October 6, 2009

.after math.

its been 2 days since he left... so i guess its about time to ask the question:

"how is sherlene?"

truth is, i haven't found the nerve to ask, because right now, sherlene is marching on. strong. she hasn't been crying (too much) and she hasn't been spreading negative chi around the people around her (not that she knows of anyway)...

because she's made a deal with herself - even if it means being in denial for a while - that she's not going to allow herself to -
  • get sucked into the whole "i just lost my boyfriend" emotional drama;
  • take sympathy on herself;
  • think that she's lost the love of her life;
  • cry every single night;
  • show up at work looking unprofessional;
  • use this as another reason not to progress in life, especially career wise;
  • become all down and negative and hard to be around;
  • think being single again sucks;
  • lose the positive energy he has planted in her, because he truly has changed the way she thinks and feel about... life.

he's my inspiration - and right now, the most important person (family aside) in my life. before he left, he restored something in me that i haven't been able to believe in for a while now; he gave me the greatest and most unconditional gift...

... the gift of love.

and with that, i shall not allow myself to fall apart.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" - Moulin Rouge

.mooncake festival.3/10/09.


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