December 17, 2010

.here's a thought.

its true - i'm a girl who is just hard to keep up with. why this sudden 'realisation'?

i was driving home from a movie with my sis at 10.00pm.
i told her i was really sleepy.
i told her i'm just gonna go home and sleep.
she reminded me that it is a friday night, and i didn't have to wake up early tomorrow for work.
i told her it didn't matter - i was tired, so i'm going to bed.

at 10.45pm,
there i was, cleaning my room.
throwing out junk, clearing out the mess on the tables,
organising papers and old letters, dusting and all.

its now 11.32pm.
i just took a shower.
i do feel sleepy, but still i turned my laptop on.
and here i am, blogging.

i'm now looking at my novel - there's probably only 2 or 3 chapters left.
i'm so curious to know the ending...
looks like i'll be staying up finish it.

i bet you.
i wont be in bed until 12.30am at the earliest!

i don't think i'm disorganised.
i think i'm just... very mood driven?
what do you think?
indecisive? nah, i dont think thats it.

now the question is:
should i change this trait of mine in order to appear more normal to a partner, or do i find someone who knows this trait of mine and is prepared to accept it and work around it?


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