November 19, 2005


It's 2.34am...
Thats 12 hours till Shaz comes over to pick me and Wyn.
We're going to watch a football match.
Shaz is suppose to be playing.
But that would depend on his ankle.
He injured it again today.
I hope he's alritee...
*big hugs*

Today was a long day.
Despite waking up at 3pm.
Sherman, Wyn and I went to IKEA.
Bought a cupboard for the room downstairs.
(The room I'll be sleeping in tonite)
Then we met Sisca for dinner at Kadoya.
After dinner, we walked around Queen St.
Was a slow night.
Came home around 10 plus,
Did my online enrolment for next year.
*sigh* Fingers crossed that I signed up for the right electives.
What the hell is Internet Law anyway?!

I feel so tired now.
Lack of sleep.
And Moodless too...
No reason. *sigh*
Started reading this novel I bought the other day.
Its nothing too amazing,
But its good to just spend time with myself,
Relaxing and clearing my mind.

and hey Mike,
You're welcome.

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