May 28, 2007

.a night just for cyrus.

Cyrus will be going back to HK on Thursday for 3 months (or more)...
SoOo... Since his birthday is in June,
And we really wanted to celebrate it with him,
(cuz we're like the best people around)
We threw him a mini surprise birthday party!

Here was how it went:

Step 1: Candles leading to the kitchen

Step 2: Entry to the kitchen SEALED,
and ready for him to burst through!

Step 3: We get a surprised little boy! *wee heee!*

Birthday Wish!
Then Sheena and I gave him a Birthday gift!

Then for sure,
He takes a picture with his beloved. ^^
*our head organizer*

Anddddd... finallyy......
Well.... Jimmy and I. *smile*

It was a fun night. I loveee Birthdays!

May 27, 2007

.message from the stars?.

Dear Sherlene,
Here is your single's love horoscope
for Sunday, May 27:

You're rather goal-oriented when it comes to matters of the heart at the moment, but you've got to give the ways of love a little wiggle room. Know when to let things evolve naturally instead of forcing the issue.

Judging from my previous post,
do u think the stars are talking to me?

I hate it when horoscopes make everything sound so relatable!!

May 21, 2007

.and she craps on.

Wasn't gonna mention this,
But last saturday,
Mouzam and I went to catch the FA Cup final at the city together.
Aside from the result of the match,
Everything was pretty fun that nite.

(wasn't gonna mention it becuz I wanna erase the fact that the FA Cup final ever took place at all)

I spent last weekend hanging out with Mouzam alot.
Had lots of fun and reli enjoyed his company.
Might be catching him for a movie this week.
Gonna watch Mandy Moore's "Because I said so".

my throat has been hurting for days now.
Woke up with a fever a couple of times,
but now Im better.
Had lots of sleep during the weekend which helped.
Just need to cut down on the bad food...
Like chocolates, ice creams and cookies.

I think my throat hates me.

Might meet Jimmy tomorrow after his indoor soccer match.
Wonder what we'd be doing.
I might make a trip down to the coast this weekend to check him out.
AND will see if Ivan wants to hangout too.

Might not carry-through the plans I mentioned above.
Who am I kidding?
Exams are so near,
I've got work,
and Im just so freakin lazy.

Im pretty sure I had better things to blog about when I decided to post something.
Amazing how I've only been typing crap.
Maybe thats a message in itself.

May 20, 2007

.meet my stranger.

Name: Jimmy Gaillard
Age: 26 years old
Occupation: Engineering student @ GU / Project Manager
Home: Gold Coast / Brisbane
Star sign: Aries
Interest: Fast Cars and RnB-Dance Music
Nationality: I havent found out, but he isn't Australian.

May 11, 2007

.are they worth it?.

# current state: just got up after a 5 hour nap.

Just thought I'd post this to seek other's opinion.
Last night I wrote to a friend,
Giving her this advise:

"try to tell urself that u shouldn't have to please everyone...
becuz at the end of the day,
if they're worth having you sacrifice your happiness for them,
they should be people who would want u to be happy.
otherwise, they're probably just not worth it."

Somehow I feel that makes alot of sense.
And the ironic thing is,
That's something I should be telling myself too.

(or should I be? That does make sense rite?)

Why is it easier to talk sense to another person,
when you cant even do that for yourself?

.dont push it.

# Music playing: Gabrielle - Out of Reach
# Feeling: Tired (physically and mentally)

I cant really explain how Im truly feeling at the moment.
(Its not a good feeling)
But it could partly be due to my mental exhaustion...
Havent been getting enough rest these few days.

So I was wondering...
Gender equality right?
And among many other things,
When it comes to the dating-world,
Guys take that to mean that in the "modern" world,
they dont always have to be the one pursuing the girls rite?

Well... As one of those "modern" girls myself,
I dont mind making first moves and going after the things I want,
But I'd have to admit that at a certain point,
After I have took the initiative to make the first few contacts,
I would hope the following few would be managed by him.
Thats fair right?

Gender equality, Yes.
Taking over everything guys should do, NO.

I've seen guys who goes out of their way to pursue a girl they like.
I've seen them pick up their phones, open their wallets and giving up their time with friends for those girls,
I've seen them push on and on despite having no response.
Then I've seen them feeling defeated after months of trying.

