September 2, 2006

.being an elder sibling.

You know how elder siblings get protective over the younger ones?
I have always felt that with Sherman.
He's a very protective brother.
He worries about me,
He looks out for me,
He makes sure I'm fine..
(or at least tries his best to)

While on the other hand...
I've always felt young and protected.
Which is a wonderful and very secure feeling.
It's really sweet.
Unless it restricts my freedom and etc,
But you knowww...
When you think about it,
You'll always come back to the same conclusion:
"He just wants the best for me."

Lately I've been feeling like the elder sibling.
To my sister, Sherwynna.
Not that she's doing anything naughty,
It's just, after I saw a couple of her recent pics...
I started thinking,
"Oh my god... She looks so grown up!"

(pic 1: me and her in Jan 06, pic 2&3: my sis in sept 06)

And with that thought,
Another thoughts comes into play:
"Guys better keep their hands off my baby sister!"

You knoww...
I just get that feeling that I wanna make sure no one hurts her.
That no one tries to manipulate her and her heart, etc.
I know she's old enough to think for herself,
But I just can't shake off these feelings.
These over-protective feelings.

The thing is,
No matter how she dresses or talk,
Or how much more mature she's becoming...
To me,
She'll always be a little girl.
My baby sister.
"BABY"... *lol*

It's kinda sad to just watch her grow older only by looking at photos.
I wish I was there with her.
It would have been so much better.

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