February 19, 2010

.my weird accent - yes, I'm aware.

perhaps it's cuz I've been meeting lots of new people lately, but this subject has came up too many times for me to avoid talking about it. sigh. last nite, someone said to me -

"in one sentence, you'd have like a whole *forgot the word he used* of different accents! u'd have this American twang... and then your voice would get all cutesy and it'd sound like something else... then you'd end your sentence with an Aussie twang." - gah!

I've also been told its kinda exotic PLUS intriguing. :) which I guess isn't too bad of a comment. better than Sherman (me big brotha) calling me "sesat" (lost).

but mostly, I get "are you American?" - and "are your eyes natural?" (but that's a story for another day)

ok - here's the deal (and the simplest explanation) - I watch alot of TV. American TV, so I guess I picked up the accent from there by trying to "subconsciously" mimic. sounds lame, but hey, as Wynna says, "i said ubconscious wor!!!" :)

PLUS... I'm a bloody top class, grade 'A' conformist. i'm the (sad) combined product of my environment. friends, colleagues, the guy I date at the time, shop people I start a banter with, random people on the streets or in a bar, and so on...

so yea, does that cut it? can I continue being "sesat" (or Exotic ;)) now? :D

ok. time for work. laters homies!! lol

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