January 15, 2006


Its Selina's Birthday today...
She's turning 22.
We're gonna have dinner at this Restaurant called Oshin.
It's a Japanese place... Buffet steamboat.
And it's not too expensive...
$21.90 per head.
Not too bad yea?

Anywayz, no disrespect to Selina...
Today suck.
And by the way, its only 3.48am...
And I'm not saying the whole day would suck,
its just...
Something happened that just screwed up my entire day.

Manchester United lost to Manchester City - AGAIN.
3-1!! A 3-1 defeat!!!
Don't tell me the team still expects to win the league?
Sorry Fergieee...
Reality check, we're fcuked.

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The worst part of it all...
Ronaldo was sent off.
I wouldn't be as pissed if he was sent of reasonably.
But here... It was just a bad tackle!!

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Yea, he might have had the intention to get back at the dude who tripped him.
(tripped him and didn't get booked or fouled!!)
But he didn't even touch the guy!!!
But okaay...
I'm not saying he didn't deserve a punishment for reacting.
Thats harshhh!!!
And I'm pissed!!
Ronaldo being dismissed tonite simply washed off every chance of MU trying to win back the game.
And there I was,
Feeling that Ronaldo is playing a pretty good game after so long,
Feeling that he might just be able to help MU win back the game,
and POOF...
They FcuKing send him off.

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By the way...
The WORST WORSE part is really the fact that the Ref was a bitch.
He was totally on City's side from the start!
Booking our players but not the home's!
While we get "play on"-s when we suffer bad tackles.
And trust me,
You dont have to be an MU fan to see how biased that bloody ref was!
ooH... and not forgetting,
City's goals were OFFSIDE!!!
So fcUk the linesmen too!!!

To add salt to the wound,
I had to be dumb enough to pick a fight with Shaz.
I yelled at him becuz I felt as if he wasn't being sensitive enough when I told him I was depressed about Ron being sent off.
Well... I'm still standing firm on the fact that I think he could have said something better instead of what he did,
but I should have just told myself to chill...
Afterall, I knew his intentions were good.
And he was just trying to make me realise that it really isn't such a big deal.

Then again, to me...
It does feel like a big deal.
Ronaldo's FIRST red card this season.
Ronaldo's Red Card causing MU the match!
Ronaldo's Red Card being unfairly given!
Ronaldo's absense for the next 3 matches,
including the one with Liverpoo...
And we dont have Park at the moment to take left.
What are we gonna do?
Play Fletcher?
We can't loose to Poo!!
They're gonna take our 2nd spot!!!

I'm gonna go put my clothes out to dry.
Yes yes...
I'm doing laundry at this time again.
I'm a weirdo.

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