November 3, 2009

.need a little more "cruel" in me?.

i think im not cruel enough. when dealing with people, i mean. specifically in professional environments.

see, i dont know what's better -
  1. to be insulted and shut up because you dont want to say something mean in return, in fear that you'd hurt someone's feelings? ; or

  2. to be insulted and say exactly whats on your mind, so they'd know u're not some pussy who'd be shoved around - but at the same time, hurt their feelings and perhaps have others pay the consequences of your inability to hold your tongue?
those who speaks without a care in the world - how do you do it? don't other people's feelings matter to you? do you regret things? and if u do, does that stop you from doing it again?

cuz i don't think i'd be able to rest well if one day, i somehow blurted something totally evil to someone (even if its true), especially when it wasn't necessary, and knowing that there was perhaps a better way to get my message across...

how do some people do it?

ie - *purely fictional*cough*

her: "i guess u're just not a good sales person"

me (i wish): "do you actually think before you speak? or even hear yourself? is it really necessary to say such thing? especially when it is so uncalled for? how did you picture me reacting to such a comment? was there a specific result you were aiming to achieve by saying that? and above all, do you really have the rights or even the 'figures' to justify such a comment? or did you just say that because you really don't have anything else to say?? - bitch."

i soo hate that cow who thinks she knows everything. bloody bitch. bloody bloooody bitch. *cough*

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her majesty. said...

thanks for your comment on my blog. it'll take time but we're figuring something out. in the meanwhile, i'm keeping options waaaay open. haha.

as for the stupid people in professional environments thing, when i was working with apple, some customer actually yelled at me for not telling her where her "thingy to type with" was.. when it was right in the box marked.. "keyboard". then she yelled at me for not telling her that it's called a keyboard, and that i failed at my job to inform her.

some people are just too fail.

it's always best to still play nice but very subtly imply that they're huuuuge morons.