November 30, 2008

.last night and tonite.

so yep... saturday nite out with the kings jewellers wintergarden girls at the valley! it was our early xmas gathering before we get all tense and busy with the xmas sales.

it was a fun nitee... seeing the girls all drunk and tipsy! :) i was good tho... only had one drink. [cuz i was driving - and cuz i had enough to drink the night before] again, went pub/club hoppin. it quite a different experience with this crowd.

the places we went were different too. barsoma, the fringe, the mustang bar... lol. i've also been invited to the next "hellfire" event. check out the website and read the rules and dress code. *bite nails*


so, we've been playin this game at home with our media players. u know how u put your song library on shuffle, ask a question and get your answer from the song that randomly plays? tonite, we asked one question, "what is x's heart's song?" -

x. sherlene:
hold it, don't drop it - jlo [and yes, i dedicate the lyrics of this song to M-L]

x. sheena:
they don't know - savage [hmm... i reckon this girl is hiding something from us]

x. sherwynna:
unbreak my heart - toni braxton [i knew this girl's heart is secretly broken]

x. selina:
how to deal - frankie j [*tears*]

x. sherman:
touch - amerie [our house's secret slut]

... we thought selina's song was pretty spot on, because she's going through some struggles right now. her heart is broken, and because of that, so are ours. :(

x. cyrus:
let me hold you - bow wow [*more tears*]

talk about being spot on. :(

November 29, 2008

.summary of the night.

last nite, it ended up becoming mouzam's graduation night out; and an awessssome nite it was!

u see, goin out with mouzam is always fun... you get an instant boyfriend with just the perfect amount of strings attached. its like, we're together but not quite, so its breathe-able. not to mention, he's a person that i just connect with on the dance floor without even tryin. and it has always been the case. oh, and perhaps it also helps that i think he's hot. :)

[and i say this with all due respect to mouzam's girlfriend :) - dont look so shock people!]

he also introduced us to a friend of his, shane. veryy nice guy! sheena and i had a ball with them last nite, and a couple of other randoms. :) got home at 4am and still felt the rush.

one thing sheensie and i realised about the two guys last nite was how gentlemen-like they are. in a very natural way. we made a mental note to include that as another point to look-out for in men. :) it just makes a difference you know...

no newage play-the-game bullshit. they were just stand-out characters in their own way. it was so refreshing. we felt so cherished.

Congratulations on Graduating, babe!!!

soOo sherlene...
another nite out tonite.

its our kings girls' xmas dinner.
but wynna says there's gonna be a thunderstorm.
ugh. :( i just heard thunder.
noooot looking forward to leaving the house today!!

November 28, 2008

.random mind blurbs.

"men cheat because they can." sex and the city

- i dont see why women cant... so, ditto to that rule.

"everyone loves to be loved, but you reeeeally love feeling loved." anonymous

- my friend said to me. he may be right. wassup with me anyway? lol why that need? someting to convince myself of my self worth? perhaps.

"at least someone wants me." one tree hill

- yea. everyone wants to feel wanted. but does it make a difference what they're wanted for? is it enough that your family wants you? or your friends?... or does that line above only apply for someone of the opposite sex?

"she just made a plastic bag look damn good." anonymous

- that and many other things a guy could say to a girl. some may call it cheesy, heck, i would think so too. BUT when the same line is used by a guy who's different to you, you smile. u smile an awfully cheesy grin. like how i did... :)

im heading out with mouzam and his friends tonite. hopefully sheena's coming. :) have to admit tho, im not in the best moods for dancing and drinking, but we'll see what happens. will keep u posted!


November 27, 2008


you know whats funny?

its funny when misunderstandings are "worked out" and all pieces are laid out in front of you, and both parties can see what and where things went wrong.

but when that happens, here's a question: where does that leave all the words exchanged or spoken along the way?


on a complete different note however, i wanna say thank you to a certain someone [you know who you are] who made me smile tonight. your very sweet and sincere words warmed my heart. thank you... for everything. :)

November 26, 2008

.victim of one's insecurities.

a friend advised -

"you shouldn't care so much about what strangers think of you."

well, i shall try to live by that, because i have been seriously misunderstood.

you see, its really funny how people like to see what they want, like manipulating a situation or words to suit them; and yes, in this instance, when i called it "funny", i meant it with utmost sarcasm.

