July 19, 2006

.all in the gene?.

It puzzles me how people around campus are able to point out one thing when they see me:
"Are you Sherman's sister?"

In 2 days...
I met 2 people who has asked me that.

They're asking becuz they think we look identical!

Now you tell me?

By the way,
I chose that pic of myself for comparison becuz my bro and I both hav the same type of smile.
Its easier to compare that way, yea?

So yeaa...


I know my younger sis and I are really different.
I'll let u be the judge of that:

Thats my sis and her group of friends.
She's the one holding the camera in the middle of the lot.
(I would have used her solo pic if I was at home)

ANYWAY... yeaa...
What do u think?

Sherman - Sherlene?
Sherlene - Sherwynna?

I really look that much like Sherman meehhh....?!?!


Anonymous said...

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mel said...

YUP. You do look very much like your brother.

James said...

Same eyes, same nose same mouth... even your ears look the same! But, somehow you have a different look from your brother.. I can't pinpoint it though.


Anonymous said...

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