March 21, 2010

.dear john; sobs.

i watched "dear john" today and walked out of the cinema feeling like someone just stabbed me in the heart. i must've started crying half way into the movie, and it didn't stop thereafter.

perhaps the 'saying goodbye' and 'i hope to see you again' parts hit me a little too close to home.

its my personal weakness. and i imagine i keep getting weaker on the subject every time i have to say goodbye to yet another person i care deeply about. 5 times now. the whole airport scene and the 'try to smile through the pain so he doesn't worry about u' mandatory act... mmmmm.... not pleasant at all.

back to the movie: i wouldn't say its the best. the notebook trumps without a doubt. but it was still heartfelt. definitely tugged at my heart strings and left me feeling blooody emo after. :(

not a fan of the ending though. could've smoothened that out a bit more... or even cut it out entirely and left it at that emotional peak. if you watched it, you probably know what i mean. i don't wanna spoil it for anyone else.

would i recommend it? - if u enjoyed "the time traveler's wife" and absolutely looooved "the notebook" - YES. :)

now, should i watch "remember me"?

March 20, 2010

.scratch out that checklist.

dont go looking for someone who will tick all the boxes on your checklist...

... because most people don't really know what they really want (or what is honestly good for them) anyway.

thats also when i believe you'd have a greater chance to realize/meet/notice someone who would come into your life and write that checklist for you, AND tick all those boxes at the same time :)

... and when you're fortunate enough to have that happen to you, promise yourself you would love them as hard as you can in this lifetime (feast of love, 2007), because you never know how long (or short) that time may be.

"don't be afraid to love and lose, God made our hearts so brave for a reason."


March 17, 2010

.a common name.

i recently met someone who has one of the most common names ever.

a very nice person he's turning out to be.. (so far, anyway - touchwood, fingers crossed)

the cute part about it all is now, every time i meet someone who has that same name, i would automatically treat the person nicer. and its seriously just because they share the same name with that nice guy i know.

oh, those lucky bastards.

March 13, 2010

.two is better than one.

i witnessed something today and had yet another thought about relationships. bear with me kids, i do have other thoughts. I just chose to post about this one because... wait, who's asking?

sooo, moving forward...

I realised another reason why human should come in two.

adding on to what the movie "shall we dance" has said - that everyone needs a witness in life - I kinda feel, everyone also needs someone who understands and knows them enough to speak up/help/give explanations for them when they cant.

now, let me explain with this real life scenario...

today, lady A was telling lady B how she thought lady B's husband was rude to her on the phone. lady B listened and then very naturally jumped to her husband's rescue and started explaining how he's been really stressed about some personal matters and asked for lady A not to take it personally. lady A took what she was told into consideration and instantly felt less offended by what happened.

... and thats what i meant. someone who understands and knows exactly whats happening with u when others don't; and would care enough to explain to others when you cant. and i think thats sweet.


*two = could also be a very good friend whom you share everything with;

*understand = understands how you usually tick, how u react to things, how your emotions run though your mind and how you'd act when put under different types of pressure and conditions;

*knows you = knows what is really happening with your work, friends, family, health, etc because what happens with/to you is part of them too. :)

but thats just me. :)

---- i got drunk dialed as i was typing all this. i wonder if thats a sign of some sort. hmm. ok, will not over analyze.

goodnight world! x

March 3, 2010

.the man and umbrella theory.

in light of the recent super crap weather in brisbane, I formed a theory. yes, eyes rolling is allowed if u must.


I recently sought shelter underneath a random dude's umbrella (just to cross a road to the next shelter) when I noticed.. i waited to find a guy with the biggest umbrella. reason being, I wanted to make sure that he had enough for both him and I if he agreed to take me under.

this made me think - shouldn't that be the prerequisite for choosing a partner in life as well?

u know, finding someone who has enough for himself and would be happy to share some with you without leaving himself in the rain - instead of someone who can't give you enough that both your shoulders have to be sacrificed to accommodate one another. or worse, leave himself in the rain just to make sure u're fully sheltered.

honourable yes, but it shouldn't have to be like that.

what say you?