June 27, 2009

.clearing the junk yard; day #1.

omg. cleaning my room might take days. i started more than 8 hours ago, and im not done. [i had breaks in between of course - to eat, take a break and reminisce on the past with certain items.] and right now, cleaning has to stop because i need sleep before having to get up for work at 6.30am tomoz.

gosh. i sleep in bloody a junk yard. a junk yard with overflowing memories from my past 6 years in australia. throwing things away upsets me. :( although at the same time, the extra space makes up for it. gah. all these mixed emotions!

... and twice the GAHH cuz dust is everywhere. i guess i'll have to wear clothes to bed tonight. 2.27am. ok, time to ciao. nitey sleepy people!

p.s. i'll leave u with this video. my latest addiction!

gabe is awesome! :)

June 25, 2009

.to the fool amongst us..


this world. revolves. but NOT. around you.

now run along.


.my take on being a real friend.

so, i had time on my hands this arvo and decided to muck around with one of taylor swift's songs...

its called "you belong with me". the original lyrics circles around a best friend who thinks she's better for the guy than his current girlfriend... i know, it happens. but then, here i was, thoroughly inspired.

You Belong With Me.mp3 - Taylor Swift

soOoo... i'd suggest, in order to experience the full effect of my modifications, you should check out the original lyrics... to do so, please click here.

and when you're ready, here's mine...

"He Belongs To Me"

He’s on the phone with me
His girlfriend
I’m upset
You think I’m going off
bout something that he said
You don’t know what’s really happening
Like I do

You’re in your room
It's a typical Tuesday night
You’re listening to the kind of music
that I don't quite like
I’ll never know his story
Like you do

Cuz you’re his best friend
I’m his girlfriend
You’ve been around longer
Don’t mean you’re right together
Stop dreaming ‘bout the day
When he wakes up and find
That who he’s looking for
Has been you the whole time

Cuz can’t you see
That I'm the one
He’s chose to be with
You can tag along
But don’t forget that
He, he belongs to me
He belongs to me.

You’re walking the streets
With him and his worn out jeans
You can't help thinking
This is how it ought to be
Laughing on a park bench
Thinking to yourself
Hey, isn't this easy?

I know he’s got a smile
That could light up this whole town
I haven't seen it in awhile
Since you brought him down
You say you're fine
He knows you better than that
Hey whatchu doing
Stressing him like that

Cuz I’m his girlfriend
You’re his best friend
Hangin’ ‘round longer
Don’t mean you’re right together
Stop dreaming ‘bout the day
When he wakes up and find
That who he’s looking for
Has been you the whole time

Cuz can’t you see
That I'm the one
He’s chose to be with
You can tag along
But don’t forget that
He, he belongs to me
You’ve been standing by
But here, I’m at his front door
All this time
How could you not know
that He,
He wants to be with me
Wanna be with me.


Oh, I know he’s been
Driving to your house
In the middle of the night
Sure I know you make him laugh
When you think he’s about to cry
But can’t you see its wrong
When he tells you bout his dreams
You’ve been selfish all along
Thinking he should leave me…

Can't you see
That i'm the one
He wants to be with
You’re just the friend all along
Why can't you see?
He belongs with me.

You’ve been standing by
But here, I’m at his front door
All this time
How could you not know
that He,
He wants to be with me
Wanna be with me.

Have you ever thought
Just maybe
He belongs with me?

in a nutshell, i just think it would be fair to give the girlfriend a little say in who her boyfriend should belong to/with. if i didn't have phrasing and rhyming restrictions, i would have much more to add to it. this was fun. :)

and mind you, random inspirations creep up! so i hope no one takes this personally. heck, i could fall for my best friend one day and think the same. who knows rite?

but right now, i just think, in the midst of getting caught up in what you think is best for you, lets not forget that we have no rights [best friend or not] to meddle in the romantic lives of others. especially if you dare call yourself a best friend.

because truth is, if its not our relationship, we really don't know whats happening. so lets not be so quick to criticize two people's relationship, no matter how peculiar it may seem to us. how else can you explain hot girls dating frogs and hot guys dating mules, right? :)

again, just my two cents.

p.s. here's the instrumental version of the song if you wanna try out my lyrics. HAHA :)

June 23, 2009

.an adorable sight.

been watching harry potter movies from the beginning with the girls and my baby this weekend. last night, he was really tired... and dozed off towards the end of it. what was cute though was watching him hug my leg to sleep.

