November 17, 2005

Tuesday - Thursday


Happy 21st Birthday Mikee!
I called to say Happy Birthday and accidentally woke him.
*kekekee* But its nice to be first.
I hope his exams went well!

Today I went out for lunch with Hazel.
I've always loved meeting up with that chick.
Its been a while since we last sat down and chatted,
so it was much much fun.
We just yapped and yapped and yapped.
I like how I can share so many things with her.
She's awesome!

At nite, Sherwynna, Me, Yen and Cyrus went to watch "Elizabethtown".
My opinion,
Don't watch.
Some poeople may like it,
But for me... It just got a little too boring.
Dragged on too much. *bleak*
oH... Before the movie,
We had dinner with Julie at Little Taipei.
I miss her so much!

After the movie, SHaz picked us at the bustop.
Its been 3 days since I last saw him.
Miss him soOo much.


Shaz and I went shopping at Pick'N'Pay for groceries.
I spent another $70+ on food and stuffs.
*sigh* I'm such a spender...
And I'm still deciding if I should work.

Yen and Cyrus made dinner tonite.
We ate while watching Australia v Uruguay
2nd leg. Who won gets to qualify for Germany 2006.
Penalty shootout.
The Aussies are going to Germany!
*whoOo hoOo!!*
Shaz watched with his friends at the city.
A new soccer pub opened somewhere.
Shaz and I watched the penalty shootout together on the phone.
It was crazy exciting!
Andy called from Sydney.
He had ticks to the match and was sitting right next to the field!
Lucky guy!!
When he called, all I could hear was loud LOUD noises!
For a moment, it felt like I was there!
It was soOo cooOol!

Later that night,
I watched Beauty Shop with Sheena and Nani.
After the movie, Shaz came over.
We saved him some dinner.
After all that, we took out beer and started drinking.
Drink drink drink.
We were planning to get ourselves drunk,
But after 20 bottles...
Everyone was still fine.
But one thing we learnt from that night,
Don't buy Carlton Midstrength. *ewww*


Shaz, Nani and I went for Red Roosters.
Yummerz. I love the chicken roll and the chips.
After brunch,
Shaz sent me and Nani to sunnybank plaza,
While he had to go for his football practice.
Nani and I shopped there.
Saw 3 pups... Maltese... SOOO CUTEE!!

I bought Yen's Xmas present.
muahHAhaa... *sorta*
and NooOlah... Its not the Maltese!!
Now I'm feeling crazy sleepy.
Sounds like Yen is cooking downstairs.
I should go help.
I wish I could sleep though.

Alritey. Cheers peeps.

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Ah_Mike said...

Wah...thanks for your wishes ah wei! I would never had thought you'll be the first to call!! lol

And yes! The Socceroos had made it to the WC! After 32 watched the game right? What la Viduka...but it's all good in the end ;) Oh, I didnt know Kewell was good lol