February 26, 2007

.send me a song.

I got this sudden feeling.

It was like,
I floated out of my body and looked at myself as a 3rd person,
and came to realise a few things about Sherlene Lee.

She has always loved music,
and she has always loved them for their lyrics.
She loves it when someone dedicates her a song,
and tells her to listen to the lyrics,
because it has a message for her.

xx If YOU were to dedicate a song to me right now,
which song would it be? and why?

If I could put my current emotions in a song,
or rather, a melody...
It would be:

Pearl Harbour's OST - And then I kissed him

It sounds like what Im feeling now.
A complete mix of bitter sweet emotions.

Its like, I could smile and cry at the same time.


I really dont like this feeling.
... and I just wish I knew myself a little better.
Cuz maybe that would bring about some difference in my life.

February 25, 2007

.reminders, check list & notes.

Summer is almost over.

My final year at Uni is beginning this coming monday, the 26th Feb.

Groovy's departure has been brought forward to Saturday the 3rd March,
instead of Monday the 5th.

Im yet to visit Ivan at Gold Coast.

Im deprived of sleep.

Friends are flying back to their study locations,
leaving me feeling a little glad that there wont be anymore fun parties without me.
(Im a devil, I know - and friends, Im sorry!)

Ronaldo scored another goal tonite,
bringing his season's goal tally to 16!!

Manchester United rawks!!

Im officially starting to wear skirts.
Big legs, whatever!

I need to get my 2007 student diary ASAP.
Its nothing too important... I just want it!

I found a new job.

I need to get new formal shoes, slacks and a shirt with collar.

My direction skills are really good. I love maps.

I need to train myself to speak slower,
Cuz apparently that is how u speak proper english.

I need sleep.

... and i miss my friends.

They're spending CNY without me.

I miss Iik Soon too.
Just a sudden feelin'.

.a day away.

February 14, 2007


... by Sheena the little cutiee.

And you know what that means:

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

Here goes:

x 1. i hug 2 stuffed toys to bed every night.
(my dirty doggie, freaky, and my little bear, lazy)

x 2. i dont like wearing flats because im short and i think it doesnt look sexy.

(thats why i'd rather kill my feet in heels)

x 3. i dont use perfume, except during special occations.
(although i am planning to start - not becuz i stink, mind u)

x 4. i've used herbal essenses shampoo for quite some time now.
(its starting to turn into some kinda trademark)

x 5. i have a problem with relationships.
(can't put my finger on the problem precisely. but i am admitting that one definitely exist)

x 6. i received my first love letter from a boy i really liked when i was 7.
(that's when the whirlwind of sherlene's crazy love life begun)

x 7. i love cristiano ronaldo, but wouldn't marry him even if he proposed.
(wouldn't be right to marry your dream guy. he shud remain a dream)

x 8. i had the longest crush on george carlo chin garces.
(i practically worshiped him throughout high school, kissed the floor he walked on... ok, enuff details)

x 9. 16 years old, exactly on the night of my sweet 16th birthday, i gave somone my first kiss.

10. i have fat legs, thats why you rareeeely ever see me in shorts/skirts/dresses. *sigh*

woOkay SHeena! I did it! :)

So there u go peeps.
You know alot about me now.
Time for me to find 6 other victims to dig.

- hmm...before that, on second thought,
scratch number 7.

*who am i kidding?!*
Of course I WOULD marry cristiano ronaldo...

Even if it would end up in a verrry bitter divorce.


my 6 victims:

Ivan Lean

#2 James Lee

#3 Jonathan Chng

#4 Mike Cheng


#6 Kartina Banana


February 11, 2007

.small heart-cuddly things.

Its amazing how small things in life can lift one's spirit the way it does.

I was browsing through my friends on Friendster,
and suddenly noticed that I was chosen by this one friend to be featured on his list.

He featured Me!
And not only that,

And Im pretty sure that Im not on the first page of his friends list,
Which meant that he actually went through the effort to look me up,
and Feature Me FIRST!!


Im pathetic.
And an embarassment to all 22 year olds.

ps: Man Utd won Charlton by 2-0!! woOo hOoo!!

February 10, 2007

.made my day.

How cute is that?!

United is playing Charlton tonite.
Its not on Foxtel,
So I'll be tuning in on Soccernet.

