April 25, 2006


u know...
make that ditzy.

hey, for the first time,
im attempting to write something in here when i actually have nothing to write about.
ok, thats a lie.
i never have NOTHING to write about.
but reli, there's nothing that i really do wanna write about.

im just here,
typing whatever that comes into my mind right this instance.
that explains the dizziness.
i feel so exhausted from doing my assignment,
but so pumped up that its almost done.
then im worried cuz i dont know if i did it right.
but im soo lazy to do anything about it.
that explains ditzy.

whats wrong wit me huh?!
stress? no... dun think so.
im so NOT stressed that my "woman's cycle" is perfect this month.
28 days instead of my usual weekly overdues.
if u dont know what im talking about,
skip on.
it doesn't matter.

u know what.
skip this whole thing.
its crap.

its crap, oh yea, its crap!

oh btw, i wrote a new song.
aaaand i found a job.
currently working as a Bar Boo gal...
Bar Boo is a gelati shop in Sunnybank.
Despite the work,
its actually lotsa fun.

Yay! next friday i get paid!!
my first pay working in australiaaa!!
whoo hooo!!!

ok. now im gonna get a life.

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