July 7, 2006

.just blabs.

Just some random thoughts:

I stayed up until 9.30am today.
Couldn't sleep after watching Portugal's defeat.
The World Cup has been lousy for me.
Portugal was one step to the finals...

Shaz called to comfort me after the match.
He knew I would have been devastated.
It was really touching.

Im so tired right now.
Cant believe I need to work again later.
I've been working for the last 5 nights.
At least 5 hours every day.
Im going crazy.

Today was my day off.
Went shopping with mum and Aunty Sophia and Sheena.
Had fun.
After dinner,
Sherm, Groovy and I headed to a pub.
Shot some pool.
That was fun too.
Tonite was the 2nd time in 3 weeks that I actually hung out with friends.
Thats only if you consider it "hanging out with friends" when it was actually my brother and Groovy.

My deferred exam will be taking place between the 24th to the 28th July.
Not sure Im ready to hit the books again.
And I'm dreading the fact that I need to start studyin.
Succession Law.
You suck.

Got plenty of movies I wanna catch.
Superman, The Break Up, Tokyo Drift, Pirates of the bla bla bla....
But I dont have time.
With mum here and work every night,
Im social-lifeless.
No offence to mum.
I love mum.

Im so sleepy right now.
Still Im chatting with James and blogging.
I ask myself why.
Then I realised,
Because I hardly get any time for myself,
This is the only chance I get to do stuffs that I wanna do...
Therefore, here I am.

I started reading this romance novel 2 days ago.
I usually finish a book in 3 days max.
Now Im not even 1/3 into the story.
And one book consists of 2 stories.
I simply have no time.

I havent got around recording any of my songs.
Thats a little upsetting.
Yesterday I played a few.
Somehow felt like they kinda suck.
Maybe I should just dump my song book into the bin.

Im so sleepy.
I give up.