June 30, 2006

.where did my holiday go?.

Well, Exams ended on the 22nd...
Today is the 30th...
Its been 8 days.
A week and a day.
That should have been enough to do lotsa things right?
Now lets bring out that list again,
and see what I've accomplished so far...


1. Take mum shopping.

(50% Done.)

2. Picnic at New Farm Park.
So Sheen and I can take our mums on the citycat.


3. Record my songs.
Have always wanted to do this!!

(No time. Havent even touched the guitar since exams ended. *sobs*)

4. Update my friendster profile.

(DID IT!! 2 days ago!
But bloody glittergraphics.com is down!!)

5. Take more pictures. *haha*

(Sorta did this a bit.)

6. Work and save!!

(Work starts on the 1st July.
*sigh* There goes my holiday.)

7. Clean my crazy room!

(DONE THIS. Otherwise mum would kill me.)

(knock out rounds are up soon!! ahhhh!!)

(Sorta did this.
Cant stay up too much.
Otherwise I wont get enough sleep.
Mum isn't fond of me sleeping in.

9. Go clubbing!!

(All Clubbing plans cancelled.
Mum staying here until Uni restarts.
17th July. Not that Im complaining.
But I did wanna go clubbing. Hmm...)

10. Watch more movies at the cinema!!!
*yay!! now i finally have timeeeeee!!*

(NO. Havent even been close to a cinema.
I wanna watch Superman and Tokyo Drift!!)

11. Watch movies on DVDs that I love sooOoo much!!

(YEa. Did lotsa this.)

12. ooH... rearrange my enrolled units.
*sigh* Thats not fun. *boo*

(Yes. Did this. Boo.
Its not like its fun.
Why's this in the list anyway?!)

13. Spend more time online chatting!!
and blogging!! and answering questions in yahoo! answers!!

(Sadly, I havent been able to do this alot.
At least not freely.
Cuz if I wanna do stuffs listed in #13,
I hav to give up sleeping time.
Cuz with mum here,
I dont sleep in anymore.)

14. Listen to music alllll daaaayyy...

(NO. I rarely have time to do my own stuff,
Listening to music all day without guilt or interuption?

15. Catch up on sleeeepp!!!

(I can kiss this goodbye.)

16. Cook for Groovy as promised.
Im gonna poison him. ^^

(No. Not yet?)

17. Just hang out with friendss....

(Believe it or not,
I've not been out with ANY friends since before exams even!!

Tomorrow Im attending Pei Lin's Bday...
That'll be the first time I see my friends in almost a month!)

18. SHOP.

(Yea. Did a bit of this.
Now I need money.)


Im kinda... low.
Soon I'll be back at work,
(in 2 days to be exact)
And I'm working almost every night until Uni restarts.
There goes my holiday.
Not to mention,
I'll have to start studying for my deferred exam paper.

Can this get any worse?
But I'll try to view things from the better side.
No worries.

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