August 26, 2009

.shall we dance: movie quote.

watched "shall we dance" today, starring richard gere, susan sarandon & j.lo.

... and i thought the line in the video above should most definitely be quoted -

when asked about her take on why people get marriage, susan sarandon's character says:

" ... because we need a witness to our lives. There's a billion people on the planet... I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... all of it, all of the time, every day. You're saying 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness'. "

also, i was trying to find my favourite scene from the movie on youtube, but somehow only the foreign languaged ones popped up... [i guess it'll just have to do for now. aaand you might have to watch the whole movie to feel the gravity and emotions of this particular part of the movie... ]

ps: if you're reading this post but not seeing the video, that's cuz u're reading from my automatic facebook note update rather than my original blog post on blogger... [i'm sure there's a link to the original post somewhere.]

August 25, 2009

.ohhhh how i hateee petty arguments!.

don't u hate it when you argue with your boyfriend and then receive an sms, but then realize it ISN'T from him?!

don't u hate it when you try to make peace with him but things end up worst than you initially left it?!

don't u hate it when you have to go to bed angry at him?

... and further angry/annoyed/disappointed because you know that you can't possibly make peace with him before bed without having to suppress your true feelings about the argument?

don't you hate it when you realize things could've gone differently if you both just calmed down a little bit more and reacted or handled things better?

don't you hate it when a petty issue escalates into a blog-worthy argument, AND ruins the good day you both had together?

don't you hate it when a good day ends badly?

I DO!!! :(

August 22, 2009

.some PERSONAL asian men turn offs.

in my OWN and VERY OWN HUMBLE opinion...

... i think oriental asian guys who has nice buff looking bodies absolutely SHOULD NOT CARRY BAGS WITH COLOURFUL LITTLE TEDDY BEARS HANGING OFF THEM... because it just looks so stupid. come on! whats up with that??

some kinda trend where you try to pull off looking macho and cute both at the same time?seriously??

you've got the manly body! u've got it! its ever so rare! so work it! BE A MAN!! not a snob, but a man... be funny, be crazy, go nuts... but leave the teddies at home!

... ALSO, whats up with those big and loose round collared t-shirts? i dont mean the shirt is loose, i mean the round neck collar... that big, loose, old looking collars... its like he's been sleeping in it the night before, if not the entire weekend...

but ANYWAY...

im sorry to sound so critical. MAYBE some of these looks work for some asian men, although i bet it'd only be for the really genetically blessed ones. (ie: those with cute/hot faces to begin with, so they can dress up in ANYTHING and still look good)

and the only reason i blogged about this tonight is because i admittedly checked out some cute looking guys on the bus today, and remember thinking "hmm, some asian guys can actually look really hot"... BUT then i was thoroughly disappointed when i saw his bag with the little teddy bears. and another dude with that disgusting/unflattering collar.

perhaps its their girlfriends' way to keep girls away. a little method called "MAKE YOUR BOYFRIEND LOOK RETARDED"... well geewiz. it works!

ok. the bitchiness ends here. goodnight.

August 18, 2009

.puffy eyes mystery.

been waking up with puffy eyes lately. the kind i get when i cry myself to sleep at night. my post crying eyes. but no, i havent been crying to bed. not consciously anyway.

so why the puffiness?

whether 5 hours or 8 hours or 10 hours, my eyes still starts puffy in the morning!! it never use to be like that! :( is this a sign of aging? inner/subconscious depression? unconscious sleep-crying? hormones? WHAT?!


sheena graduated today! congratz!! so happy for her and her family!! woOhoOo!! :) [AND as always... 101082101 millions photos of the day will be posted on FB soon]

August 17, 2009

.our seventh month.

2nd cervical cancer vaccination today. i have to say, ouch! despite loving the needle/injection sensation (as always), this one quite surprised me. i felt the needle through and through, and felt the ache (like a post-first-time-playing-badminton muscle ache) seeping into every corner of my upper arm...

good thing i had my support system. the boyfriend. :) he made it! was by my side the whole time, looking more worried than i was. so schweet. :)

also, its our 7th month anniversary. whoa. 7 months! :) we had our ups and downs; moments we wanted to kill each other; moments we wanted to bitch a hundred years about each other's annoying habits and antics... but regardless, viola! at the end of the day, we're here. AND HAPPY. :) :) making up is awesome. - and not forgetting, he bought me another awesome gift! [pictures might be posted later]

this saturday, im attending his work's BBQ. apparently we'll be playing a game of touch football. yep, you didn't read wrong. ME. TOUCH. FOOTBALL. *laughs nervously* Will definitely keep u posted!

ps: Sheensie is graduating tomorrow!! CONGRATZ!!!! xxoxoxx

August 16, 2009

.first EPL match of the season: before HT.

oh. so painful. my guys... my team... my united.


Man United 1-0 Bermingham

August 13, 2009

.desperately finding inner peace.

here's a question. [one i've probably already asked before in the past]

OH hell, tell me again;-

if someone says something about you or something related to you that you do not agree about, does trying to explain and/or stick up for yourself make you "defensive"?

... and what if you do not voice your unhappiness about the comment, then feel terribly shitty for having to cop it? teach me please, how do you deal with the bottled up verbal vomit?

GAH! im going to bed even more disappointed than before. talk about piling more shit on top of existing shit.

