July 29, 2009

.needed: a pillar of strength.

i've found two important requirements / conditions / characteristics [among many others? ;)] for a guy who wants to be my guy [long term] -

1. i need him to be very sure that he really wants to be with me, because that will give him a solid reason to fight and work hard on keeping us together when things get rough. even IF i lose faith [i can be weak that way...], he'd be strong enough to fight for the both of us, trusting that if he hangs on, i'll follow his strong lead [which i will]. afterall, relationships are hard work. so if he can lead by example? :) be the man?

2. i need him to love me more than his pride. i don't want a wuss or a guy with no stance, but i dont want a guy who would rather hurt me deeper than necessary [in a regular couple-type argument] just because he can't set his pride aside for a second to give us an opening to reconcile; cause YES, i am quite stubborn. so i really need him to be a little less, cuz usually, if he can just start apologizing first, [childish, i know] i will usually follow suit! hence... i need a guy who'd not let his pride come between us, even when mine does.

THERE! too much to ask already? heheee....

p.s. who posted a comment as erwann in one of my older posts?? so not cool dudeee....


July 28, 2009

.#7 replaced.

owen will be wearing united's #7 jersey.

its like another cut, slashing through the existing wound in my poor heart when ronnie left on that $80m fame. can fergie be making the right decision? owen? the new #7? really? isn't it too soon??

sigh. i foresee another deep cut when the season starts. when i see owen on the pitch, playing in the #7 jersey. omg. it's gonna be so painful. i still can't believe its true. i still can't believe ronnie is no longer a red devil!

wwwwwhhhyyyy...........? :(

July 26, 2009

.sherlene's jewellery theory.

after almost a year of being in the 'jewellery industry'... i've learnt that a piece of jewellery looks different when displayed and when you actually try it on. its true! [IMO anyway!]

hence! putting together the two things i think i know 'a fair bit' about, i came up with this catch phrase -

"jewellery is like men. you don't know if it'd suit you until you try it on."

feel free to object. ;)

July 24, 2009

.how we strike-out men.

last night, my girls and i dived into a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate... umm... sheena's graduation? lol a mini pre-celebration anyway. :) it was nice. straw in a champagne bottle... woot woot!


a few weeks ago, i learnt something cute. apparently, im not the only one who "tries to picture myself making out with the guy" before deciding whether i wanted to date him.

here's how it works:

if i see myself feeling weird or worse, disgusted at the idea of making out with the dude, its a straight "No thanks!". if not, i'd consider. and if i can imagine myself completely enjoying it and even looking forward to it, it's a definite yes. :)

my girlfriend [i shall not name her] even said, "i pictured him naked, and thought, 'ewwww...'."

*strike out!*

so yea. haHa! i thought this was such a guy thing to do... but hey! apparently other girls do it too!

July 21, 2009

.happily never after?.

watch this movie when you're in your mid to late twenties. when you're thinking about marriage and commitment. when you think you're ready for marriage and all you see are rosy beds leading you into your awesome future with your one and only. ok, maybe dont watch this movie.

see, i dont know if this is reality... but it sure as hell makes your head (mine) spin. i know i knowww... real life is not a hollywood movie. and relationships? c'mon... mum and dad did it, why can't we, right? *sigh* honestly? i dont know...

people are just so different nowadays. we care more about having excitement in life. we're more competitive and greedy. more easily bored. we're harder to satisfy. easier influenced by our peers and surrounding. we're smarter with excuses and justifications of our 'wrong' actions. we just want all we think we deserve.

and ok ok, maybe not YOU. but, what about that person you chose to spend the rest of your life with? you may be sure that you won't. that you're satisfied. but how about them? how can you be sure he/she feels the same? that they're equally committed? that their head is as straight as yours?

that's right. you don't know.

good luck.

