November 21, 2005

QLD Roars v NSW Jets

Today was my first experience in a football stadium.
Isnt it greatie?!
Shaz paid $20 for my ticket,
and we were seated 8 rows from the pitch!
(We = Sherwynna, Shaz, Selina, Cyrus and me)
Perfeeeect view!
It was so much fun!
Roary was soOo cute!
According to Shaz,
He'd do 100 push-ups everytime the team scores!
But too bad... tonite, we lost.
But thats alrite.
I had fun!
Met Shaz's neighbour.
He's nice. :)
WhoOoo hoOOoo!!
Great gaMe, great match, great company!
YAY! More matches to come!!
And hey, this match was live on Fox Sport 1.
I could have been on TV! kekekee!!

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