.the heart weeps; its been a whole day.

attended a black and white awards night on tuesday. it was a work thing. my store went as the phantom of the opera, hence the mask. was a pretty cool night. i came in top #5 in watch sales twice, which was unexpected. yay! i can sell! (at least im good at something.)

anyway, sheenie boo's parents will be arriving here on friday night. looking forward to be around family again (close enough anyway)
- and especially with adults!

cervical cancer vaccination due soon... might go on monday. im guessing, alone, this time.

and yes, i'm still unhappy; although it seems like i'm the only one. it got me thinking, alot. thats never a good thing. (... and yes yes, its obviously boyfriend trouble.) but anyway, i'm gonna stay calm for now. upset, but calm. however that works.

work tomorrow. full day. ciao!

August 12, 2009

.blue weekend.

im unhappy. i need reassurance. yep, im definitely PMS-ing.


clumsy moments in the past week. first i dropped my shop's flap door on my forehead, if u can imagine that; and then i tripped while running up a moving escalator. :( *ouch*

mind u, its worse than it looks. :(

August 8, 2009

.the first moment.

was on the phone with a friend today. he was one of the few people who had witnessed the first few moments between my baby and i when we first met...

he mentioned it to me today, saying:

"i won't forget that night. how you saw him and just fell into his arms. it was love at first sight."

[okay, he didn't say that specifically. i sugar coated the middle bit, but he did call it 'love at first sight'... which is essentially the point.]

... my response:

"awww... *as usual* its not lovvveeee.... we don't do loveee..."

but really, we agreed that we won't. no love business. there u go.

still, i thought it was sweet that a friend remembered one of me and my baby's very first moment... :)

[ignoring the fact that i was actually piss drunk *more so than ever!* and could barely stand on my own two feet (among many other things), and till now have no recollection or actual memory of the event/events of that night. sigh. im a lost cause. but in my defence, it was my birthday celebration!]

mind you, despite all the above, i do acknowledge that the events of that night was kinda bitter sweet. [out of respect, i shouldn't just shove that fact aside; but at the same time, i shall not dive into all that again.]

August 4, 2009

.sherlene misses sherlene.

for some reason, it suddenly dawned on me that i haven't had time for myself lately. i haven't had time to sit around and get bored.

i know, in some ways, its a blessing. but in another way, it can be... draining?

i realized, i'm either surrounded with people, or alone but with a million things to catch up on. dont get me wrong, i love spending time with friends and devoting my weekend to my boyfriend. i also dont mind working 6 days a week for the money...

but somehow, it just feels... there's nothing i've done lately without having to feel like i'm rushing. i'm always rushing for work. rushing to meet up with people. rushing to bed. rushing to grocery shop, do my laundry, drive out to somewhere. even blogging. there's always this feeling at the back of my head, urging me to finish it up so i can do the next thing i've got down on my mental list.

see, when was the last time i was able to sit in my room, listen to music with random day dreams in my mind - guilt free & uninterrupted? and when was the last time i was able to pick up my guitar to write a song?

those things may seem insignificant to you or to most people... but yea, *deep breath* ...thats me. and hell, since when did i start feeling so tired all the time? :( [perhaps my aching wisdom tooth is no help either]

but dear friends, there's no hidden message in this post. i'm content with my choices... i'm just greedy. :)

ps: i had a good time bowling last nite... :) im gonna make it a regular thing now!

me said to my babe: "if you strike this one, it'd mean i'm verrrryy special!"
[his first strike of the nite!]

also... my baby learnt how to use the chopsticks. hahaa *clap clap*
he's so adorably proud of himself. :P

August 2, 2009

.say i'm a bird! [from the notebook].

watched the notebook with my darling tonight...

if you've watched it, you'll remember the "say i'm a bird!!" part? :)

well, after the movie, i hugged my sweetheart and said to him, "say i'm a bird..."

he laughed. "you can't use the same one babe."

"okay, say i'm a snail!" i chirped. [i dont know why a snail... it was the first thing that popped to mind]

... "if you're a snail, i'm a snail."

:) c'mon everybody! *awww in unison!*

... and then he said, "baby... whats a snail?"


*it was later worked out that he didn't get my pronounciation, rather than not understand the word. haha afterall, frogs, snails... isn't that what french people live to eat? haHa!

.lost... & found.

ever had this happen to you?

at my staff meeting last week, i thought i lost my scarf. i only realized 3 hours later when i had to rush off to a staff training. rushing and panicking, i ran to the coffee shop [where we had the meeting] and spoke to one of the staffs.

"i was here earlier, at that table. i think i dropped my scarf?"

"oh? wait a sec, i'll go check at the back."

so he did.

now here's the twist. while he was at the back, looking, i rummaged through my handbag and somehowwww... found my scarf balled up in there. [damn big handbags!] but yea, it was there! it was bloody there! *a bitter sweet reunion indeed!*

SOOoo anywayyyy... when the poor dude came back, he told me apologetically "sorry, it appears no one has found it..."

i bit my lower lip. *to confess or not to confess?* GAH!

he then turned to his colleague and asked "did you see a scarf around?"

*shit shit shit... more people was getting involved!*

"oh.. did you ask the back..?" the colleague asked, and they went on discussing...

that was when i FINALLY interjected... saying... "i must've dropped it somewhere else. thanks anyway guys. i'll just keep looking." and i fled.

a cowardly act, i know...