July 14, 2014

Time? What time?

To those of you out there who are super capable of having a full life in the short 24 hours we get each day, please shed some light.

I somehow can't seem to get much done each day and is always left feeling "I wish I had time to..."
  • Write a new song;
  • Fold the laundry;
  • Write thank you cards;
  • Shave my legs;
  • Fix my nails;
  • Try on new make up styles;
  • Watch a movie;
  • Visit my parents;
  • Blog...
Instead, this is my typical day -
  • 7:15am - Wake up for work
  • 8:00am - Catch my bus
  • 9:00am - Get to work
  • 12:00pm - Lunch
  • 1:00pm - Continue working
  • 6:30pm - Run to catch my last bus
  • 7:30pm - Watch TV while I eat / Meet friends for dinner / Dinner at parents
  • 10:00pm - Go upstairs and get ready for bed, then lay in bed on Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube
  • 11:00pm - Sleep
... and that's it.

You? How is it possible to do any more in a day?

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