August 27, 2006

.random 'im-so-irritated' questions.

1. How do you get someone to face reality when reality bites like a bitch?

2. Is staying in denial the best way to keep a broken heart beating?

3. What are the limition when it comes to contact with the opposite sex when you're already seeing someone?

4. What is flirting?

5. Are there times when you just have to be jealous?

6. Why do some people mistake help for poison?

7. What do you do when you dont wanna be jealous, but you are?

8. If someone does something mean to you, do you return to 'favour'?

9. Why am I so annoyed and just so fcuking pissed off atm?

10. What do u do when u're clearly annoyed at a person, but he chooses to act like nothing's wrong?

11. What do u do when u're clearly annoyed at a person, but he doesn't admit that its him who wronged u?

12. Can you be pissed at your best friend?

13. What is a best friend?

14. Is older truly wiser?

15. I hate these feelings that I'm feeling atm. Is this why I never truly allow myself to care for another person? To avoid these crappy emotions?

16. Can I just run away from it all?

17. If you know u're right, but people accuse u of doing something wrong, would u defend yourself?

18. Does crying for a particular problem show that u care about the problem, or are the tears really for your own feelings of being hurt?

19. Why don't I cry as often as I did anymore?

20. Why do I even bother sometimes?!

*annoyed. VERY annoyed.*

I can't believe my good day was spoilt by so many shitty things thrown at me in the span of just 2 shitty, verrry shitty hours.

Is my tolerance being taken advantaged of?
Or am I just plain dumb for caring so much?

See... I knew I shouldnt have cared.

August 26, 2006

.shut up boo-boys!.

Its amazing how a cute guy can make even the ugliest jersey look HOT.

ok ok, Im sorry MU fans who loves the new kit.
It just doesn't really... well... work for me.
Knowing it's a tribute kit,
That definitely makes the idea of it better.

(no wonder it looked so old fashion)


By the way,
I also wanna use this opportunity to say:

"Cristiano managed to shut those English boo-boy's traps with his contribution to MU's awesome start this season!! WhoOo hOOooo!!!"

Man Utd is my Religion. Crissy is my God.

.for the love of donuts.

Im such a lucky person.

(minus the stress that's building up becuz my presentation date is getting closer!)

Last week or so,
I was talkin to Groovy.
And he brought up Sydney's Krispy Kream.
(did I spell it right?)
But anyway,

It's one of the most popular donut-like kinda junk food u can get in Sydney.
I remember Ivan tell me about it.
Made my mouth water.

So that's exactly what I told Groovy.

And today,
see what I got!

To those who's seen me,
You guys must be thinking,

(Only if you don't already think s0)
"Oh My God. She's soOo gonna turn into a pig."

I guess it's a risk I'll have to take for the love of donuts.


ps: to those who's mouth is watering,
I intentionally posted the add of the shop with the pic.
So yea... *nudge nudge wink wink*
Dont hessitate to check it out.

August 24, 2006


Im so tired.
Im so drained.
Im so... emotionally stressed.

Ok, no.
Its not as bad as it sounds.

Its just,
I've got so many hours to work this weekend,
and next Tuesday,
I've got a friggin' presentation.
I soOoo dont wanna mess it up.
I love Family Law class.

I need strength.
And I'm trying to relax.
Im seriously trying.

So what now?
I need to make a start on my presentation!
Do I shower?
Or do I listen to my lecture taping first?
Or maybe I should read the extra notes I printed today?
Or should I dive into reading the cases?
Shower first.
No... read.
No... shower!
No... Im so sleepy.......!!!

Thats a whole weekend down the drain!!
And my shifts starts tomorrow!!


I mean...


August 20, 2006

.not quite fixed?.

I was on the phone with Groovy a while ago.
We started talking about...
Well... about our past experiences with 'Love'.
At the end of the convo,
All I found was that I have always been afraid to love.

I dont know how to put this down in words,
But the last time I ever attempted to really love...
(if I didn't actually did, if you know what I mean)
... was probably... when... I was 16?

I know I know...
I know what you're thinking.
Groovy said it too...
At 16, it's probably just what people call 'Puppy Love'.
Thats what you were thinkin' right?!
Yeaa... possibly it was.
What I do know is that,
That was probably the last time I allowed myself to truly like a person.

You know,
When you...
.... feel like you'd do anything for them.

Like I told Groovy,
Its probably something to do with my maturity at that time too.
Maybe that time, I was really naive.
I allowed myself to just really fall into something,
Without seconds thoughts,
and blindly build all those hopes and dreams and expectations for the both of us.
But just because I was naive,
It doesnt mean that what I felt for him wasn't really something special rite?

Until now,
Im not sure if that was love,

But I do know that the day he left,
(not that we broke up,
we were separated by distance)
I truly did experience a kind of pain,
A pain that still brings tears to my eyes until today,
A pain that I vowed not to allow myself to feel again.

I remember back then,
When I told my friends...
"My heart hurts really bad. It's not just a feeling.
It REALLY does hurt."

... 5 years later,
Yes, I've cried over a few failed relationships,
But I dont know if I've felt that sharp pain in my heart again,
The one I felt the time I lost him.

I admitted that to Groovy.

Then I found out,
In these 5 years...
I've always gotten into relationships without allowing myself to fully be IN it.
Groovy says thats whats holding me back,
and would possibly be the factor of me losing someone that could truly be right.

I told him,
I'm just trying to be careful.
Whats wrong with trying to make sure he's worth it before truly falling?

But Groovy was right.
He said one thing that was a spot-on.
I froze.
He said,

"You're always telling yourself 'This aint gonna last' before even getting into a rship."

I do.
I tell myself that every time.

And there's only one reason for such thought:
To prepare myself for the day we break up.
To make sure I do not invest too much emotions in it,
since Im already predicting that it wasn't going to go the distance anyway.
And by telling myself that,
He wouldn't be able to truly hurt me.

Groovy says,
With that mentality,


Im messed up.
What am I gonna do?

August 16, 2006

.Trivia Nite.

Refer to the pics,
(point ur mouse to the pics for captions)
But I think it was on the 9th of August...
A bunch of us gathered at my place to chill out.
We ended up playing a Trivia game.
It got pretty crazy!

Not sure if its becuz of us,
Or becuz the questions were just impossible to answer!
And why did Groovy and I always get questions on Fauna?!
Do we look like we have a green finger to u?!

But nwayz,
Here are a couple of weird snaps fr that nite.

August 14, 2006

.messed up priorities?.

I havent been updating my blog alot lately.
Not saying much at least...
I guess Im just plain lazy.
Yea... I am.
But I have been blog-hopping though.
Been rummaging friends' blogs and seeing what they've been up to.
I guess you can say that Im nosy.
Yea... I am.
Nwayz, I got this quiz off James' blog.
James' was said to place most emphasis on his career.
I say thats quite a good thing for a guy.
*thumbs up*
I dont know if my test results are accurate though.
But I do know that I DO love having fun.
So... *shrugs*
I guess sometimes I can be in denial...
Yea... I am.
Fun is most important in your life.

Having a high focus on fun indicates that you value your own enjoyment over anything else. And there is nothing wrong with that. Your motto is we're here for a good time - not a long time.

Life Piechart -

Take this quiz at

Good luck if you plan to take this test!

August 7, 2006

.LeNnie in Adelaide.

I spent last weekend in Adelaide for Ivan's 21st Bday.
I never thought I'd actually fly down there,

But I did.
Here's some pics to remember my trip!
It was fun!