Im not saying guys deserve that role,
Or that all guys should be doing that to get their girl,
But NO WAY is "gender equality" gonna make girls (ANY GIRL!!) do the above just to get their guy!

Being quite out-there myself,
Here's a list of what I can/would/will do... and thats it.
And there shouldn't be any exception.

#1 - I talk to him first, to get him to notice me.
#2 - If numbers are exchanged, I dont mind being 1st to text.
#3 - If texting goes well, I wouldn't mind calling first.
#4 - If the talk was good, thats when I decide the ball is in his court.

If after the talks,
(where he showed clear signs of interest)
He doesn't take the initiative to call or make contact first,
I'm not gonna do it.

I think thats fair enough right?
How much more does a guy expect a girl to do?

Cuz from how I see it,
If he doesn't act on whats already presented to him after all the girl has done,
He's just not that interested, rite?

Gender equality or not,
This is where Im putting my foot down.

Minor set backs like these are just part of the journey to self fulfillment.
And I dont care if I would have gotten more of what I wanted if I had pressed on.
I hate to think I would end up with a guy that needed so much convincing just to be with me.

...Cuz I know I deserve better than that. ^^

May 9, 2007

.ms pig talks.

If you know me,
You'd know what I love most.

3 words:
"Staying in bed".

(There's a reason why Im not calling it 'sleeping'
but aaaaanyway....)

*D! erase that mental image right now!!*

It doesnt matter if I've gotten enough sleep or not,
If I had a choice,
I'd stay there all day,
Just listening to music and... well...
Enjoying myself. :)

*D! I warned you!*

These few days,
I've been deprived of some good, nice and relaxing time in bed,
and that blows!

Thank goodness the misery ends today.
Well, not really, but I can see it getting better.
(Specially when the weekend rolls by)
I've just submitted one of my worst assignment attempts up to date,
But I dont care.
I need rest.

ooH... cant wait to get the MYSA meeting over and done with.
Dont get me wrong,
I love the association,
But rite now...
NOTHING shud come between me and my bed.

May 7, 2007

.song for a stranger.


Remember I said I was inspired to write a song about that stranger guy I blogged about 2 posts earlier?

Its on YouTube noww!! *keKKekekKe*

It was written and recorded in 24 hours,
so dont mind it being really dodgy.
(and the lines are pretty corny too)
But I guess whats important is,
I enjoyed writing it. haHaa...

May 6, 2007

.finding sherlene a man?.

This convo took place today -

*knocking on my room door*

Mel (my cousin): I need to talk to you!
I came here just to tell you somethingg!

Lene: Yup

*M comes in and gets comfy on my room floor*

M: SooOo... I went for a picnic today with some friends from church.
And then this reaaalllyy nice couple was talking about introducing a nice taiwanese girl to their son.

*S raise eyebrow*

M: *big smile* I've got an eligible bachelor to introduce to you!!

S: .............?

M: He's............ *details about him & his family*...........

S: ..............

M: What do you think?
Wanna come to church with me next sunday?

S: ...............

M: I'll ask his dad to pick you up!

S: ...............

I dont remember the exact convo,
So the above is a very brief remake of it,
but the essence is there.



and just for the record,
No, I wont be going to church to meet Mr.Eligible Bachelor.
haHaa thats just weird.
Specially when Im not even Christian.

Still, LOL...

.the stranger i met and liked.

I met a guy at work today.
We had a nice short talk while I was getting him to fill in his details into a competition entry form that I was promoting.

Im not sure if its becuz he's some-what cute,
Or because he had that cheeky-friendly-confidence when he spoke,
*without sounding arrogant*
Or because we were able to just talk without holding back...
But whatever it is,
he's really stuck in my head.

The conversation started when he asked how was my day,
and then proceed to comment on my brown-contact-lensed eyes.
He then told me he liked green eyes on Asian gurls.
He says its rare... But really nice. *hmm*

I learnt a few things about him.
Like, he lives with housemates,
and he doesn't have a girlfriend.
(It came out naturally - although I did feel myself blush when he said he was single)
DAMMIT. I hope it wasn't noticeable.

