March 21, 2010

.dear john; sobs.

i watched "dear john" today and walked out of the cinema feeling like someone just stabbed me in the heart. i must've started crying half way into the movie, and it didn't stop thereafter.

perhaps the 'saying goodbye' and 'i hope to see you again' parts hit me a little too close to home.

its my personal weakness. and i imagine i keep getting weaker on the subject every time i have to say goodbye to yet another person i care deeply about. 5 times now. the whole airport scene and the 'try to smile through the pain so he doesn't worry about u' mandatory act... mmmmm.... not pleasant at all.

back to the movie: i wouldn't say its the best. the notebook trumps without a doubt. but it was still heartfelt. definitely tugged at my heart strings and left me feeling blooody emo after. :(

not a fan of the ending though. could've smoothened that out a bit more... or even cut it out entirely and left it at that emotional peak. if you watched it, you probably know what i mean. i don't wanna spoil it for anyone else.

would i recommend it? - if u enjoyed "the time traveler's wife" and absolutely looooved "the notebook" - YES. :)

now, should i watch "remember me"?

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