in the middle of the movie, i had placed my legs on top of him, bent around the knee so it came up to his chest. conveniently, it became a bolster for him to hug to sleep. it was such a cute sight... if only my movements weren't so restricted, i would've taken a picture of him. too bad. would've loved to add that adorable image to our scrap book.

anyways, by the end of the movie, i was all stiff, aching and cramped. that was the only downside... but hey, it was so worth it. :)

June 21, 2009

.noticing little things about 'human'.

here's an observation:

i find it really amusing when u notice the behaviours of others when they're interacting with the opposite sex. the little actions, smiles, expressions, touch that they consciously or subconsciously let out to catch or hold or win someone's attention or interest.

of course i do it too. no doubt.

but the funniest of them all are those who does it, but doesn't admit it; AND further compare themselves with someone else who was doing exactly the same thing.

and here are some things i think people should know -

#. girls can tell what other girls are trying to pull with men, when the man himself can't. thats why girls "over-react" to men in many cases. AND VICE VERSA.

  • we know when a girl is trying to be sweet with u just to make us look bad.
  • we know when she's not just being 'helpful'.
  • we know she didn't just 'have leftovers' when she brought you that pink box with a million cupcakes.
  • we know she's sometimes just trying to win points when she uses lines like...
"if i was your girlfriend, i would've never done that!"
"i don't understand why she'd didn't get it. i do!"
"i can see why she did that, but if i was her, i would've totally stood by you!"

#. SOME girls know what men are trying to do, when the man himself doesn't think she does. they're not necessarily bad things... but its just funny to watch.

  • when men compete for attention in a group, especially when they're among other men.
  • when men conscious/subconsciously puts down other men to win votes for themselves among the ladies. [this is bad]
  • when the man knows he's hot and is using it to his advantage. [which can be very unattractive] *i know... and vice versa*
  • when men are jealous and tries to get back at us subtly, then claim they're not. *also, v.v*
  • when a man is attracted to someone but for some reason, tries to hide it. [you can tell from the way he acts, looks, talk and more]

but hey, just my two cents.

*i might edit this later*

June 20, 2009

.mobile photo barf.

i finally bothered to upload the pictures on my mobile. so yea, here's some random piccies from random times, with my babe [who else?]...

#1. a night with champagne and dvds with my bunny. :) wasn't as planned, but still fun. bubbly is always yummers... lalalalaaaa...

#2. made pancakes for brekkie for my bunny one morning. :) and oranges, for a healthier twist after all that sugar...

#3. me baby made my family some french-style yogurt. prepared the way his mum used to do it back in france. he was so excited to share his little recipe... and everyone loved it. :) yay!

#4. sheena curled my hair one random night and it was kinda cute. so i took a pic to show my bubby.. :) he predicted that i will someday share this picture with the public so he already told himself not to feel special. haha my baby knows me well...

#5. sam a.k.a monkey malo... our son. :)

#6. baby and i bought something for melissa and allan's new home. :) isn't it cute? i especially like it because its the first gift from "us"... :)

...and thats all the randomness that i have this time around!
till next time,
stay warm in winter! :)


June 19, 2009

.i heart ronaldo; always.

i got teary watching some ronaldo videos on youtube, especially the goodbye tributes. i hate that he's leaving for real. i know, $80m is alot. and sure real is great, but how can this be good for him?

at united, he's our star man. [i'm not saying we dont have other awesome players. cuz WE DO! glory glory!] but at real, he's just gonna find himself having to battle it out with all the other big names. and thats IMO such unnecessary pressure! for a 24 year old, it might mess around with his head... and then what? become beckham? [a celeb more than baller?] :(

and fergie wont be around to take care of him now. to set his mind straight and help him grow and mature as a player! to remind him that his game means more than fame! that teamwork and hardwork matters!... and omg, imagine if him and paris hilton strikes it up again. yyyuuuccckk.... :(

sigh... i'm so devastated. but i do wish him all the best. i hope he continues focusing on his game and improving his skills and pushing himself to be the best. i hope he doesnt loose his mind being around those big shots and all that 'competition'. i hope he remembers his passion and what matters. i hope he carries himself well and make right decisions. sigh. SIGH.

anyway, blues and rues aside... i made something to cheer myself up! nothing like some good ol' sheldon street fun! -

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June 17, 2009

.five months together.

five months since my babe and i first met. :)

*DISCLAIMER: this post is entirely self absorbed. [not that my others werent; i just felt the need to say this.]*

we celebrated at the coast, 10 minutes before the end of our day (because we're busy people *ahem*) with lots of laughs, kisses and warm winter hugs. i surprised him by driving down to the coast with a surprise gift for him in a box. he totally loved everything! and that was just awesome. :)

"cuz i thought, we've never spent an anniversary apart,
so why start now right?"

my only mistake: forgetting to take pictures! *grr!* i blame the cold weather freezing up my brain!