Anywayz, before I walked away,
He introduced himself to me,
shook my hand,
and then I told him my name.
He said it was a nice name.
*thanks Mum&Dad*

Then I did something I've never done before.

Well, before that,
I went back to the studio and told my manager about the guy I met.
She asked me if he asked for my number,
and I said NO.
And I said, "But he entered the comp, so I've got his." ^^

Then, (this is the bit where I said I've never done before)
with LOTS of encouragement from my manager and photographer,
(who seem to be much more excited than I was - I think they were bored)
I SMSed him.

I was detained at the studio until he replied,
Cuz Jai (my M) said "now u hangout here a bit so we can wait for his reply".
So I did.

When he finally did reply,
My mind was going "yayyy!!" (silently)
Then Jai and Yarni (my Photographer) took over.
They taught me what to say and how to put the ball back in his court.
They basically drew out the whole scene in their minds,
telling me what I should do if he did what.

*seriously, western people are soooo different when it comes to tryin to get ur guy!*
- and since that dude looked mixed asian + western,
and spoke excelent english, I figured I shud take their advice.

So yea,
I replied him as I was instructed...

That was about 11 hours ago.
Its not like Im waiting,
But he hasn't replied.


Now Im confused.
Am I feeling "hmm" becuz my curiousity wants to find out what he'd do next,
Or is it becuz im feeling "bummer! i reli did wanna get to know him better!"

one good thing came outta all this.
I was inspired to a write a song. ^^
And I did! :)

May 5, 2007

.a good day with friends.

I spent this arvo at coffee club with Mouzam.
I had lunch, and he had coffee...
Its nice hangin out with an old friend.

Its been a while since Mouzam and I spent this much time together.
Not that we're spending a hell lot rite now,
But definitely more than before.
(met him about 3 times this week - once was by coincidence)

The last time was probably 3 years back,
when we were both doing our foundation course.
He's changed a bit since.

Back then,
I had to say 100 words before he uttered 1.
His reponses were always 1 lined, or worse, one word.

We just click and talk alot about anything.
And we're really open.
We tell each other ALMOST everything.
Its a nice feeling.

We call ourselves "Buddies".
... which sounds perfect for me.
(and we ARE just buddies!!)

Today before we parted,
(he was heading to the train station to meet his girl)
He gave me a hug.
It was sweet because just a few days ago,
I was thinkin,
"When was the last time I was really hugged by a guy?"

*did I hug Ivan?*

oH well,
either way,
That wouldn't count.

But yea, I had fun today.
Except for the part when I realised my new phone is f*cked.
I need to bring it back ASAP to get it swapped.

Spiderman 3 wasn't too bad either.
A good day.
Thanks to many dear friends (and bro and cousin).
(Sherman, Selina, Cyrus, Sheena, Lalat, Reza and Mouzam)

OH... and I won $35 at the Casino.
And I wasn't even planning to gamble.
(I was planning to go clubbing with Mouzam!! - but I ended up not going)
aaah... nowonder Im so happy tonite.

May 3, 2007



May 1, 2007

.my day and my phones.

It takes me about 30 minutes to get to the city by bus.
5 minutes into my bus ride,
An asian dude board the bus.

He sat in front of me.
You see,
He isn't cute. *sorry*
But what caught my attention was his reli bad habit.

He finger-combed his hair ALL THE WAY TO THE CITY.
Thats 25 minutes of finger-hair-combing!!
Who does that?!

And his hair wasn't styled or anything.
Plain, down, boringly cut...
(I was gonna say cutted *haHa*)

But yea,
It may have been a small thing,
But boyyy did it annoy me.
Thank goodness there wasn't any sign of dandruff.

25 minutes of finger-hair-combing + dandruff would have pushed me over the brink.
I simply dont think Im capable to handling such situation.

Oh yeaa...
I can just switch seats.


- By the way,
I got a new plan on 3G...
(after less than 2 months into my other new contract)
I love my white nokia. Its so sweet.
But now Im finally on a cap!!
Hopefully this would keep my bills down!

And I got a new phonee!
Its RED!
woOo hoOo!!

Glory Glory Manchester United!
*im turning into a red freak!*

Im back to carrying 2 mobiles.