yes, im annoyed. yes, im bugged. and if you knew what happened, there's no doubt you'd think i would be.

i believe my emotions are strongly based on the fact that i feel that i dont deserve this, and i took an emotional fall for nothing.

you should be smart enough to distinguish this:

its like if you're being punished for stealing and eating a cookie from the cookie jar, and being punished for stealing a cookie when you didn't, or

another 'example'; being humiliated by a guy you do like [my recent experience], and being humiliated by a guy you actually dont like [dont ask].

i personally think its always better to know you can look back and say, "yep... that cookie was sooo worth it." instead of being stuck thinking [and feeling]:

"what the hell was that for?"

p.s. yes, i had unfortunate recent experiences for both scenarios. *shakes head* thank God the year is almost over. i cant wait to put all of this year's shitty decisions and their dumb unnecessary consequences to rest.

update: so... apparently we were on a total different wavelength on this issue and the misunderstanding actually goes way deeper than what i was angry about. in short, i now see why he misunderstood, because there was a prior misunderstanding that had led to it. oh. nvm.

November 25, 2008

.a day to exhale.

colour me blue
i'm lost in you
don't know why i'm still waiting
many moons have come and gone
don't know why i'm still searching

don't know anything at all
and who am i to say you love me

hope - who am i to say


today, sand washed under me as three girls and myself sat in front of baby waves that were rushing ashore... im now convinced that the waves had washed away the heaviness in my heart.

today, i felt free. it could have been the company of my favourite girls, or the fact that the wind was prickling my skin, the sea water soaking my hair and bikini, the rain was falling on me, and i had a beautiful sight [of the ocean] before my eyes.

today, i realised a quality in a guy that could make me really happy, and that realization alone is worth smiling about, cuz i now know what i want. :)

p.s. i miss you esther!

November 24, 2008

.that's me? really?.

Happy Birthday Miaody!!! :) *loveeee*

yes, new layout again.

and depending on what type of internet browser you're using, you're gonna see that it looks different. i was gonna choose to go with one and ignore the fact that it looks ugly when viewed with the others, but then i couldnt bear it. so i decided to do the best for both... and viola. it sucks.

the girls were playing the "random song; question and answer game". got a couple of pretty mind-teasing answers, but one i can't seem to forget is -

"what do guys think of sherlene?" [sheena asks]

*hits the play button*

a beautiful mess - jason mraz

you've got the best of both worlds,
you're the kind of girl who can take down a man,
and lift him back up again...

you are strong but you're needy,
humble but you're greedy,
and based on your body language,
and shouted cursive i've been reading,
your style is quite selective,
though your mind is rather reckless,
well i guess it just suggests that this is just what happiness is...


November 23, 2008

.the fake skeptic.

:) im living in lala land.
im missing him.
but i think im only missing the one i've created in my mind.

its silly, i know.
but at least i admit that. :)


its 6.44am on the 24th november. just over 24 hours after posting the above lines.

here i am, sitting in my empty living room. i've just awaken from unknowingly falling asleep on my couch after an unhealthy amount of alcohol shots. my contact lenses, still in, dry and hurting my eyes. good thing was, it didnt take much effort to bring moisture to my eyes.

u see... yesterday, i took a leap of faith. and i crashed and burned. yes,
he, the one that i had not created in my mind, had officially broke my heart.

so, cheers.

at least now i can stop wondering whether my fictions could turn into reality. some skeptic i am huh?

*thanks for the company last nite gurls *muahs*, and for cleaning up, and the sweet note sheenie babe. i love u too.*

November 22, 2008

.all fictional.

:) im living in lala land.
im missing him.
but i think im only missing the one i've created in my mind.

its silly, i know.
but at least i admit that. :)

November 21, 2008

.mind games.

Down Mains Road
by lenniez

i was lining up for the bus this morning to get to work at the city. it was half past seven. when the bus came, my heart started pounding; i knew there was a chance he would be on it, also on his way to work. making the extra effort to look natural, i did a quick scan into the bus and caught a glimps of a familiar profile. i sucked in a deep breath.

being completely aware of my every step, i got on the bus. in my mind, things moved rather slowly. i thanked the driver, took my ticket and turned to find a seat. looking up expectantly, my heart sunked with a deep thump. it was not him.

i took one of the far back seats on the bus and stole a couple of glances at the could-be man, still trying to recover from the disappointment. as usual, i pulled out my mp3 player. the bus made its way down mains road. at every stop, i found myself looking up. hopeful. then disappointed. then feeling silly. was this really me?

