August 27, 2006

.random 'im-so-irritated' questions.

1. How do you get someone to face reality when reality bites like a bitch?

2. Is staying in denial the best way to keep a broken heart beating?

3. What are the limition when it comes to contact with the opposite sex when you're already seeing someone?

4. What is flirting?

5. Are there times when you just have to be jealous?

6. Why do some people mistake help for poison?

7. What do you do when you dont wanna be jealous, but you are?

8. If someone does something mean to you, do you return to 'favour'?

9. Why am I so annoyed and just so fcuking pissed off atm?

10. What do u do when u're clearly annoyed at a person, but he chooses to act like nothing's wrong?

11. What do u do when u're clearly annoyed at a person, but he doesn't admit that its him who wronged u?

12. Can you be pissed at your best friend?

13. What is a best friend?

14. Is older truly wiser?

15. I hate these feelings that I'm feeling atm. Is this why I never truly allow myself to care for another person? To avoid these crappy emotions?

16. Can I just run away from it all?

17. If you know u're right, but people accuse u of doing something wrong, would u defend yourself?

18. Does crying for a particular problem show that u care about the problem, or are the tears really for your own feelings of being hurt?

19. Why don't I cry as often as I did anymore?

20. Why do I even bother sometimes?!

*annoyed. VERY annoyed.*

I can't believe my good day was spoilt by so many shitty things thrown at me in the span of just 2 shitty, verrry shitty hours.

Is my tolerance being taken advantaged of?
Or am I just plain dumb for caring so much?

See... I knew I shouldnt have cared.

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