November 11, 2005

Lost My Rhythm...?

I thought I was a bloggaholic?!
kekekee... Actually I still am.
Its just, I was cut off the net for a couple of days.
And due to exams, I didn't bother going that extra mile to find other sources to the net.
But now that my connection is back,
And Exams are left to the past...
I'm back! *grins*

Damn I'm lame...
My exams in a nutshell...
Well... I messed up 2 papers.
1 might still scrape through, but the other...
Thats a goner.
After that exam,
Shaz pastured me to see a doc.
So I can ask for an MC to apply for special consideration.
Everyone was doing that.
But I didn't...
Don't know why, I couldn't get myself to do it.
My personal principle?
Yeaa Sherleneee...
Principle my butt!
Imagine if that MC could have gotten you 5 extra marks,
and you could have passed and saved your AUD$2000,
But because of your lame ass "principle",
You flunked it. And messed up the only chance to pass.

But hey, truth to be told...
I don't regret.
I just can't walk into a doc's office,
Fake a sickness and walk away with it.
I'd feel like a rat. I don't knowwww...

ANYWAY, lets leave exams aside.
Or lets flush it down the loo or something.
*tries to controls emotion*

Sherwynna is arriving in Brissie tomorrow..
How cool is that huh?
I can't wait!
Then again, as excited as I am,
when I come to think of it...
I have absolutely no idea what I'd do when she's here.
I've not made any plans or anything.
All I know is, I WANNA SEE HER.
hahHaa... Does that make me pathetic?
Sorrrry WynNniee... Your sis is a loser.
*Blame Shaz. His loser-ness rubbed off on me*
*Once again thankful Shaz doesn't read this crap*

I'm still deciding if I should work.
Sherwynna isn't happy about the idea of me working while she's here.
Shaz suggest that I shouldn't work either.
Sherman thinks I shouldn't too.
But Dad wants me to work.
I printed my resume today.
Funny how the header came out as,
"ANDY Resume"

*lol* I remember chatting with Andy that time..
But how on earth did Andy's name get typed on my resume?!
*kekKkeee* But anywayz, YeAa...
That was weird!!

Alritey... Time for a nice bath.
Been cleaning the whole house the whole day today.
Started at noon, right after I got back from Bunnings Warehouse with Sherman.
We finally decided to get an electric lawn mower.
hahHaa... Dad says they're gonna install an air-con when they get here.
BEST IDEA they've came up with so-far.
*grins* Summer oH suMmer...
I love you but I hate you.

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