the bus was suddenly crowded. like an unexplainable memory gap, he appeared; right there; standing beside me. without looking up, i knew for sure that it was him. his presense was unmistakable. mario's
i choose you played into my ears. in that moment, it was as if my mind lost control of my being. i saw myself, slowly reaching out to his hand that was rested on his side.

it was warm; his hand was warm. all sensory nerve in my body shifted to where his skin and mine connected. i braved myself to slowly tighten my grip... and felt him lightly squeeze back. my eyes took in the sight that could only be described as surreal. i was holding his hands, and his holding mine. tears prickled the back of my eyelids. it was then i realised the ten thousand different emotions rushing through me, although among them all, i found myself mostly... terrified.

terrified he would pull away? or that he does not (and what that would do to my heart)? i could not decide.

i opened my eyes, not entirely sure when i had shut them. i looked around to see a half empty bus, still gently bumping down the never ending mains road. secondhand serenade's
fall for you was playing. i loosely clenched my fist around nothing... realizing that nothing had been there. i exhaled, still feeling the slight moisture formed around my eyes; and feeling sillier than ever.

it was gonna be a long day.

diggin a hole and the walls
are caving in behind me,
airs gettin thin but i'm trying,
i'm breathing in, come find me

it hasnt felt like this before
it hasnt felt like home...before you

and i know its easy to say,
but its harder to feel this way,
and i miss you more than i should,
than i thought i could,
i can't get my mind off of you.

the fear you won't fall - joshua radin

November 20, 2008

.21yo jeffo!.

happy birthday jeff!

and yea... if you haven't already read about it on the news, the weather in brissie is terrible!! hence, us being drenched tryin to get to our car that night. bleeeeeeer.

we girls had a great nite anyway! if only i wasnt driving, a couple of drinks would've been great. but overall, jeff threw a fun party. :) hope he liked the gift. we made it personal. ;)


November 19, 2008

.moment's passed?.

was watching a movie earlier that again, made me think. when it comes to the right person, which applies?

x. if he/she is the right one for you, you just have sit back and it will eventually fall into place. (leaving it to fate and destiny)
OR, is it...
x. if u think he/she is the right one for you, you grab the moment and make things happen right there, right then; because when the moment passes u by, thats it for u and that person. (making your own path)


the reason i brought this up is because him and i had what it takes for things to happen, and i let it slip me by. now, despite how much i want that chance back and to live in those moments again, i know him and i just arent the same anymore. at least, i know its different for him now.

so, is that it for him and i? and i need to let go? because the moment is over and i can never get them back?

but... that can't be it. :(

November 18, 2008


sheena rented "closer"... we just watched it. im left feeling... exhausted. imagine relationships with so much regret, hurt, deceit, selfishness, grudge and brutal honesty. *shivers*

and i cant believe how many times the word "love" was thrown around. how cheap. *shivers*

oooh.... and u know another thing to shiver about?

a customer came into my store today, looking for an amethyst ring for a girl. [late 20s, white, blonde and skinny] found him one, and proceed to have a chat about it. i then slot it on my finger to show it to him, to which he commented "looked good one me."

from there, it just got weird. despite my unfailling effort to keep the conversation around the ring and the girl he was buying it for, he started pointing out more rings instead, and asking me to try them on for him. he then said he would get those rings for me if i was his girlfriend and that he has totally forgotten about his girl. (???)

he asked me whether i was taken. i said, yes.

after more uncomfortable chats (on my end, anyway), my colleague and work-mum, regina came to my rescue and told me she needed my help when im done serving my customer (not true)... and he got the hint.


no, he wasnt my type.

ANYWAY... found this quote from "closer" quite memorable -

Dan: I fell in love with her, Alice.
Alice: Oh, as if you had no choice? There's a moment, there's always a moment, "I can do this, I can give into this, or I can resist it", and I don't know when your moment was, but I bet you there was one.

