Its been good I guess.

In a nutshell,
I've done all this:

o Blew lotsa money on Xmas gifts for my family.

o Xmas tree is up and standing and very sweetly lit.

o Cleaned my boy's car.

o Drove my boy's car to work everyday,
and driving it everywhere else too.

o Worked worked and worked.

o Made my boy's Xmas gift.

o Lose weight *hMm.. wait. Stractch that.*

o Bought frozen Roti Canai and packet Dahl & Curry.

o Speak to my boy every night.

o Ignored my Corporate Law assignment.
*prays none of my groupmate sees this blog entry*

o Took Sherwynna Ice-Skating.

o Neglected my Summer Course's studies COMPLETELY.

o Failed to plan something for Xmas.

o Might fail to plan something for New Years.

o Failed to return library books and will be fined.

o Failed to even open any of the books I borrowed from the library.

o Repeatedly forgetting to pay my Uni fees.

o Failing to send out my Xmas cards.

o Is yet to spend more money.

- oH... this is getting more and more depressing.

I'm gonna take my shower,
and try to get up early tomorrow,
AAAANDD try to enjoy Gold Coast.

Have a sweet Xmas and a beautiful New Year peeps!

December 11, 2006

December 7, 2006

.kinda... sad.

Groovy left on his 3+ weeks holiday back to Malaysia today.
When I kissed him goodbye this morning,
I didnt really feel anything.
Maybe thats because I was rushing to get to Uni.

But when he called me from the airport during my lecture break,
I started crying.
Only then I realised Im really gonna miss him.

3+ weeks back in Malaysia...
You know what it kinda reminded me of?

MYSELF + Last Year + 3 weeks holiday back in Msia = STRAYED HEART

I admit...
I really did stray when I was back in Msia.
I met up with old friends, and things got blurry from there.


At the back of my head,
I cant brush off the nasty thought of Karma happening to me.

I told Groovy this.
He said Im being dramatic,
and its only gonna be a short 3 weeks.

Well... I strayed in 3 weeks!!
Its not impossiblee!

Then there's the issue about him moving to Melbourne when he gets back.
He got a better job offer there.

Melbourne ----> Brisbane

I dont care what you think,
but for ME,
THATS considered a loNg distance relationship.
And we all know what that means to me.

Definitely a big No-No!

We'll see what happens.

ps: at the moment,
I just need to erase the idea of trying to take pre-caution steps.
Meaning -
Do it before he does it!
*if u know what i mean*

Im so messed up!!

*erase erase erase!!*

.short stuff.

It was a trick to get me posting again!
LoL *self-entertaining*


Ive been dead busy.
Groovy left for Malaysia today.
Sherwynna just started working.
Summer intensive is ending this week.

Im beat!
And broke!


Why is my blog loading halfway?
and why is every thing on the side bar gone?

Or is it just me?