November 15, 2005

City to City...

Today, Brissie got a bomb threat.
Located near Hilton Hotel in the city.
Brisbane CBD was a mess today.
Was suppose to go there,
But after Shaz called and warned us about the bomb,
We changed our plans and headed to another city.
Garden City.
Went shopping.
Was fun.
Me, Selina and Sherwynna.
Sherman sent us.
It was Wyn's first shop in Brissie.
Before that, we had lunch at Little Taipei.
Wynna was introduced to Sherman's friends.
Was fun.

*yawn* (its 4.38am... dun mind me)

Meeting Hazel for lunch at 1pm later.
Its been a while since we both sat down to bitch.
I'm looking forward.
Wish we could catch "In Her Shoes" though.

Too bad for the lousy schedulle at the cinema.
*sigh* Alritey. Bed time.
Dont wanna be late for lunch.

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