March 3, 2010

.the man and umbrella theory.

in light of the recent super crap weather in brisbane, I formed a theory. yes, eyes rolling is allowed if u must.


I recently sought shelter underneath a random dude's umbrella (just to cross a road to the next shelter) when I noticed.. i waited to find a guy with the biggest umbrella. reason being, I wanted to make sure that he had enough for both him and I if he agreed to take me under.

this made me think - shouldn't that be the prerequisite for choosing a partner in life as well?

u know, finding someone who has enough for himself and would be happy to share some with you without leaving himself in the rain - instead of someone who can't give you enough that both your shoulders have to be sacrificed to accommodate one another. or worse, leave himself in the rain just to make sure u're fully sheltered.

honourable yes, but it shouldn't have to be like that.

what say you?


Anonymous said...

i say...

no doubt its great to find someone who can accommodate both u and himself under that big umbrella he has. it gives u a sense of assurance.

but what about the guy who has the smaller umbrella and is willing to get himself all wet in making sure U get across perfectly dry? honourable indeed.. but more importantly, its a sign of sacrifice and dedication. Traits not necessarily found in the guy with the big umbrella perhaps?

and when u decide to share a smaller umbrella resulting in both of u getting a little wet, its mutual understanding.. something hard to achieve but yet goes a long way in making a situation work.

in the end, its how u perceive assurance.. whether its in knowing that with the big umbrella guy, u'll have less worries but with the small umbrella guy, u have a better person

then again, just got buy ur own umbrella hehe (=

sherls... said...

:) it's not however conclusive that the man with the big umbrella = less of a better man than the small umbrella man :) especially if big umbrella man comes with a
story unique to him, which I think can be commonly found :) afterall, not every man is born with a big umbrella. some made their way there because of the qualities they have in them. qualities I'm sure I could admire.

sounds dreamy, yes. but not entirely unrealistic :)

and it's not about finding the man with the biggest umbrella. it's truly finding one who has earned his way to a bigger umbrella that's enough for him to share with someone special.

but sureee... let's get a bit of our shoulders wet isn't all too bad. and finding a self sacrificing guy isn't bad either. but how about a guy who'd have a big enough umbrella to shelter both of u comfortably, would punish himself when wrong by standing out of that big-enough umbrella n who would willingly (not because he have to in order to accommodate you) run under the rain just to get to the nearest Baskin Robbins to buy you your favourite ice cream? :)

I'm not saying i'd definitely find him or that he even exists. I'm just saying I'd be willing to wait longer for that umbrella to come by before I start compromising with mr wet-shoulder and mr honourable. :)