Every match from here on is a Must-Win!
Pleeeaaaseeeeeeee let this season be smooth for us!
And if its not too much to ask,
Let Ronaldo score again? :)

And I hope SOMEONE isn't betting against them!

.a morning with One Tree Hill.

I got up today and watched the latest episode of One Tree Hill.
My sis, Wynna got me hooked on it.

This episode talked about labels and who were you in High School.
I few things... I really had to believe.

You see,
It is true that there'll always be different types of people in school.
The famous ones, the sporty ones, the bad ones, the nerdy ones.
Those you know every thing about,
And those you'd graduate and forget they even existed.

But it is also true that after you grad from High School,
Those labels don't really matter anymore.

One thing I truly realised is that...
The popular kids,
Those who naturally relies on others to "make them feel special",
would have it harder in the real life than others.
Simply because when they're out in the real world,
It would be harder for them to adapt to the fact that they're nobody special.

And those who tries hard to stick to how thing were,
They end up becoming arrogant and a smart ass.
And that could easily get you on the wrong side of others...

Now its not that they can't make a new name for themselves,
and then gain their popularity back...
But some popular kids,
They go out, thinking that the world is at their feet.
That when they talk,
people should listen.
That when they think something is right,
It is.

And they would always think they're better than everyone.

People like that,
They dont get anywhere.

Unless they're ready to start from the bottom.

And just for the fun of it,
I think if I was labelled...
I'd be

I know friendly isn't a label...
But you'll have to watch One Tree Hill to understand what that means.

February 7, 2007

.lookin' at the sky: feelin' lost.


8th February - Last working shift before exam
- Opportunity to really start studying

12th February - Summer Unit Exam
- Bowling with Groovy, Sharon and Ashley

14th February - Valentine's Day

5th March - Groovy's leaving for Malaysia


I'm Not Missing You - Stacie Orrico:

I've been listening to this song alot.
I makes me feel like I could have wrote this song myself.
(And I'm referring purely to the lyrics)
I guess Im not the only one who feels that they had enough of set-backs in the relationships department,
and needs a break from it.

Once In a Blue Moon - Sydney Forest:

This song makes me wanna fall in love.


February 3, 2007


Today I went shopping.
Groovy met me half way,
cuz he was picking up his car in the city.

We shopped together a little,
and he accompanied me to buy a dozen dreamy donuts.
We got him a new pair of sunnies.

All those things brought back memories.

We didn't hold hands or anything.
But time to time,
Groovy would put his arms around me,
and gently kiss my head.

I dont know...
I dont know what I want...
I dont know what should be happening.

Part of me thinks I still have those feelings for him.
Another part says I've moved on.
Some other parts tell me to spend as much time with him before he leaves,
while another says I should stay away and not make him a habit I would soon miss.

Im confused.
I really am.

Now I just wanna know,
How'd I be after he leaves?

And above all,
Can I handle it?

February 1, 2007

.scary man in blue.

Something freaky just happened.

I'm currently in my room,
and moments ago,
I was playing my guitar...
(as usual)

And you see,
my room's window overlooks a parking lot.
Sunnybank Hill Shopping town's parking lot.

And the freaky bit was just moments ago,
After 10 minutes or so of singing,
I looked up and noticed a man wearing blue and black pants looking at my direction.

I couldnt see his eyes cuz it is quite a distance,
But I do know that he was standing still in the direction of my window.
He was probably looking at the houses,
but I am very certain that my window is the only window that he would be able to see into.

The scariest bit was when I stopped singing,
and looked up in his direction,
It only took seconds before he walked away.

Does that mean he was in fact lookin at me?

Thats scary.


Putting the scary man aside,
Here is my recent updates:

1) I handed in my summer assignment yesterday.
2) Selina's sister (aka my cousin) and her husband migrated over to Australia last week,
and they're currently staying with us. (and its been fun so far!)
3) Groovy just confirmed me that he's leaving back to Malaysia for good, early March.
*sobs sobs*
4) I need to get off my night shift work this Sunday cuz I've got plans with friends.
5) I'm considering whether to buy this red dress I saw in the city,
cuz I really like it. Problem is, I know that I wont be wearing it often enough.
6) I've been listening to alot of Susie Suh's songs.

I'm not happy.