November 17, 2008

.gifts from the ex.

good samaritan

i was walking to my car under the rain yesterday when an asian lady stopped her car next to me, and told me to get in. taken off guard, i shooked my head with a smile.

i thought it was really sweet of her tho. since i was already quite wet, i'd think a stranger wouldn't want me to dirty their car. i bumped into her in the carpark, and thanked her. she was nice. God bless her kind soul.

seeing the past in the future

my workmate, regina wanted to introduce her daughter's boyfriend's friend to me. so she showed her daughter's boyfriend a picture of me, asking whether he thought his friend would like me. he instantly spotted my diamond heart necklace and asked, "she obviously did not get that for herself. who's it from?" - to which regina replied, "her ex boyfriend."

he then said, "why's she still wearing it? she's not over her ex, isnt she?" - regina's response, "so what if she's wearing it?!"

my defence

haha just thought i'd clarify things though... no, its not that im not over him. its been 3 years. im simply wearing it becuz the necklace is pretty, and since im selling diamonds now, i wanted to be wearing some. :) i havent wore it since our break up. it was only after working with this company, i took it out again.

lemme ask you -

its interesting...

x. are we really not allowed or suppose to wear/use things that were given to us from an ex?

x. does the goods/gifts really come to their use-by dates when two people break up?

x. cuz i still wear the necklace given to me from an ex 7 years ago. wore it for my graduation, in fact. is that wrong?

i really hope not. cuz if it is wrong... that's 3 out of 4 of my football jerseys!!! :( :(

that said, i really appreciate the nice things i've been given, whether i deserved it or not. i guess its just nice to have something that can remind me of the good days we shared together. :)

jewellery or not, a thoughful gift i can keep warms my heart. it reminds me how i was once that special someone to you.

November 16, 2008


this feeling has been bugging me all day.

i woke up today, in the midst of a dream. a dream where wynna was falling (not literally) and i woke up before i got the chance to help her. the odd bit was how my grogginess didnt stop my mind from instantly shutting my eyes again, begging for the dream to continue so i can help her.

when it didnt happen, i felt a pangs of guilt and disappointment.

of course i know its a dream. i told myself that too. but the thoughts of that dream hasn't left me since this morning. :( hmmph...

talking about dreams, i've been dreaming alot lately. i mean, real-subconscious-sleep-dead-at-night type of dreams. and i could have 191629 different dreams every night, and wake up feeling like my mind never rested.

am i secretly stressed?
... hmm... nowonder im late. :(

November 15, 2008

.world of my own.

men: u wont understand this post and u will most likely misunderstand the reason behind this, but really, dont budge. im just a girl, afterall.


today at work, i tried on "the" engagement ring. yes, i found it. the ring i want. my princess cut diamond ring, set and designed to exactly how i'd like it, with a top wesselton quality diamond too! [sorry, i didnt take a pic of it - yet]

it was no 'hearts on fire' but its better than how i imagined. my heart skipped a beat when i tried it on. :) it felt right.

princess cut diamonds

i was on cloud 9, dreaming about my wedding. i had the perfect ring, i saw the white dress, i heard the music, i felt the happiness in my heart...

... too bad all that has to come with a man.

haHa :) jokes.

For I saw us dancing through sunshine and rain
And I saw us laughing through joy and through pain
And I saw time passing but we did not change
And I still saw us together at the end of every day

Whenever you want it
Whenever you need it
Whatever you feel like, it's gon' be like
You better believe it

Whenever you feel like dancing
You don't have to dance alone, no
You know, you know, you know
You should already know...
I choose you

I choose you - Mario

November 14, 2008

.a friday nite for myself.

this would've been a good horoscope reading for tonite rather than tomorrow. lol as u can see, its almost 9pm on a friday nite, and i'm home alone... by choice. :) sadly, im enjoying the quiet time more than i thought. kinda makes me wonder whether my withdrawal-symptoms have gotten worse. hmm.

anywayz, wynna called earlier. told me they met M-L at the city. yea, the dude im crushing on. sadly again, the news didnt bother me or made me wish i didnt stay home. perhaps im really gettin over him. pfft.

made myself a nice dinner tonite. roti pratha and curry. :) watched some telly, and wrote a little part of a song. another silly song, yes.

alritey, gonna drown myself in music now. new kids on the block feat. Neyo's "single". me likey. :) [but no offence, im not a fan of the mv. respect to the nkob, but... they just look older, and older men tryin to dance with a young bomb... just didnt look good, nor did it feel right. sorry! - would've much preferred them to sit back and look cool, and let neyo do the dance floor work.]

it dont matter cuz ur here now
and the music ur enjoyin
so for the next couple minutes
baby imma be ur boyfriend

single - nkob feat.neyo

November 13, 2008

.*heart* to ms houston and ms carey.

been hooked on listening to the old stuff today. old stuff, meaning whitney and mariah. :) truly trulyyy the best singers of their time. watching them sing together gave me goosebumps. they're so different, yet both awesomeee in their own way...


