September 26, 2006

.i dont know.

I had a hair cut today...
I got a fringe.
I dont think I look much different though.
Hmm... Actually that was yesterday.
(cuz now is already past 12am)

I also cooked a full dinner for my housemates.
Steamed fish, made stir fry pork and mushroom + taufu puffs,
and also fried a vege-dish.
I think it was not bad.
Yay to me.

I also managed to wash the girls' bathroom.
Spent an hour just scrubbing and scrubbing.
Thank God its over.

Today was pretty productive.

The two days before that was terrible though.
I was going through a major-PMS-mood swing.
Then again,
With the stuff that happened,
How could I NOT be mood-swinging!

Aside from the cruel fact that MU only managed to bag 2 points in their latest EPL match,
(and it was only friggin' Reading!!)
On one of the nights,
As I was putting on my shoe to walk out the house,
and balancing myself by holding on the side of the door,
A strong wind blew,
and the door came slamming on my fingers.

- and I really do mean *sobs*...
It hurt so bad I couldn't hold back the tears.
*sobs sobs sobs*

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The same night,
I had a nightmare...
I woke up the next morning crying.
I dreamt that I lost my dad...
It was terrifying!!
I called my dad straight away and continued crying.
His voice was comforting.
I miss dad so so so much.....

Later that day,
I had to work.
With sore fingers and a terrible start to the day,
It made working extra tough.

I hope the bad stuffs are over for now.
Im gonna have fun at Gold Coast on Wednesday.
But first,
I need to survive working 7 hours tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

September 19, 2006

.are you eligible to donate blood?.

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She can't give blood, can you?

I got this postcard a few months ago.
It lists a few requirements for blood doners.
Apparently u have to be able to say "No" for each requirement in order to enable you to donate.

The requirements stated on the postcards were:

. are you pregnant?
. have u recently given birth?
. do u have a serious heart condition?
. had a tattoo in the last 12 months?
. over 70?
. low in iron?
. weigh less than 45kgs?
. did u live in the uk for over 6 mths between 1980 and 1996?


I thought I was perfectly fine for the job,
But reading down the list,
I noticed one requirement that kinda "wow" me...
And just like that,
Im cut off the eligible blood donating group.

Guess which?

... ooH... and first let me say,

But nwayz,
NO!! I'm not pregnant and I didnt get a tattoo!! (yet)
I actually failed the last requirement.

I was caught off guard...
Cuz I had in fact lived in the UK for 3 years,
And that was from 1987 to 1990.

*boo hoo*

Can you give blood?
One donation can help 3 lives!

Call 13 14 95 or visit

For the complete list on your eligibility, visit:

- by the way,
I just checked the site...
and apparently I PERMANENTLY cannot give blood in Aus.

But Good Luck to you!

September 18, 2006

.man utd's painful loss.

Our First Lost of the Season.
It's painful.

More so becuz we lost to friggin' Arsenal.
And to top that off,
My Idol,
MY Cristiano Ronaldo,
had to be the one who blew our chance to at least get 1 point out of this messed up match.

We had many messed up players on the pitch today.
Fergie was a dumbass too.
Why did he take out Scholes?!
Why not O'Shea?
Why not Fletcher?

And Rooney's return was disappointing.
He was one of the reasons why we couldn't get in front.
His passes were weak,
And he didn't seem to connect with his team mates.

Who was the star of the First Half,
(Not considering Kusczczak who caused and saved a penalty)
Ended up being the screw up in the 2nd half...

Fergie's mistake was not playing Solskjaer sooner.
He needs to dump his 80 mins substitution tradition into the bin!

The image of Didier Drogba's crazy-beautiful volley scares the shit outta me.
I have to admit...
He's a top notch stricker.
He makes Rooney seem like an ant.
Sorry Roon.

The only up-side of the entire match was when Ronaldo slammed that ball on Lehmann's face.
I wish it got that annoying gum-chewing goalie substituted.
That way, Solskjaer's shot would have gone through.

ON behalf on Ronaldo,
Im appologising to other Man Utd fans I know.
My boy was an idiot tonite.
(Althought he wasn't the only one)
I hope it helps him (and them) grow.


September 17, 2006

.a question for everyone.