ANYWAY, I LOVE SURPRISES!! - and i mean, planning them! its awesome!! great great feeling when everything works out exactly as planned!! and my baby's reaction to it all, PRICELESS!! he's so awesome... :) SO AWESOME!!!

... and i'm really happy now. :)

June 16, 2009

.immuned to needles.

:) i took my first cervical cancer vaccination yesterday. the best part was having my baby's hand to hold as i "anticipated" the pain. [cuz the real thing didn't actually hurt much]

hey, maybe it didn't hurt cuz he was there with me? HAHA. eek. sorry, thats no excuse to sound cheesy. i take it back. but anyway, its cool. my first time at the docs with a boyfriend for support. good feeling. :)

plus, he held my handbag for the rest of the day because my arm was weak and numb. :)

oh, btw ladies, i heard the pain gets worse the 2nd and 3rd time around... so fingers crossed!!


June 14, 2009

.argument over wedding bands.

today at work, i noticed a funny "couple dynamic". [if thats what u call it]

a couple was picking out wedding bands together. usually, the man would be uninterested and the lady would be in charge. however with this couple, the man clearly dominated. even when it came to 'her' ring, he'd say things like -

"i dont think she wants that many diamonds. babe, you don't want that many diamonds, do you?"

to which his fiancee would reply, "umm... yea, i guess."

*tries a different one*

him, cutting her off, "see, this one looks okay. but i'm thinking maybe 5 little diamonds. babe, 5 diamonds?"

her, "umm... yea, i guess."


he then found a ring for himself that he liked. white gold, as opposed to his fiancee's yellow. i then asked, "so, the rings won't match. one's white and the other's yellow. is that okay?"

him, cutting her off (again) "pfft. i dont care about them matching."
her, "umm..."

i turned to her, saying, "okay, tell me what u think. do you mind?"

her, "well... i think i'd prefer if it matched."
him, "pffft... well, its never gonna match. u've got a diamond!" *mocking tone*
her, "yea, but..."
him, "pffft..."
her, *louder* "well, where i come from, wedding band matches!"
him, "but i don't care if they match!"

ME, "okay... how about i give you guys come time to think about it. i've got the details of the rings you picked out on this card. i'll be happy to assist you both further when you've decided."

both, "okay.. thanks." *walks out*

pfft. well, i hate to say... they dont exactly look like a couple that's gonna last forever and ever. *touchwood* then again, we never know what's right nowadays huh?


June 12, 2009

.marriage; you just dont know.

one of my close male friend is getting engaged. im left with mixed feelings about the news. of course im happy for him... but whoa... engaged. looks like things really are changing. [is this what everyone calls growing up?]

despite that, despite feeling maybe its time we all think about the big "M" word, i still feel nauseas at the sight of an engagement ring on my finger. even a 2 carat diamond can't change my mind. [proven fact - i just experimented at work today.]

sigh. i hope i'm just being a drama queen about this; cuz i'd hate to learn that all this while, i never had the marriage gene in me. u never know huh? 

i've been living my whole life according to what my culture/family/society expects of me... who knows, maybe deep down, if i could ignore all those external influences and expectations, i'd learn that marriage really just isnt for me? *scary thought*

BUT until then, i think i do want to get married. eventually. just not yet.

besides, who doesnt want to have someone to have and to hold for better and for worse right? [no, i'm not being sarcastic!] and yes, i know. meeting the right guy will change everything. so i guess we'll see... 

i do want someone i can completely fall on to and trust that he'll catch me when i fall. someone to fight the world with. someone to hold my hand through life... so yea. see? i do want those things. and i love diamond rings! so who's to say i can't get married right?! :) :)

p.s. u know how i've been going on and on about being happy with my beau? well, i still am - but lately i find myself thinking about M-L alot. self defence mechanism perhaps? sigh. i'm so screwed up; heck! even i wouldnt marry me!

p.p.s. dammit ronaldo!!! $80m!! and sleeping paris hilton?! WTH.... *disappointed*

.scattered dreams.

been having lots of dreams lately. whether i sleep for 15 minutes or 10 hours, the dreams just keep pumping through my head.

i usually don't mind it, but these days, its been too random and... messy? and whats annoying is dreaming about the things i've planned to do that day. 

like, i would plan to go to garden city that day and find myself dreaming i'm at garden city, and doing the things i had planned to do, then waking up and realizing it was just a dream and i actually havent done any of it yet.

its definitely not a premonition because nothing happens the way it does in my dream. but its still bloody annoying.