You look in my eyes and I get emotional inside
I know it’s crazy, but you still can touch my heart
And after all this time you think that I wouldn’t feel the same
But time melts into nothing, and nothing's changed

I still believe
Someday you and me
Will find ourselves
In love again

I Still Believe - Mariah Carey

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight

My All - Mariah Carey

I'd given up hope
Losing the faith that love
Could be mine to treasure
And now nothing's the same
I found myself reborn
On the day I met you

Lead the Way - Mariah Carey


love the music back then. they're more straight forward, with lyrics that are more honest with "love". back then, i can imagine people writing these songs, honestly believing each word could be or is true. now... hmm. all we're left with are skeptics and cynics. sigh.

i'll leave u with a lesson i learnt from "exhale", a whitney houston movie i watched today -

'when you finally meet the right man, you will exhale.'

November 12, 2008

.tagged; by wynna lee [again].

1. The last person to tag you is?
sherwynna lee whey wen.

2. What relationship of you with him/her?
she's my baby sis.

3. Your 5 impression towards him/her.
attractive, stubborn, smart, witty & opinionated.

4. The most memorable thing that he/she had done for you.
most recently, she opened herself to me emotionally and allowed me in.

5. The most memorable thing that he/she has said to you.
i love you. [yes, she has said it before.]

6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
... have committed incest? [eww, btw]

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
... have lost my mind?

8. If he/she becomes your lover , he/she has to improve on..
ok, im gonna answer this question as "what does she have to improve on as a lover"... and that'd be... to allow herself to trust more, and be less skeptical.

9. If he/she becomes your enemy , the reason is...
... we lost our minds.

10. The most desirable things to you to do to him/her?
desirable sounds WRONG in this context. but anywayz, if u mean something nice... i guess it'd be fun just to take a cool trip somewhere!

11. The overall impression of he/her is...
strong bitch.

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
i think they think i'm hawt in every way. HAHA.

13. The character for you for yourself is?
sandra bullock in 2 weeks notice, altho i wouldnt be fighting for the same things.

14. On the contrary, the thing you hate about yourself is?
im indecisive, im impulsive, im argumentative, im stubborn, im a smartass, im incapable of committing, im easily bored... [this could take a while]

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
a better me. totally achievable. :)

16. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them...

x. those who cares, thanks. i rarely disappoint, but keep ur fingers crossed and an open mind anyway.

x. those who likes me, and assuming u 'like me' like me, i can totally see why. ;) ;) hahahaaahaa *jokes* but i assure u, what u see is not what u get. i overadvertise and under deliver. so tame that curiousity, unless u're here for something more.

17. Ten people to tag...
1. derekus
2. ivan lean
3. leon ho
4. sheena
(since u havent done this)
5. M-L if he had a blog, which i highly doubt
6. james lee
7. fong yin
8. sing yee
9. strawberrymeowz (just cuz i appreciate her recent visit :))
10. stan wong

18. Who is no.2 having relationship with?
an imaginary girl.

19. Is no.3 a female or a male?
male, most of the time. :P

20. If no.7 and no.10 be together would it be a good thing?
oooh... ^^ could happen. lol

21. How about no.5 and 8?
i'd be sooo jealous!!!! singyeee, nooooooo!!!! he's mineeee!!! lol

22. What is number 1 studying ?
himself. ;) always.

23. When was the last time you have chat with them?
somewhere along this year? :)

24. Talk something about no.2.
he's bloody annoying, but i love him still.

ok. tag done.