July 20, 2009

.my FB status cherry popped!.

i've been a facebook user for quite some time now... and have actually not displayed a real relationship status before. the closest was when i was in a "r'ship" with sheena bobina ;)

now look!! :) my first!! weeeHheeeee!!!

aaaand another great news! [if its not already obvious enough] my boyfriend has officially been converted to facebook!! haHa yay! :) the winning chip was knowing this would be the best way to stay in contact with the friends he has made during his time australia... *awww* :)

ANYWAY... wwwweeeheeeee!!!

i like it. :)
i like it very much.
HAHA. :)

the things that amuses me. im so lame. :P

July 16, 2009

.insensitivity hurts.

"get over it."

three words a guy, especially a boyfriend is never suppose say to a girl when she tells you she has a problem. other similar phrases are such as -

"its not that big of a deal."
"you're pissed at me just because of that?"
"you're just overreacting."
"you're being a child. there are bigger problems out there."

its just not sensitive. and being unsensitive to us, hurts. :(


btw... this post is totally random. no, my baby and i are fine. :) its our 6 months since-we-first-met anniversarry at midnight!! wooHoo!

July 15, 2009

.your life's passerby.

ever so randomly at work today, a 'window shopper' outside my store told me about her husband who died of cancer at the age of 48. she teared up. she said its been a while, but from recently travelling to australia to visit her son, seeing him, apparently a replica of her late husband always brought back the longing and aching from all those years.

she said its been so long but she still loved him so, and had since never met anyone that came close to him. her tale warmed my heart and i gave her a hug.

she then told me -

"when you meet him, you will know. you will know he's the one you want to marry. i knew right away. trust your gut instincts and nobody else. you will know!"

and then she said goodbye and walked away. i never got her name and she wasn't an existing customer. i realized i will probably never see her again.

i realized... she had become a person who had randomly walked into my life just to shine some romantic optimism on my lost-confused-and-skeptical little heart. her words truly touched something inside of me.

julia said, maybe she's my angel... [in a way] hmm... spooky how these things work sometimes, hey?

July 13, 2009

.sydney, we did it again.

holy crap. i got back from my sydney trip almost 48 hours ago, and i'm still feeling super exhausted. granted, i worked both the days right after i got back and havent had a decent shut eye since.

so tired!

driving to sydney and back is definitely an adventure. especially when its night time, raining and you find yourself stuck on the mini highway in a 3 hour post-oil-tank-on-fire accident clean up. sirens blaring in the dark, zooming past all the other unfortunate and tired drivers who had turned their car engines and lights off, leaving the streets pitch black. one word, scary.

i'll write more when im more awake. shouldn't have joined my baby to watch that "doubt" movie... i feel even more drained now! :( till then, here's a little something from the trip. i'd imagine more will surface on facebook in due course -

.the four musketeers.

.reunited with family and my best friend on GSG day!!.

.my baby & i.

July 3, 2009

.6 days worth of crap.


.im heading to sydney on monday.
.i cant wait till i dont need to save every penny i have in my account for this blasted sydney trip.
.i need to buy moisturizer... im cracking up.
.winter is not fun.
.nanda fixed up my hair's regrowth and gave me a fringe. yay! thanks babe!.
.i found a brilliant software to download youtube videos! [any video converter].
# perhaps not the 'legalest' thing to do.
.my baby bought me new boots! for no reason too! wheee!.
.i cleaned out the old stuffs in my room!!.
.i cleaned out my clothes too!!.
.im so tired.
.oh!! and i became nanda's face model for her napoleon perdis make-up artist course!.
[pictures will be posted in due course]

.:random blabs from work:.

.working 4 days a row is going to damage my left ankle. no kidding.
.i need an idea for an awesome costume for a "black and white" themed party at work.
.i made a man buy a $1,550 ring he wasn't after just by talking about random things to him.
[for almost an hour mind u!]
.i witnessed a grown son whistling his mum for attention when he was trying on sunnies at sheena's shop.
[so rude!!]

.:just random:.

."so you think you can dance" is back on channel 10!.
.this dancer, tony, is really cute.
.he looks a bit like my baby.