2 nights ago, i woke up to selina's sms, telling me to grab a bank statement from her room. i then went back to bed after reading it, and dreamt that i went to her room but couldn't find the slip. my whole day went on (in my dream) going from bad to worse.

when i eventually woke up, i felt so tired and negative and down and just mentally drained. 

although i found the slip in selina's room without any drama, and things seem better than it was in my dream, i still fell like crap.

anyone out there who interpret dreams? lemme know what u think.

p.s. ronaldo is leaving united. *sobs*

June 11, 2009

.keeping meself happy.

dont have much to say. so lets just keep the focus on the happy things. :)

my baby made my family a little treat that his mum liked making for him back in france. it was awesome. not very diet-y, but oh well! good food, no complaints!! :)

now roll your eyes, 
but i'm gonna say this again -

my baby is really reaaally great. he really is. :)

June 9, 2009

.party pictures.

had a birthday parties weekend. first nanda's -

my favourite pic :)

then cyrus' -

baby and i were exhausted by the time the weekend and all the parties ended. but cuddling in each other's tired arms was great. :)

my baby is awesome. :)

June 7, 2009

.i've got what i need; at least for right now.

some people are worth it.
but some aren't.

... and thats life, as i know it.

im gonna be smarter next time.


my boy is completely awesome. 

i feel so lucky to have him. these few days, he has been nothing but understanding, supportive and caring. *touchwood* [don't wanna jinx it] and its just when i needed it most. he has no idea how much, but even without knowing, he's given me all that i could ever ask for. [without me asking!] 

granted, we still annoy each other sometimes, but hey, comes in a package. ;) [cant complain] 

what made him even more awesome tonight is seeing him make that extra effort to take care of my family too. he prepared a little "my-mum-use-to-make-this-for-me-in-france" dessert for everyone. mannn did we laughed so much. just dicing, chopping, peeling, teasing, joking & exchanging little moments... not much, but it made me feel absolutely great again. :)

he's downstairs, male bonding with my brother right now. on to their 2nd bottle of red wine. how the hell did they find so much to talk about?! but i couldn't possibly feel better right now...

my boyfriend is so great, i could seriously cry. :)

p.s. he found my have-been-misplaced-since-three-days-ago watch in my messy room!! wooo!!

June 5, 2009

.a joke gone bad.

soOo... recently on facebook, this announcement came about:

it then followed with responses as such:

what did i find odd, you may ask?

well, for one... where are my "congratulations!!"?? lol is it really THAT unbelievable news? but here are my real questions:

1. is it unbelievable because its too sudden?; or 
2. is it unbelievable because its ME?


its not true. im not engaged. sheena and i were just messing around.

we were gonna change our status to being engaged to each other... but sadly, before we got that chance to "reunite" (*pokes tongue out at wynna* - see?! i told u she'll be mine again!), i realized facebook is too public to be making such jokes.

see, i received a message from my god mother, shocked about the news. even after telling her its not true, she gave me strict instructions to "warn your parents its just a joke before you ruin their holiday"(cuz M&D are on holidays atm) hence:

so yea,

but hey, at least now i know how my family would react to sudden news of my engagement. after all, to "ruin their holiday" doesnt exactly reflect approval. hmm... probably the suddenness made them all think i got knocked up or something.....   .......    ................

......... oh god. that news could be spreading all across my home town right now.


p.s. have to admit though, i totally loved the "aftermath" comments... lol

[click to enlarge]

June 2, 2009

.her fear in finding forever.

she convinces herself happiness dont last.
she believes 'happy ever after' is now, not forever.
she has fun but just enough.
she doesn't trust anyone with her heart but herself.
she doesn't dare to be overly vulnerable.
she's afraid she might not have what it takes to stand up after a fall.
she fears disappointment, especially ones set up by herself. 
she's her own biggest critic.


"my biggest fear is getting hurt," she told him.
looking into her eyes with a tiny crease on his forehead... 

"no, your biggest fear is finding someone who can hurt you."