January 6, 2010

.trust your friends, he says.

today was different...

it was a day where two good friends found time to just go with the flow in a secret search for a little bit of relaxation. great news is, we found it. together.

after leaving AP's house today with a heavy heart, we hopped into the car and drove into a day of "no plans" - and eventually found ourselves sitting in two big comfy chairs, getting a full hour feet reflexology (ok, more like a 45 minutes reflex and 15 minutes shoulder massage)

- and despite having to fight the urge to yell out from the pain caused at several pressure points in our feet, (apparently we both have internal head and back problems) we both knew we really needed this.

sigh. best yet, it only cost us AUD$12 after conversion - including tips :)

... really need to do it again.

and perhaps next time, a full back massage.

thanks for today, Ivan :) tomorrow will be another day to fight the battle with AP. we need to be in our best form :)

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