You know...
Some words carry different significants for different people.
Some words mean something different for every different people.
& Some words may mean more to some people that it does for others.

So how do you know what the words meant to one person,
If it is said or unsaid to you?

Lets say,

When someone says:
"You mean alot to me."

Some people may think that means
they're the most precious thing in another person's life,
Whilst some others may think
they just mean more than the other people in that person's life.

Or when someone says:
"Im very hungry."

To some people, it may mean,
"Im so hungry that if I dont eat now, I'll faint."
And to some others, they may think,
"My stomach feel empty. Lets get food."

The first interpretation would make the line you say mean something much much more,
While the other would make the line seem like u have a point, but its not exactly "Wow"...
You get what Im saying?

So when someone says something like that to you,
how do you know which one they meant?

But more important for me to know now is,

What do u do when u say or dont say something,
But the other person doesn't understand why,
becuz to them,
It doesnt mean what you're thinking it means?

- Im pretty sure I lost most of you.

Its alrite.
I'll try to work it out on my own.

September 15, 2006

. ... .

He said It. ^^

September 14, 2006

.on and off as i like.

You how sometimes when you say things that starts with "I wish..."?
Be careful when you use lines like that.
You never know what may happen.

I remember saying,

"I wish feelings had an on/off button."

I noticed how I can truly turn my feelings on and off as I like.
It's like, my mind really does listen when I say,
"Don't get upset about that!"
"Dont think about him!"

I've tested it.
Everytime Im upset,
I tell myself,
"Dont be"...
And within minutes,
I'm able to block out the entire thing and resume normalcy.
(If you know what I mean)

I think its really the power of the mind that ultimately controls the heart.
I think I've really begun to master the art of denying my heart.
"Begun"... meaning I'm not entirely there yet,
But hey,
I might just get there...

I might just be able to control my heart with my mind.
Its probably against nature,

But hey...
I get to keep myself focused on what really matters.
Sounds good to me.

At the moment,
I'm trying to use the power of my mind to tell myself,
"Tattoos wont hurt. GET ONE!"

^^ We'll see what happens.

September 11, 2006

.portuguese men.

I found this new Cristiano Ronaldo fan blog.
It's reaaallly good.
Its not 100% CR,
Its more of a "Hot Footballers" blog,
But you knoww...
Its understood.
When you talk about hot footballers,
You know who'll appear on first page rite?

Check out this entry.
I loved it.

.Portuguese Men.

And the pics they have in there...
To Die For.
and I noticed how they love focusing below CR's waist.
(If you know what I mean)

CR is God.
I think Im in love.

.a smile before bed.

I know I should be bathing,
But I just so happen to be browsing tru friendster,
and I came across my sister's survey on the bulletin board.
See what she answered here:

29. Who are your favorite people?
* bsides james lafferty, pete wentz and half adozen stars im crazy abt?
lol, my sister, mike n the "SAR" girls.

Isnt that sweet?

And yea,
Mike is her new boyfriend.
Wait... Do u still consider him new if he was actually her ex?

.half dead but relieved.

I think my group just finished our assignment.
I think we did.
All I need to do now is complete the footnotes,
Then it's 100% ready to be handed in on Weds.

Its 5.39am.
I have not taken my shower.
I feel dead inside.
My eyes hurt,
My neck aches,
My butt is sore...

The living room is a mess.
I dont care.
I'll clean it tomorrow.
Now, I need sleep.
Bath, then Sleep.
Oh my God...
Im so tired.

September 10, 2006

.odd things.

It's 5.22am and here I am... Blogging.
I'd say to some people,
That's odd.

Probably not to James though.
I'm guessing he might be watching Ocean's 11 right now.
It was funny how I passed the DVD to James today.
Odd enough,
We met in the middle of the road,
In front of a few cars waiting at the traffic light.

Its odd how Im feeling so tired right now,
Yet I refuse to hit the showers and curl up in bed.

Its also odd how I could just sit here,
With my laptop on my lap for almost an hour,
Just sitting here browsing through my friend's pics on Friendster.

It's odd to see how my High School friends have changed.
Odd in a very good way.
They look so much more mature now.
With their own new found life.
I also noticed how most of them were 'In a Relationship' now.
Its comforting knowing they're happy.

