February 6, 2010

.time to realize who's boss!.

it feels like the beginning of a new era.

... and here's a girl who is and will continue to try her hardest to have a complete and full life - great family, great career, great romance, great friends n unconditional self love :)

although... i think to achieve this, i'm seriously gonna have to be more stern and picky with how I spend my time. after all, if u want it all, you will have to make enough time to embrace it all, right? - it can't work otherwise! :)

well, balance is the key. balance with
my happiness that is. now... how's this? - less thinking about how my decisions would make others feel, and more asking myself whether i'd feel happier making that decision. (so technically, i'm not gonna do bad to u, because that won't make me feel happy either - so don't worry, i'm not turning into a witch. yet.)

(major selfish statement alert!)
besides, if you haven't already realized, many people DON'T think of how their actions/decisions would make others feel... so why am i always worrying about theirs? :) - whoa. that felt good. good going sherlene! *pats back*

but truth is, life is too short, as my dear friend Aaron has reminded many of us.

so from today, i'm gonna live my life like he did. with unquenchable laugher, limitless fun and with utmost self belief. cuz in the end, thats how you know you've done your best - for YOURSELF. and at the end of the day, that's what counts. :)

prabhaks - your strength will continue living in many of us, buddy. you've taught us all well. i won't ever stop missing you!

taken: 20th january 2006.

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