October 22, 2009

.i'll be your voice.

this may sound sick to many people, but i can now clearly state that -

i find true pleasure and enjoyment in speaking for others.

whether its telling someone else's story to another person for the person (sheensie-poo gets a lot of me doing that...) or helping them argue or make a point... i'm there! :)

like, taking recent examples: i'd listen to their problems. they'd ask for my opinion as to what i'd do in their situation. instantly, i'd say something along the lines of... "i'd say..." - and then feel, yea, that sounded really good. i think that'd do the trick. - which would then give me a strong urge to WANT TO SAY IT FOR THEM...

full of sh*t? smart arse (like ivan)? bloody nosy? or perhaps, born to be an advocate? ;) hehee... either way, i find it amusing. whats my problem, right...? :P

note: u don't have to find it amusing too.

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