December 13, 2010


there are days where the heart feels stronger than ever.
everything seems do-able and everything feels "meh"...

then there are days where you simply can't ignore that tug in your heart.
its all you can feel, like a toothache.
it consumes all your emotions and leave you feeling like "if this doesn't work out, i have no other reason to live"...


there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
i just need to focus on getting to that light without crumbling.

mondays are hard.
i wish i can switch off everything and just cuddle him for 10 minutes or so.
i'm sure that'd make me feel better.
the only problem is, what happens after that?

i can't dismiss all my thoughts, feelings, hurt, disappointment and doubts that i've formulated in the last few days. i'm certain all those emotions have a valid basis, and it would be in my/our best interest that i DO NOT forget them.

after all, one can't remain in a relationship and possibly be happy (for the rest of their lives) with all these live issues scattered around.

the bridge is looking harder and harder to build now.

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