January 22, 2010

.reality ouch-ess sometimes.

some people can't accept that the hardest part isn't finding out whether he's the right one, but rather to accept that he isn't.

I turned 25 a couple of days ago. not sure what it means to me mentally or emotionally, but what I do know is - from now, I'm gonna try harder to be better to myself. you know, to really look out for ME.

my NY's resolution is to "not sweat the petty things" - and perhaps, "not pet the sweaty things" as well. :) I'm thinking that should be a good place to start, right?

I also feel this year will be alot about cherishing friendships. my recent trip home has definitely made me realize the importance of friendship, both old and new. many bonds were restored and strengthened - and it just made me realize how therapeutic it can be for the soul.

afterall, no one should walk their lives alone. isnt happiness best when shared?

:) thank you for blessing me with true friends. ones who would love me for my shortcomings and make the extra effort to continue doing so when it gets hard. xox

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