November 11, 2008

."stop touching meeeeee" - aczhmed the dead terrorist [ventriloquist]: argh! check youtube!.

alcohol plays with your mind? yea, it does. i noticed how it puts me in this major 'self-reflecting' mood. not sure if i like it.

anyhoo... for the past few weeks, i kinda noticed something about myself. this is gonna sound weird, but... well... somehow, i sorta feel like i've been very... sensitive?... to touch?.... from the opposite sex? - and by sensitive, i meant the "hands off!" type of sensitive, and im not referring to sexual touches.

coming from me, its weird, i know; ms.lets-get-physical. if u know me, i like walking arm in arm with my guy friends, and im always physical when talking or etc. so it got me thinking, is it the guy? or the touch?

sadly, i then realize i feel the same way about almost all the guys who comes in physical contact with me. [i say almost because not all my male friends are touchy] so... the odd one gots to be me, yea? hmm.

but why am i feeling this way? im yet to find a reason... :( [i considered the possibility of turning lesbo, but after performing some "tests", i confirm that its not]

anyway... to add to the above, i noticed that its becoming a habit/pattern for me to laugh off situations, or more like, "potential moments" with the opposite sex too.

u know how moments happen rite? ie: we both lock eye contact for a few seconds too long, or he says something that makes me feel "aww" and then we both look at each other, or he simply comes to close you can feel his breath on your cheeks... etc etc.

but yea, point is, i tend to laugh them off before anything happens, OR if i catch it soon enough, i'd move away to ensure it doesnt happen... its like im resisting it! actively forcing things to not happen!

im thinkin, perhaps its because i dont have those type of feelings for those guys? but in the past, feelings or not, i liked to play with the idea of sharing moments with another individual! i liked stuffing question marks in their heads and making them confused and curious!! [bitch, i know] but yea...

whats happening to me? is it true that maybe its cuz my mojo is gone? likeee... sherlene lee is officially quitting the flirt-your-way-to-fun-and-excitement business?!.... sigh. maybe this is just a phase that'd soon pass. or... is this the new me, finally on the right side of the tracks?


ps: midori + lemonade... my new poison. :)

November 10, 2008

.to stan, with love.

Dearest Stan Stan

I am now updating my blog. I know you have missed me, and I have missed you too. :) The reason for my blog-absense is because I have been very tired lately. Mostly due to my constant running around with Ivan.

Ivan is in Brisbane, did you know?
He's been like an energizer bunny, never stopping. I've had very little mind-rest because Ivan doesn't shut up. :) If you know me, Ivan is 10000x worse. Yea, no kidding. HaHa... We went to the Coast the other day, Harbour Town and Broadbeach. Its really pretty there. Lets go there again when you're here?

Anyway, I was having lunch with Leon the other day. I told him I felt like I havent been feeling too "social" lately. He says its normal for an extrovert to need and value their personal 'alone' time. I think he's right. Hope I recover from this period soon.

So babe, how have you been? [Aside from missing me] :) Xmas is just around the corner. Every Xmas decoration and ornaments remind me of you. I honestly cant wait for you to be back here, so I can scream and shout at you again... haHa :) *hugs*

Len Len <3

November 4, 2008


yep. she's been admitted to the legal profession in queensland.
finally. :)

saturday night?
drinks? :)

November 2, 2008

.my first real halloween.

for the first time, halloween actually didnt feel like just another day. :) in fact, i got to celebrate it twice! :)

it started quite late on the night itself, with me and sheensie meeting the boys [derekus, leonate & jeffo] for a nite out in the city. we partied the night away at the embassy hotel [yes, again] with some drinking and dancing and a little bit more. ;) - didnt take too many pics tho. *too busy* :)

the night after that, derekz and i drove to somewhere-almost-at-the-coast to attend jimmy's halloween party. derek dressed as a "wizard zombie" [altho the girls thought he looked more like mr.scarecrow] and i went as a dead "french maid".

sheena did derek's face, then combined effort with derek and sherwynna to make me spooky. :) checkout the awesome artwork by derek and sheensie -

the party was fun altho we were 3 hours late. kudos to jimbo [the count dracula] for the awesome decorating job! tomb stones, dead bodies, creepy insects, skulls and all!

unexpectedly [to me anyway], jimmy's parents, john and juliet were there. i actually miss them alot. :) and they're still as sweet as i remembered! we took a picture together... just like old times -

[pic above: now] [pic below: then]

ooh... and i found it reeeaaalllly sweet of jimmy's mum when she said to me, "i was so sad when jimmy told me you guys broke up! i almost cried!" :) *awww* and i liked how his dad kept huggin me and complimenting me... HAHA... *so full of myself* :P

i like this shot of my frenchie maid face the most. :) love the fake lashes!!! wooooHooo to artificialness!! LoL

ANYWAY... on a more present note,
i'm getting admitted to the legal profession tomorrow at 12.45pm. im officially and finalllyyy there! swing by around 1pm if you wanna join my picture session! xox