It's odd how yesterday Groovy sent me to uni,
And Shaz sent me home.
Groovy being my current sweetheart,
And Shaz being my former.

Its odd how yesterday night my ex sent me home,
And on the same night,
Groovy's ex sent him home.
He was at a party and was drinking,
So he arranged to have his ex send him home.
Impressively responsible...
*thumbs up*

It was odd to see the pink ornament in Shaz's car...
(more like "still" in Shaz's car)
I tried my best to ignore it.

Its odd doing this assignment with Shaz again.
It was after we did this assignment 2 semesters ago,
We got together.
Can't believe that was almost a year ago.
Its odd how time just flies.

Its odd how listening Ne-Yo's Sexy Love gives me goosebumps.
(In a good way)
I love the song.
It turns me on.

Its odd how the more I type,
The more upset I feel.

Its odd how tonite feels so cold.

Its odd how I suddenly feel like crying.

Its odd how things suddenly dont seem as great.

I think it's just a 'caught in the moment' thing.
With Celine Dion singing "Immortality" in my ears,
Who wouldn't go into the super-dreamy-land rite?

By the way,
I watches "Serendipity" on DVD last night.
I've decided that I definitely want to own the DVD.
Yea, Im odd.
I know.

ps: Man Utd 1 - 0 Tot Spurs!!

September 7, 2006

.changed by him.

I noticed a change in me recently.
It is possible to notice changes in yourself rite?
and Im talking about mental change,
not physical.
Im still meaty.

But anyway,
Back to what I was saying...
I really do feel a change.

I noticed that I've been more daring when it comes to talking to people.
People I've never use to talk to,
Even strangers.

The best example is:
I use to be really quiet and to-myself when I'm in class.
You know, tutorials..
Cuz I dont know them,
They dont know me...
So you basically just shut up and do your own thing.
I know my english..
Everytime I talk to an Aussie person,
I get tongue tied.
And my confidence drops pretty quick,
and I'd start feeling like an idiot.

But it was just recently when all these thoughts didn't seem to exist anymore.
Now, I just say whatever that comes to mind.
Talk to whoever that strikes my fancy.
Talk about ANYTHING as long as it pleases me.
And it feels so liberating!
And that just makes me... Happy.

And honestly,
You know what...?
I think this is all becuz of Groovy.

Hanging out and being really close to him kinda changed me.
I never use to be so crazily open with people.
Groovy taught me to... u know... loosen up.
He makes me feel like everything is really... "no biggie".
Problems are only as big as you think it is,
and that there's many other worse things happening out there.
Life is suppose to be lived happily...
and Worries?......Why Worry?

You know what I mean?

He's truly inspirational.
I admire him for being so care-free,
Yet able to maintain a serious side.
A side that says:
"Yes, I can be funny, but dont mess with me."

And the best of em' all is that he's got a soft spot for me.
That's the sweetest bit.

He's one awesome guy.

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September 6, 2006

.tribute to the croc hunter.

Steve Irwin,
Australia's very own Crocodile Hunter,
passed away on Monday, 4th Sept 06'...
He was a great man, a wonderful husband and a loving father.
He'll be dearly missed.

I personally never really knew him,
Im not so much of a wild life kinda person,
But still, his death made an impact on me.
I guess that goes to show how special he is.
To me, he's truly a symbol of the Australian people.
Especially the Australian wild life.
When I see him, I see a 100% pure Aussie bloke.
And thats what he's known to be ever so proud of.

Australia lost an Icon.

RIP Steve Irwin.
You're a legend.

Leave a turtle on ur MSN nick to pay your tribute.
Emoticon symbol = (tu)

September 5, 2006

.fun strangers.

2nd Sept: Brisbane RiverFire

Its an annual thing where Brissie people celebrate their "Brisbane River".
I dont know why they're so proud of it,
But I get to see fireworks.
So who cares.

Nwayz, here are some of my pics from that nite:

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
This last pic is actually a waterfall-like fireworks display coming from under Victoria Bridge.

For more pics of the fireworks,
(nicer ones)
Check out:
Thats James' RiverFire experience.
And he obviously has the better camera.

