September 30, 2009

.5 days till...

sunday is the day.

ok ok.
keeping things slightly positive,
i've got a job interview on friday.
a legal job.

we'll see what happens.
fingers crossed.


by the waaay... i had this blonde moment a week ago - [while working...]

me: yes, we have baby bracelets. *notices the customer pregnant* - so its for your baby?
customer: yes it is.
me: first child?
customer: i'm having 2 girls.
me: at the same time?
customer: *looks at her mother, smiling, then repeating...* she asked if i was having my babies at the same time...

... of course, i realized the silliness of my question almost instantly, so we ended up laughing about it.

gosh... imagine me in a court room cross examining. what a joke. lol.

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