March 13, 2010

.two is better than one.

i witnessed something today and had yet another thought about relationships. bear with me kids, i do have other thoughts. I just chose to post about this one because... wait, who's asking?

sooo, moving forward...

I realised another reason why human should come in two.

adding on to what the movie "shall we dance" has said - that everyone needs a witness in life - I kinda feel, everyone also needs someone who understands and knows them enough to speak up/help/give explanations for them when they cant.

now, let me explain with this real life scenario...

today, lady A was telling lady B how she thought lady B's husband was rude to her on the phone. lady B listened and then very naturally jumped to her husband's rescue and started explaining how he's been really stressed about some personal matters and asked for lady A not to take it personally. lady A took what she was told into consideration and instantly felt less offended by what happened.

... and thats what i meant. someone who understands and knows exactly whats happening with u when others don't; and would care enough to explain to others when you cant. and i think thats sweet.


*two = could also be a very good friend whom you share everything with;

*understand = understands how you usually tick, how u react to things, how your emotions run though your mind and how you'd act when put under different types of pressure and conditions;

*knows you = knows what is really happening with your work, friends, family, health, etc because what happens with/to you is part of them too. :)

but thats just me. :)

---- i got drunk dialed as i was typing all this. i wonder if thats a sign of some sort. hmm. ok, will not over analyze.

goodnight world! x

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