November 23, 2005

Another Rainy Day...

Its been raining these couple of days.
*sigh* Not sure I'm too happy about it.
Sheena left this morning.
I miss her already!
*hugs hugs*
Gonna be different without her around.
And its a pity cuz we never managed to go to "Wet and Wild" as we planned.
Before exams, we were so excited.
After exams, we just never found the time.

This morning,
Shaz was out with Zahrah.
I think Zahrah is leaving tonite.
*hugs hugs*
Have fun in Malaysia!!
*That goes to Sheena too!*
I'm so envious...
I wish I could go back too.
And you, Mike!! Having fun yet?!
(Eating proper food now? kekekee)
oH... Hazel is back in KK too!!
All the lucky people!!
This morning (as I was saying)...
Shaz got into a little car accident.
Apparently this dumb driver caught Shaz in a blind spot,
and just swerved and crashed on to Shaz's right door.

Geez... 3 sighs in a mere 2 minutes.
How far worse can this day get?!

*aaaaahchoOo!!* 3 times...
Is someone taking behind my back?
kekKkee... ok ok, thats just me being over dramaish.
But *sigh*...
Not to mention,
The rain is coming through the square windows near the stairs.

oH... One positive thing.
I wrote a song last night before bed.
Naturally, it was written with Shaz in mind.
He'd probably think its crappy...
Cuz we both have very different taste in music.
(Usually he's the fussy one, I'm alrite with anything)
*sheepish grin*
aH... and I also maked jelly last night.

But yeAaa... That's 4 bads and 1 good.
We'll see what happens next.

21st November: MONDAY NIGHT

I had fun at Club Kandy.
Shaz made a last minute decision to join us.
Then we met Emyne, Lalat, Pei Lin and Amy at the end.
And I still think they should move RnB music downstairs!
Its much bigger and cooler there!
I was sweating my arse off on that tiny RnB floor!
Not to mention people sweating ON ME.
That place was soOoo packed you couldn't breathe!!

We got home around 3am...
Selina baked a chocolate cake earlier,
and we poked 3 candles in it,
and sang Shaz a Happy Birthday song.
We missed his 21st Birthday last september...
He was in Singapore with his ma.
The Choc cake was aweeee-sOMe!

aH... and lastly,
Another shocking Australian Idol result.
Emily should have won instead of Kate.
And to those who are saying,
"This is just like last year. Anthony Callea should have won instead of Casey!"
I just wanna say,
She deserved to win!
(although Anthony is currently more popular)
Casey performed that night,
and she still gave me goosebumps!
*You Rock Casey!!!*


Ah^Mike said...

YEA!! I'm BACK!! :D Damn, Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh, Laska, Wan Tan Mee, Maggie Mee Goreng, Roti Canai, Teh Tarik, Milo Ais, 100 Plus and such TASTE SO NICEEEEE!!! LOL

da'piNkch3ekz said...

you are mean mikee!! mean!! *grins*

Ah_Mike said...


how's the brisbane summer?

da'piNkch3ekz said...

it hailed a couple of days ago. so its not exactly oven-like yet. raining alot. dunno if i'd rather rain or skin peeling sun. hehee... how's our beautiful homeland? *cheesy grin* is the food making u blow up yet? send me someeeeeee!!!

Ah_Mike said... Brisbane is being so nice to ya...Kuching bloody hot leh...even with daily rain!! :(

Hmm...sad to say I'm down with a sore I can't really enjoy the lovely spicy food right now >.<

Eh, update your blog la...

da'piNkch3ekz said...

hahaa kesiaNn...
But hey, the summer is long. You'll recover in no time and will get all the time in the world to mess up ur throat again. hahaa... but take it easy alrite?

my sis has been using my laptop and i've been deprived of the internet... so when i do get time online, i dont usually hav enuff time to update my blog. hehee but just so u know, nothing big happened. NOW UPDATE YOURS! keke!