July 11, 2006

.WC: Disuniting United.

Ronaldo might be leaving Manchester United for good.
Im heart broken.

Despite all the shyte everyone has been saying about him,
especially England and other fellow Man Utd fans,
I still love the guy.
And I can absolutely see why he wants to leave.
If I was him,
I'd wanna leave too.

After the accusation about him causing Rooney to be red carded in the WC,
Which he has made an effort to clarify his non-involvement,
And even appologised,
He's still not getting off the hook.

And now he's being called a unappreciative traitor.
People just dont see all this the right way.
Ronaldo DOES appreciate what ManUtd has done for him.
And its not Man Utd that made him wanna leave,
Its ENGLAND and the so-called fans.

It was quoted in an ESPN article where Ronaldo told a Portuguese newspaper:
"To be honest it has been difficult to think about continuing in England.
They're making a storm in a teacup. It's difficult to return to a country where
you're not welcome."

I truly sympathize the young man.
And it hurts to hear people calling him names,
Pointing fingers,
and making all sorts of rude remarks,
While totally disregarding his outstanding performance in the WC.
Yes, he said he had always desired playing in Spain.
But he only said that because of what he had received in England.

And you can't argue that either way Ronaldo would leave Man Utd for a Spanish club as its his self-proclaimed dream,
Becuz the fact is,
Ronaldo signed a contract with Man Utd,
And even signed an extention that runs till 2010!
That shows his devotion to Man Utd!!
Which FORCED him to WANT to leave!

I believe Fergie loves the boy.
I believe Man Utd loves him too.
I just wish the fans would be more understanding.
Becuz if they arent being such piss holes,
Ronaldo wouldn't have been provoked to leave!

No thanks to the *@&^&#$ English media too!
Exactly what Ronaldo said...
Stirring a storm in a teacup!
What the hell...

And its sad,
Because the WC was suppose to Unite the world.
It just broke Man Utd and Ronaldo apart.
Not to mention my heart.


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