Nwayz, that nite ended quite funny-ly.
When I was making my way back from Southbank to the City to catch my bus,
(I was alone cuz Lalat and I headed to separated bus stops)
I was approached by a guy.
His first line was "Do u know what time it is?"

From there,
We just kept talking.
I learnt that he was 23, born in Sydney,
Arrived in Brisbane 2 weeks ago,
His name is Philip.
Dad is from Iran and mum is Lebanese.
He's the 2nd child of 2 brothers and a sister.
Lives in Sunnybank, where his bro owns a restaurant.
HAHAA... I know its alot!!
(and there's more actually!!)
But it was a bloody long walk from Southbank to the city!!
And there was a human-jam on Victoria bridge...!!

I admit I can be pretty talkative when I wanna be.
But honestly,
I didn't start most of the topics.
In fact, I was pretty cold in my response.
(at least I was at first)
But u know...
The dude was walking beside u,
And you're stuck between so many people,
You can't just keep quiet rite?

So yeaa...
The funny bit was when he asked me if I wanted to get dinner.
And when I lied that I alredy eaten,
He asked if I wanted to get a drink,
Which I said I'll pass becuz I was gonna head home,
To which he responded with an invitation to watch a movie.
He said he wanted to catch "Snakes on the plane".
I admit, it was flattering of him to ask...
But I lied that I already watched it.
I can't just say "Oookay!" to a stranger's invitation rite?!
My mum taught me better. ^^
So yea, after that,
I got on the bus and went home.
(and yes, he walked me to my bus stop)

The story actually goes on when I got on the bus,
Where I met this family who were acting as host parents for this dude from Germany.
The German dude's english was funny, in a really cute way.
His host parents were really fun to talk to too.
Not to mention their little gal, who was so energetic and bubbly.
She was a bag of fun!
Not to mention a bag of gas...
She farted on the bus right next to me!
Then she kept laughing, and I poked her ribs and said,
"Heeey... how could youuuu...!"
She didn't stop laughing from then on.
Not to mention the German dude was busy tickling her.
What was cute was how he kept looking up and smiling at me.
haHaa probably proud to show me he's so good with kids.
But yea,
Good move dude.
That did earn him some brownie points.

Then the little gal helped me ring the bell at my stop,
and the family said goodnite to me before I got off.
It was a nice feeling.
They were really nice people.

It was a sweet ending to a beautiful nite.

September 4, 2006

.need motivation.

Im in need of motivation.
I've got to get this case read ASAP,
Otherwise I'll never be able to start my assignment.

And if I dont finish this assignment soon,
I'll have to work on 2 things at once.
(although it's only due on the 13th Sept,
ooH shit... thats in 9 days!!!)

Cuz I've got a presentation in... about... 2 weeks.
A MAJOR presentation.
A presentation I know nuts about.
So thats gonna be tough.

Now... if only I can get this assignment out of the way.

September 2, 2006

.being an elder sibling.

You know how elder siblings get protective over the younger ones?
I have always felt that with Sherman.
He's a very protective brother.
He worries about me,
He looks out for me,
He makes sure I'm fine..
(or at least tries his best to)

While on the other hand...
I've always felt young and protected.
Which is a wonderful and very secure feeling.
It's really sweet.
Unless it restricts my freedom and etc,
But you knowww...
When you think about it,
You'll always come back to the same conclusion:
"He just wants the best for me."

Lately I've been feeling like the elder sibling.
To my sister, Sherwynna.
Not that she's doing anything naughty,
It's just, after I saw a couple of her recent pics...
I started thinking,
"Oh my god... She looks so grown up!"

(pic 1: me and her in Jan 06, pic 2&3: my sis in sept 06)

And with that thought,
Another thoughts comes into play:
"Guys better keep their hands off my baby sister!"

You knoww...
I just get that feeling that I wanna make sure no one hurts her.
That no one tries to manipulate her and her heart, etc.
I know she's old enough to think for herself,
But I just can't shake off these feelings.
These over-protective feelings.

The thing is,
No matter how she dresses or talk,
Or how much more mature she's becoming...
To me,
She'll always be a little girl.
My baby sister.
"BABY"... *lol*

It's kinda sad to just watch her grow older only by looking at photos.
I wish I was there with her.
It would have been so much better.